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UNSC: NATO Dogs of War Hold Tearful Meeting on Syria

UNSC United Nations Security Council - مجلس الأمن الدولي

UNSC held its monthly humanitarianismistic meeting on Syria, 15 September. The rather anemic, B-grade guest celebrities went the route tearful route of sob sister story-telling, with themselves the center of the Syrian tragedy, in their savior roles, conveniently omitting the NATO Spring root causes of the tragedy. As always, the NATO klansmen P3 continued their lies, the lies that make them indictable under Nuremberg Principle VI (a)(i)(ii), (b), (c).

Perjury by Omission is not applicable to UNSC proceedings, as the Council is not a court of law, and nobody is sworn to tell the truth, before speaking…both types of lies.

UNSC fake humanitarian meeting.

Martin Griffiths, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (part of OCHA leadership), addressed the UNSC meeting via VTC, after recent trips to Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria. He is believed to have wiped invisible tears during his presentation, synopsized in the UN press release.

We shall note some of the lies of omission in his written statement, published in Reliefweb. OCHA gave birth to this portal which hosts over 720,000 humanitarianismistic reports, in 1996. Since 2011, it has been the major publisher of anti-Syria NATO Spring propaganda, which is recycled by the P3, and the mass media stenographers.

Griffiths very sadly told the UNSC that “the lived reality in Syria is even more dire than figures can describe,” and went on to describe the sadness, while omitting to mention the root causes of the devastation, such as the terroristic economic siege by UN NATO member countries, including the US crime called the Caesar Act.

Among his other noted moments of sadness and omission:

  • The desperation of women-headed households with no way to provide for their children. He did not mention that many were widowed when their husbands went to war to defend their homeland against foreign invaders, terrorists armed by NATO countries and their allies, terrorists supported by NATO media stenographers.
  • He claimed that “Children asked for help to learn, to receive health care, and for fuel to survive the upcoming winter.” Though children do not speak in such fashion, it does sound very sad. He omitted that these Syrian children have had their schools bombed, have been victims of sniper attacks, have had their hospitals — real ones — blown up, and have had their fuel stolen by American illegals criminally in their country, stolen first by Trump, and now stolen by Biden. These are atrocities and war crimes, not mere sad stories  to evoke feelings of being very sad.
  • Griffiths hit his most repugnantly fraudulent sadness when he spoke “about the protracted water crisis affecting many parts of Syria,” pretending he had no idea that NATO Erdogan bombed the Alouk power grid in al Hasakah, twice, in October 2019, that Erdogan’s criminal troops subsequently engaged in a ground invasion of the water plant soon after Syria repaired the electrical grid, and that NATO Turkey has deprived one million Syrians of potable water by turning it off more than 30 times since October 2019. Depriving people of their source of water is a war crime.
  • In his address to the UNSC, he was also very sad about “the cascade of consequences of this problem,” again lying by omission when he refused to acknowledge the water war crimes, and also by ignoring the destruction of Syria’s electrical infrastructure by NATO armed terrorists. 
  • To blame climate is to excuse NATO war crimes against the SAR; Griffiths is another NATO klansman, one who did a terrible, maudlin, job of faking sadness to his criminal cohorts occupying the UNSC.

Amany Qaddour was the second B-list — actually, more like a C-list — celebrity to address the UNSC. She is reportedly an immigrant from Homs, affiliated with John Hopkins University. She runs yet another American taxpayer-funded 501(c)(3). Incorporated in Kansas, USA, the Syria Relief and Development non-profit has offices in Jordan and Turkey. It has no office in the Syrian Arab Republic. This suggests this organization’s alleged work — brought to the attention of the UNSC — is, umm, illegal.

The press release synopsis on her statement made her also sound very, very sad. She utilized all the propaganda trigger words of the western saviors, those finely manicured terrorists who arm and fund the low-level terrorists who engage in the heinous, bloody atrocities: Women, children, hopelessness, despair and, of course COVID.

C-19 continues to be an obnoxious, hypocritical concern among the UNSC junta, whose countries have among the highest deaths per million in the world. Their savior concerns involve areas of the SAR — which continues to maintain low death rates — still under Erdogan and other terrorists’ occupation.

In January 2019, Qaddour attended non-physician, college dropout, GAVI founder obsessed with the fecundity of black Africans, Bill Gates’ “Making the Call for Global Health.” This was 11 months before he tweeted that vaccines would be “one of the best buys in global health.”

The unexpected kinship between the two has a nefarious explanation. Per the press synopsis, this teary-eyed woman with no medical licensure in Syria, has become involved in “humanitarian actors” being ‘forced’ “to make tough decision.”

The terrifying inference to be made is that sadistic criminals illicitly functioning as health care professionals are engaged in the small beginnings of Nazi medicine, against which Nuremberg prosecution witness, Leo Alexander, M.D., warned us in his Medical Science Under Dictatorship, published in NEJM, 1949.

Syria News again points out that these monsters who have hijacked the noble Charter of the United Nations, lie when they feign concern. They were silent in August 2013, when hundreds of women and their children were kidnapped from villages in Lattakia; they were silent when only 58 of them were released, three and one-half years later.

These overpaid monsters have ignored femicide against Syrian women.

The P3 junta — which has supported al Qaeda terrorists in Syria since the advent of the NATO Spring — engaged in standard condemnation of Syria maintaining its responsibility to protect its citizenry from terrorists. France, UK, and US cheered the arrival of the first “cross-line delivery of humanitarian assistance” by the World Food Programme (WFP) into terrorist occupied Sarmada since 2017. These mafiosi omitted the fact that the terrorists were holding up the delivery of food stuffs to help 50,000 persons. They did not mention that in July 2020, it had been discovered that terrorists — under the guidance of special operatives from certain NATO countries — had a laboratory there, preparing “explosive devices…with unknown toxic materials,” “with plans to explode them in Sfouhen, Fatira, and Flaifel in order to blame the Syrian Arab Army and the government of using chemical weapons.”

That the convoy was escorted by Syrian military means that it was checked for explosives and for terrorists.

In 2014, WFP was accused of transporting terrorists into the SAR, from Turkey. PressTV reporter Serena Shim was killed in a strange vehicular accident, shortly after announcing:  “We were some of the first people on the ground –if not the first people – to get that story of … militants going in through the Turkish border … I’ve got images of them in World Food Organization trucks. It was very apparent that they were militants by their beards, by the clothes they wore, and they were going in there with NGO trucks.” 

Despite the takfiri holding up humanitarian assistance for four years, and despite Griffiths having noted that less than one-third of the pledges by the humanitarian bastards had been received, the supremacist tripartite aggressors unabashedly announced that UNSCR 2585 (2021) was not sufficient, and demanded a return to the Sykes-Picot 2165 (2014) — the one that resulted in fifty Syrian children murdered by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines (the murders have been dubbed, “Vaccine Turkey”).

The author has no idea whose idea it was to drag Jeffrey DeLaurentis out of his mothballs (instead of retiring, US taxpayers fund his salary as “Senior Advisor for Special Political Affairs”) but he — whose country’s gross negligence completely failed to protect its people from C19, with almost 2,100 deaths to prove it — screeched the lie that the virus is “rampant” in Syria, lied that Syria having engaged in reconciliation with terrorists, that cleansing Daraa al Balad of those who refused to lay down their weapons, is “forced displacement.”

While omitting any mention of the SAA soldier martyred by another landmine the UN Mine Action Service has done nothing to help clear, the Brit imperialist representative shed some tears for the criminal, illegal, NATO, Turkish soldier invaders who were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in Idlib.

She did not even bother to tweet about her statement to the UNSC.

Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Chumakov of the Russian Federation brought to the table a significant concern, that the P3 also omitted. The convoy only made it to the Sarmada warehouse. At the time of the UNSC meeting, there was no “distribution mechanism,” the warehouse remained under “the supervision of anonymous, but ostensibly verified partners.” There is no way to ensure that the assistance will not be “plundered or sold out to those in need.

The French colonialist permanent member continued to show France is still rug-chewing over Syria having evacuated the occupiers from their land, decades ago.

That the Frenchman would dare to screech about C19 and “vaccinations” is confirmation of his flaunting his filthy supremacy: Syria News meticulously and massively documented France’s gross negligence regarding the virus, in our recent report on Agnès Buzyn.

We digress — for a moment — to remind our readers that while the French representative to the UNSC continues with his corrupt story-telling, it is his leader, Macron, who failed the country in containing C19. It was also Macron who launched the massive enucleation campaign against the Gilets Jaunes, during their pre-Covid demonstrations.

It is Macron’s storm troopers who are gassing his people, on a regular basis. On 11 September, possibly weary from gassing anti-experimental passes mass demonstrators, his gestapo took to gassing Parisians in a department store. They were not part of the protests. As you can see, they were all properly masked — but gassed they were, nonetheless.

His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh again brought reality to the UNSC table — despite again having a simultaneous translator who speech was between microsleep and near incomprehensible, rapid, staccato. He reminded all that the aid delivered to millions of civilians in all of the country’s governates could not have been possible without the support and cooperation of his government. He also noted it was a Syrian soldier who was killed while providing security to the convoy headed into terrorist-controlled Sarmada, and that the landmine was planted by NATO Turkey’s terrorist proxies.

Mr. Sabbagh again called on the UN to reverse the illicit ”sanctions” their member states have unilaterally imposed against the SAR.

The UNGA meeting is about to get underway. It is unlikely it will be tearful, as they tend not to be.

How tearful the next NATO junta-ruled UNSC anti-Syria meeting will be, will depend upon what happens at UNGA.

Miri Wood

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  1. Greg Casey

    Thanks Miri. With (supposedly neutral) Ireland holding the Presidency of the UNSC at the moment I can only hope (but hardly expect) that the Irish Ambassador to the UN who chairs Meetings of the Council throughout September is fair and impartial in how she runs and administers Meetings. That Neutral Ireland is a party to the EU Decision to impose Sanctions against Syria, originally in 2011 but renewed annually and then biennially thereafter up to the renewal of those wholly illegal EU Sanctions at end May this year, is a source of very considerable shame and anger to me. How can it be that these P Members of the UNSC – the P3 of US UK & France are all engaged in the imposition of Sanctions against both the Syrian State and the Syrian People in circumstances where, as members of the UN, they must know that the sole legitimate international power to impose sanctions against any State is the Power that resides solely within the UNSC and General Assembly. Their hypocrisy is sickening.

  2. Miri

    Yes, Greg, many of us are embarrassed by our countries. And, yes, most of what comprises the non-P5 function as the house servants of the P3 klan running the show.

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