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SDF Terrorists Lift the Siege on Hasakah and Qamishli after 20 Days

Biden's Kurdish SDF terrorists besieging Hasakah and Qamishli

After 20 days of locking up 100,000 civilians in the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli, the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF war criminals lifted the siege.

News of Russian mediation led to the decision by the Kurds to lift the inhumane siege they imposed on the Syrians in a war crime that only the likes of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Israel commit against large populated urban centers.

The Kurdish siege deprived the Syrian families of food, drinking water, and fuel in the cold winter. The Kurds wanted to blackmail the Syrian state in withdrawing the Syrian armed forces positioned in these cities out of them in order for the Kurds to Israelize the entire region, displace the locals and replace them with more Kurds they would import from northern Iraq.

Lifting the siege also came after elders of the main Syrian tribes in the region vowed to break the siege by force, this is a more plausible reason for them to lift the blockade than accepting Russian mediation, the Kurds hiding behind the Biden troops illegally in the region to loot the Syrian oil as their former boss explicitly declared, they think the US army will defend them when the Syrian Army and their allies decide it’s time to end this ridiculous attempt to create another Israel in the northeast of Syria on the Syrian land rich with wheat, oil, and water.

Question to the readers: Have you heard of any condemnations by western countries of this war crime against the whole population of entire cities? We’ve surely didn’t but they do insist on keeping cross-border corridors open to maintain the stream of supplies to their Al Qaeda terrorists from NATO member state Turkey and they condemned the Syrian and Russian efforts to block the supply line from reaching a United Nations Security Council designated terrorist group which is also designated as such in each of their countries.

The Syrian state should now ensure that the Kurds do not repeat this war crime at any cost in the days left for Biden to withdraw his troops of the Oil Thieves Regiment from the country.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Before this latest siege, there was a chance to reach some common grounds on citizenship with the Kurds, now they can all go back to Turkey and northern Iraq, they’re not welcomed in our country anymore, and this applies to ALL THE KURDS in NORTHERN SYRIA.

  2. wpslol

    throw them out, the Kurds do not deserve to stay in Syrian soil (dear Kurds must not forget that no country wanted them except Syria) but now that they are traitorous servants of the USA and Israel they can also go back to where they came from.

  3. Igor T.

    I heard they reimposed the siege on some neighborhoods. Never trust who betrayed you once, they’ll do that each time they get the chance.


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