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Kurdish SDF Terrorists Shoot Dead 4 Syrian Protesters in Manbij, Aleppo

Protests against Kurdish SDF in Manbij - Aleppo northeast countryside

The Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists opened fire on protesters in the Manbij area, northeast of Aleppo, killing 4 protesters and injuring others.

The US-sponsored armed separatist Kurdish SDF terrorists, who are trying to Israelize large parts of Syria with the help of NATO, responded to peaceful protests by opening live fire at the protesters which killed 4 of them earlier today Tuesday 1st of June 2021.

Herds of the Kurdish SDF terrorists imposed a curfew on the city of Manbij, blocked the entrance of vegetable trucks into the city from its surrounding countryside, and forced the local bakeries to close which led to a severe shortage of bread in the city and increased the tensions between the US-sponsored Kurds and the locals who took to the streets protesting the forced-draft of young men (18 – 30 years old) into the ranks of the terrorist groups and blocking some essentials.

Protests against Kurdish SDF in Manbij - Aleppo northeast countryside

If the Kurds lose Manbij they will lose a major part of their project that extends from the eastern Syrian borders all the way to the northwest of Aleppo along the borders with NATO member state Turkey, their forces in the east will lose direct contact with their forces in the west and their grip on the cities will fall like dominos.

Locals in the city of Manbij are refusing the Kurdish SDF to calm until the Kurds hand over the killers of the 4 civilians in the city, which forced the Kurds to bring members of a local community that is on the US payroll to mediate.

Syrians in nearby villages attacked a number of the SDF quarters and checkpoints since yesterday when the Kurdish militia imposed the curfew on Manbij and the villages in its countryside.

Ever since the Kurds betrayed the Syrian army under instructions from their US patrons, they never had a calm day in the areas they control, in response they try to instigate a confrontation with the Turkish army and the Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups working for Erdogan in the region which in turn lead the Turks to attack different cities and the Kurds would retreat each time, this is their way to pressure the Syrian state into accepting them as a separate country within Syria, similar to their Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Kurdish separatist terrorists also committed a number of war crimes besieging neighborhoods in the cities of Qamishli and Hasakah, cutting off the drinking water, burning wheat fields, and helping the US and ISIS smuggle stolen Syrian wheat and oil from Syria into Iraq and Turkey.

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