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NATO Turkey and NATO SDF Destroy Allouk; One Million Syrians without Water

NATO Turkey Erdogan Wage water war against Syria and Iraq

Fighting between criminal NATO Turkish occupiers and NATO US created SDF ‘Qasd’ terrorist militias illegally in Syria has resulted in the destruction of the ”tension lines that transmit electricity” to the water station in Alouk, Hasakah governate. There will be no emergency UN meeting as the NATO junta occupying the former bastion of peace and security has supported both terrorist gangs attempt to balkanize the SAR. There will be no crocodile tears from the rabid hyenas who wail over the Syrians they have starved.

The two deranged gangs — SDF terrorists under the boot of NATO US and terrorists aligned with Madman Erdogan — have increased their deadly crimes against the Syrian people over the recent period. On 12 June, these two savage gangs bombed each other in Afrin, which is in Syria, which is not in the USA and also is not in Turkey. On 22 June, the terrorists loyal to Erdogan and the terrorists loyal to the US moved their fighting to what was once the Tal Abyad Hospital in al Raqqa, governate of Syria, which had been occupied by the terrorist SDF and the French intelligence services humanitarianly calling itself MSF, after which it was bombed by Turkey which then engaged in self-fellating over having rebuilt the Syrian hospital and given it a Turkish name.

For those neo-imperialists and other scum, here are a couple of maps; one shows the distance from the US to Syria, and the other shows the actual border between Syria and Turkey:

As the imperialist gods of the internet have been busy changing the names of cities, towns, and villages in Syria, and also moving the balloon indicators of their locations from inside Syria into NATO Turkey, we include one more map, forced to screenshoot it, and paint in Ras al Ayn, as the ‘interactive’ one moved the Syrian city into Erdoganstan:

Ras al Ayn's Allouk water plant  is in the al Hasakah governate of Syria.
Allouk water plant is in al Hasakah governate, which is part of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Terrorist Turkey first launched an aerial and ground bombing of the electrical infrastructure that powers the Alouk water plant, in early October 2019. Syrian authorities made immediate repairs, and Erdogan immediately re-bombed it, one day later. Syria’s Electricity Army, with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, again made immediate and essential repairs return the Alouk water station to providing essential water to human beings in this area of the country.

The reality of Turkey’s water war crimes against Syria was completely ignored by the unindicted war criminals of the UN, at the NATO junta’s anti-Syria monthly meeting, on 24 October 2019. Instead of condemning NATO Turkey’s water war crime against the Syrian people, the urchin honcho disgracefully described Erdogan’s atrocity as perpetrated by “allied non-State armed groups” and inferred that intricate repairs were made by a simple wave of a fairy godmother’s wand.

Mere months later, the same Emergency Relief Coordinator who showed little concern for Erdogan’s water war crimes was nearly frothing at the mouth at the UN anti-Syria klan fest, demanding Tal Abyad have a border crossing opened to ‘help’ the suffering Syrians, though she appeared sedate in the pre-meeting UNSCR meeting of the NATO klan.

Today, 26 June, the Erdogan regime forces and the US regime ‘Qasd’/SDF have destroyed the transmitters to the pumps that keep the Alouk water plant supplying water to the more than one million Syrian citizens in al Hasakah City and its countryside.

Can one of the NATO klansmen who continue to betray the noble UN Charter, attempt to give an excuse, any excuse, for the collective disdain of the Syrian people for whom this ignoble gang purports to care, so very much?

From SANA:

SANA’s reporter in Al-Hasakah stated that Alouk station had completely stopped working due to the “SDF” militia cutting off the electricity supply, in parallel with the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries continuing to stop pumping water to the people in the city of Al-Hasakah and its countryside.

The reporter indicated that the militia’s cutting off the electricity supply to the station and the repeated attacks by the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries and their control over its operation exacerbate the water crisis in Al-Hasakah Governorate for the second month in a row and threaten about one million citizens with severe shortages of drinking water, which portends a health and environmental disaster there.

And the director of the Water Corporation, Mahmoud Al-Akla, had indicated yesterday that the Allouk project that supplies the city of Hasaka and its surroundings and the western countryside is still operating at the minimum levels due to the crimes of the Turkish occupier and theft of electricity feeding it and operating only one pump and ten wells out of 34 wells and 12 horizontal pumps located within the Allouk project .

Alouk water station is fed from the city of Al-Darbasiyah via 20 kV tension lines, where 7 megabytes are allocated to the station, which are stolen by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation to feed their headquarters in the city of Ras Al-Ain and only operate two pumps out of ten, which affected the pumping and delayed the arrival of water to the city of Al-Hasakah.

Syria News has consistently written about NATO Erdogan’s occupation of Syria’s Allouk water and power station, and of his water war crimes in frequently turning off the supply to the region, and turning it on again, at whim, and to create more chaos that sets the stage for forced displacement. We have frequently reported on the competition between NATO Turkey and NATO SDF on their competition to ethnically cleanse the SAR of its indigenous population, replacing it with non-indigenous Turks and non-indigenous former nomads.

Early this year, the NATO-owned, terrorist, separatist SDF walled off the cities of Qamishli and Hasakah for twenty days, starving the Syrians by shutting down industrial bakeries and preventing water trucks from entering.

Though NATO Turkey has had a massive head start in ethnic cleansing of Syrian Arabs from the Syrian state, this year NATO US-created SDF terrorists have been in a frenzy to catch up with war crimes and other atrocities against Syrians.

In January, these armed terrorists opened fire on locals protesting against their criminal sealing off of al Hasakah, murdering one civilian and wounding three others.

Also in January, these Arab-hating savages kidnapped a Ba’ath Party leader from his physician’s office, in between closing off streets to and from these Syrian cities, in the attempt to starve Syrians into escaping what the demons are trying to turn into a new Warsaw Ghetto.

In May, these beasts that walk on two legs — created by Obama, enhanced by Trump, and receiving criminal protection by illegal Biden forces in the SAR — murdered another five indigenous Syrian Arabs, also in al Hasakah, which is in Syria, not in NATO Turkey nor NATO US.

Now, the two factions of NATO supported and armed terrorists out to destroy Syria have come together in another attempt at the final solution against Syria: Another round of destruction of water and its essential infrastructure.

Let us not forget that water war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic have been ongoing, since the NATO-owned FSA invaded and occupied al Tabqa Dam in February 2013. In December 2016, NATO terrorists gave a Christmas present to Syrians by polluting the al Fijah Spring — humanity’s oldest natural water source — depriving over 5.5 million Damacenes from their essential water source. These savages destroyed some of the infrastructure, and threatened to blow up all of it (terrorist White Helmets were part of this water war crime, by the way).

That water war crime — completely ignored by the NATO criminals occupying the United Nations — was finally resolved, though not before Retired Syrian Arab Army General Ahmad al Ghadban was assassinated by NATO/UN junta approved terrorists, 14 January 2017.

The martyred General was the Reconciliation Coordinator in Wadi Barada.

image-SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated during meetings to resolve terrorist water war crimes in Wadi Barada.
SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by Nusra Front FSA al Qaeda ISIS in Wadi Barada village of Ain Al-Fijah

The tyrannical NATO junta ruling the UN were complicit in previous water war crimes against the Syrian people.

The pristinely coiffed fake diplomats will likely also remain silent on the joint water war crimes by NATO Turkey and NATO SDF in their joint destruction of the Allouk power and water plant, no matter how many Syrian civilians suffer.

Miri Wood

NATO imperialists and their various war-pimping ‘charitable’ US taxpayers-funded NGO’s have unlimited funds, courtesy of western taxpayers. Syria News does not. Please help us remain online.

Thank you.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The blood the old and new Ottomans spilled is still not enough for them, now they’re drying out the water from the bodies of their victims.

  2. Jack Oliver

    This is absolutely obscene – I really hope the 30 NATO nations and ‘partners’ starting their war games on Monday end up with a very bloodied nose!
    A humiliating retreat or defeat is the ONLY thing they will understand !


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