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Syria Slams Macron Regime: Statements by Sponsors of Terrorism are Worthy the Trash Bin

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Damascus, Syria

Syria exposed the hypocrisy of the French regime of Emanuel Macron on human rights and oppression against his own people while attacking the Syrian state for its right to defend itself against terrorist groups sponsored by the same French regime.

The regime of the banker in law Macron issued a statement on the 30th of July, last month, in regard to the Syrian military and security operation against ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in the southern region, mainly in the Syrian province of Daraa after over a hundred of innocent people and policemen were killed in dozens of terrorist attacks over the past 1.5 years.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its yesterday’s statement rejected the false information mentioned in the aforementioned French statement, exposed France’s role in funding, arming, and supporting radical terrorist groups in Syria including the likes of Al Qaeda and its derivatives and separatist groups in the country calling it a ‘continuation of France’s colonial legacy,’ the Syrian statement added:

“As a continuation for the French colonial hatred heritage, the French regime is still offering the financial support to terrorists, separatists, and armed groups in Syria in contrary to Security Council resolutions that call for preserving the territorial integrity of Syria and the sanctity of its independence and sovereignty.”

Yesterday alone, hundreds of thousands of French people were taking to the streets in Paris, Nice, Montpellier, Nantes, Strasbourg, Reims, Toulouse, Marseille, and many more cities across France denouncing the oppression carried out by the Macron regime against its own people under the guise of health concerns in the wake of the pandemic.

One can never forget the brutality and criminality of the Macron thugs against the grassroots Yellow Vests movement in which the Macron Shabbeha were plucking out the eyes of the peaceful protesters in a number of cities across the NATO member state for simply demanding better pay in a country that can spend hundreds of billions of Euros on military and funding terrorist and separatist groups around the globe so the bankers can get richer and the commons get poorer.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs referring to the above Macron crimes against his own people stated that Syria completely condemns France’s behavior that uses force to suppress the French people’s aspirations. It is the same regime that uses false allegations about the situation in Syria based on hypocrisy and lies in support of terrorism.

In regard to the security and military operation in the southern Syrian region, the Syrian Ministry added in its statement:

“Syria which exercised the utmost self-restraint towards some situations in the southern region without resorting to violence as stated in the French lies, stresses that it is the side which cares for its people and the stability of conditions in the country.”

We add: How can a country that exploits at least 14 African nations through today by holding their national currencies hostages to French banks and monetary control charging for minting their money and keeping a large percentage of it in those French banks which Macron and his wife know much about, the country that uses children labor in the mines to extract raw materials like what France is doing in the African country of Niger, where France extracts 30% of the uranium it uses to run its nuclear reactors while 90% of Niger’s population live without electricity? Quoting the leading politician in France’s NATO member state buddy Italy, Ms. Giorgia Meloni, and the country that carried out nuclear experiments on thousands of Algerians alive to study its effects be concerned about the suffering of the people of Syria, unless its definition of the Syrian people is the terrorists funded by the French taxpayers.

Let’s not forget the love Emanuel Macron enjoys from his people:

The same Macron giving lessons to other people on how to handle their people’s affairs!

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