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Biden Forces Steal Syrian Oil and ISIS Attacks Syrian Oil Tanker Trucks

ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq - file photo

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on two oil tanker trucks in Raqqa countryside, northern Syria, while Biden forces deployed illegally in northeastern Syria continue their systematic theft of the Syrian oil.

A post on ‘the official media’ of ISIS stated that terrorists of the organization attacked two oil tanker trucks on the Al-Manakhir road to the east of Raqqa city, the post issued today, Sunday 23 of May, added that they successfully managed to destroy both oil tanker trucks.

This comes one day after an attack with a roadside bomb on another oil tanker truck in the village of Al-Hamrat in the eastern Raqqa countryside, the truck was also destroyed.

ISIS has escalated its attacks in the open Syrian desert region, it claimed responsibility for 14 attacks last week alone and 80 terrorist attacks during the holy month of Ramadan (12 April – 12 May 2021).

These escalations started shortly after the Pentagon vowed to revive the terrorist organization in September 2019 after its most valuable creation yet, ISIS was largely defeated in both Syria and Iraq.

The Trump and Biden forces since then started moving ISIS commanders from Al-Hol concentration camp in Hasakah, northeast of Syria, to Al-Tanf in the southeast of the country where the US maintains an illegal military base to protect another ISIS-affiliated terrorist group, Maghawir Thawra, which in turn receives high military training and carries out military drills with US forces while it keeps hundreds of Syrian families hostages in the Rukban concentration camp in horrific conditions.

It cannot be a coincidence that ISIS, the terrorist organization that commits the most heinous crimes against civilians, the US forces, the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists, and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups working for Erdogan all operate in the same region and in the same domain of systematic plundering of Syria’s richest, and the common enemy of all these evil forces is the Syrian people.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    With no shame at all while their people are facing economic problems yet they will never learn and by the time the US taxpayers wake up and try to find where their tax money was spent it’ll be too late.

  2. Tay

    I’m a refugee myself and thus fighting for my very life, but yes, of course Biden is a murderous thug, that’s why the Mafia put him where he is today; I suspect that even if he was dead they would have dug him up and put him on his throne. Hopefully, the Jinns from hell will come to your aid very soon and carry these horrible creatures to their rightful kingdom of the netherworld. Allah be with you.


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