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Erdogan Water War Crimes in Hasakah Continue; UN, ICRC Silent

NATO Turkish regime of Erdogan continue cutting the water off 1 million Syrians in Hasakah

The Erdogan regime water war crimes against one million Syrian people in al Hasakah have entered the second month of deprivation. The humanitarian bastards, including the NATO junta that occupies the UN have remained silent. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the head of the ICRC in Syria have also remained mute. Alas, the adage of silence as complicity is not bestowed upon thirsty Syrians, even while dozens stood at the office of the ICRC pleading for assistance.

As the complicit warmongers, think tanks, NATO golpistas desecrating the noble UN Charter, the neo-Sykes-Picot operatives, and the digital map makers conspire to change the demographics of the Syrian Arab Republic, feign oblivion to Erdogan’s ethnic cleansing operation, and — in phony stupification — are completely unaware that Turkey bombed the Alouk electrical grid supplying power to feed the water supply to two million in the al Hasakah governate, Syria News provides a short synopsis of the water war crimes.

In September 2019, the Turkish madman Erdogan addressed the UN General Assembly with his annexation map. Virtually all pretended that this plot for a 35 mile / 56.3 kilometer incursion into the SAR would be a safety zone. Imagine the US agreeing to such Orwellian propaganda, were Canada to invade and occupy for a ‘buffer zone,’ Would the UNGA do a collective kabuki head nod, were Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain hack off part of France?

Madman Erdogan simultaneously announced and launched his war criminal Operation Peace Spring aerial bombing and ground invasion bombing of the Allouk electrical grid on 9 October 2019 (supported by American illegal John McCain’s FSA/Jabhat al Nusra pal, Salim Idriss), which was immediately repaired by the Syrian Electricity Army, to be re-bombed and re-repaired. At the 24 October anti-Syria UN meeting, the Security Council P3 and their Ursula Mueller were complicit in ignoring the advent of Turkey’s water war crimes against the Levantine republic.

On 28 April 2021, the OCHA humanitarian bastards published a report on Alouk, via Reliefweb, wailing its crocodile tears that the water had been “disrupted” twenty-three times since November 2019.

As no mention was made of NATO madman Erdogan’s water war crimes in occupation of the power plant, it is left to the reader to suspect the UN’s OCHA believes that these crimes and ongoing depravation have been caused by the Wicked Witch of the West.

Syria News asks our readers to be mindful that on the rare occasions the water war crimes against Syrians in al Hasakah are mentioned in media, with the exception of NATO Madman Erdogan claiming they are lies, while Turkish medium shares a photo of a criminal invader and occupier of the Alouk water plant, via its Defense Ministry, all others involve colonial balkanization of the SAR, lying that the victims are the US-owned SDF armed terrorists — perhaps also called insurrectionists, given the recent collective PTSD at the Capitol Hill hearings.

Water wars crimes against Syrians ignore Syrians.

Mahmoud al Oulka is the General Director of Water Establishment in al Hasakah governate. In a recent interview with SANA, he explained that the Erdogan regime occupying force has prevented Syrian workers from entering Alouk to make essential repairs to return water to almost one million human beings who need it. Government service agencies, along with “humanitarian and civil organizations” have engaged in increasing portable water tanks throughout streets and parks where Turkish war criminals are not stationed, in attempts to meet the daily needs of the populace.

Pick any place in France, the UK, or the US, and imagine any of its electrical grids being bombed by Turkey, being repaired by the government, and then being invaded, occupied, and have all water turned off to more than one million French, British, or US American people.

Do you think these western governments would tolerate such an egregious atrocity? Would the United Nations remain mute?

Upwards of one hundred civilians held a recent demonstration outside the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross to demand an intervention to end Erdogan occupation forces water war crime against the people of al Hasakah. Members of the clergy, women, men, and children called upon this humanitarian organization, international media, other international humanitarian organizations, and the UN, to assume their humanitarian and moral responsibilities to those suffering this heinous atrocity, this attempt to ethnically cleanse these Syrians from their homes.

The media have ignored their plea. There has been no emergency UN meeting. The silence of the ICRC points to its shameless corruption, demonstrates its flagrant bias to NATO countries, as it did in March 2020, when it remained silent when the Turkish vice president of the International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) illegally entered the SAR to meet with a British terrorist in Idlib, and to tarnish the good name of the umbrella group of 193 countries who are members of the ICRC, to raise money for his crimes against the Syrian state.

By ignoring the thirty Syrians outside its office, the ICRC has again thumbed its nose as the guardian of the sacred scrolls of International Humanitarian Law, codified in the Geneva Agreements of 1949.

Though ignoring the Erdogan occupiers water war crimes, the ICRC has managed to post a few sadistic tweets, suggesting further nose-thumbing and also nose-rubbing — despite its president, Dr. Peter Mauer, having visited Syria in March 2020, when he discussed the distinguished relationship of the ICRC to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Was that visit merely a photo opportunity, filled with mouth noises? Mauer is still the ICRC president, and there is no way that he does not know that Syrian people are being deprived of their water, by a foreign occupation.

Consider, also, the shameless silence of Christophe Martin, over NATO Turkey’s water war crimes. Martin — who is head of the ICRC delegation in Syria was not shy when he tweeted about his team being “present” to ensure “the health and dignity” of “10 detainees [r]eleased in Al Bab” on 2 July.

He neglected to mention that arrested terrorists were exchanged for kidnapped Syrian soldiers abducted by terrorists occupying the al Bab region, as he has neglected to acknowledge Syrians being deprived of their water — though he did tweet about his first trip to Damascus.

NATO Erdogan continues his water war crimes against Syria.

NATO Turkey Erdogan Wage water war against Syria and Iraq

Miri Wood


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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    And this Erdogan thing is selling himself as a Muslim and as a moderate and as a human being, he’s a living example on how humanity failed, miserably.


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