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US Sponsored Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kidnap Civilians in Northern Syria

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorist next to armored vehicles gifted to them by US taxpayers

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists continue their crimes against the Syrian people in the northern regions they occupy with the help of their US patrons, the latest was the kidnapping of dozens of civilians in the northern Syrian provinces of Hasakah and Deir Ezzor.

In the city of Hasakah, the Kurdish SDF terrorists raided people’s houses in the Al-Zuhour neighborhood in the southern district of the city and kidnapped several civilians, the district is adjacent to the Industrial Highschool turned into a prison by the Kurdish terrorists who hold inside this makeshift prison civilians they kidnap and put them next to low-level terrorists of ISIS in the same classrooms turned into prison cells.

In the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor and in particular, in the town of Abu Hamam, the Kurdish terrorists stormed the houses in the town, kidnapped 9 civilians, fired live bullets at the families of the kidnapped who gathered to release their relatives from the terrorists. The Kurdish terrorists shattered the windows of many houses in the town.

The local sources who reported the above and were quoted by SANA added that the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists never tell the whereabouts of the people they kidnap, mind you the SDF stands for ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ where most of the Kurdish SDF commanders hail from the northern Iraqi Qandil mountains, and there’s not a single shred of democracy in what these terrorists do.

These latest crimes against the Syrian people come after only two days of similar raids carried out by the Kurdish SDF terrorists against the houses of the people in the villages of Al-Falah and Toshan to the northeast of the Thatoutah Industrial Zone prison, the Kurds kidnapped 20 civilians in these raids.

Kidnapping innocent civilians is a serious crime even in degenerate societies like the United States where kidnapping is considered a ‘federal crime’ which means the criminals will be held accountable by the combined forces of the country and they cannot escape when moving to another state, imagine the seriousness of this crime in a conservative established civilized society like the Syrian.

The escalation against the Syrian civilians comes after news being circulated that the Kurds, despite their begging, have been warned by their US employers that they have to put plans for a future after the year-end without the protection of Biden forces, being unable of drawing any lessons from the consequences of their continuous backstabbing of the people who hosted their grandparents in Iraq and Syria when they were persecuted by the Ottomans, and being incapable of realizing that the United States of America is an untrustworthy ally, let alone employer, the Kurdish terrorists instead of seeking forgiveness and trying to mend their ties with the Syrian people and the Syrian state they are escalating their crimes against the Syrians, this will not end well to the future of their people living among the Syrians.

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