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Agnès Buzyn Investigated over C19; Declared HCQ ‘Poisonous’

"endangering the lives of others",

Agnès Buzyn is under investigation for “endangering the lives of others” — but not for “failure to stop a disaster” — in alleged mishandling of the COVID crisis during her tenure as Health Minister. Since the charges, she told the media “we did so much to prepare our country for a global health crisis that is still ongoing,” yet in January 2020, she had stated France had “practically no risk” and that the “risk of a spread of the coronavirus among the population is very small.”

Agnès Buzyn indicted for "endangering the lives of others",

There are many strange aspects to this news, beginning with Agnès Buzyn having abruptly and fraudulently declared hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — ”in all its forms” — as a poisonous substance, 15 January 2020, nine days before the announcement of the first official cases, 24 January 2020.

Agnès Buzyn abruptly declared hydroxychloroquine poisonous, 15 January 2020
Agnès Buzyn abruptly declared hydroxychloroquine poisonous, 15 January 2020.

Dr. Buzyn gave no explanation for this sudden declaration, as hydroxychloroquine (and its ‘other form,’ chloroquine) had been available over the counter in France. Some reporters did ask the question, though.

Why did Agnès Buzyn fraudulently classify hydroxychloroquine as a poisonous substance?

Almost immediately, Macron dispatched law enforcement to confiscate all forms of hydroxychloroquine, which were kept in the central pharmacy warehouse (reportedly under armed guard) but that somehow was completely looted. A longer interview with Christian Perrone, MD, PhD, Professor of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, on the mass theft, was replaced with this shorter one.

One month and one day after her false poison declaration, 16 February 2020, Agnès Buzyn abruptly resigned from her Health Minister position, to run for third place in the Paris mayoral election.

Agnès Buzyn campaigning for mayor, June 2020
Curious campaign photo: Folded hands, masks, massive Saran wrap protecting people, uncovered scale, & delicious uncovered cheeses from the pandemic.

One 10 March 2020, dictator wannabe, Emmanuel Macron — perhaps to replace his mass enucleation campaign against the Gilets Jaunes — launched a most vicious, draconian lockdown while in the midst of releasing thousands of prisoners from jails.

While Macron was plotting to release criminals from jail, and to imprison people in their homes, and Agnès Buzyn was somehow hot on the campaign trail despite the lockdown, NATO media went into a swoon, over the sheer epidemiological insanity of the French medical experts.

As Paris was hit hard by COVID, instead of quickly building MASH units outside Parisian hospitals, the criminally negligent medical experts decided to transfer critically ill C19 patients from contaminated Paris, into non-contaminated regions of France.

The only time critically ill patients should be transferred, is if they need emergency surgery. The transfer would be to the operating room. They should not be transferred from beds, to stretchers, loaded on to the TGV that has been stocked with medical supplies for a two hour train ride to an uncontaminated region, to be transferred off the train and into a clean hospital, where there were previously not contagious C19 patients.

In our history of epidemiology and virology, contagious persons are quarantined (even the writers of the Torah knew this). Persons with contagious diseases are kept where they can not make others sick. We learn this in entry level microbiology, epidemiology, and virology.

The first law of these related medical sciences is clean to dirty. Any student caught going dirty to clean in the clinical setting would get a verbal thrashing. Any health care professional caught engaging in dirty to clean would be threatened with suspension, for the negligence of putting other lives at stake.

Yet, here we have the captain of the ship, engaged in criminal negligence, actually setting the goal of shipping contagious, critically ill COVID patients throughout all of Europe.

Criminal negligence is no hyperbole. This expert is overseeing the transfer of the critically ill, which puts these patients at great risk of harm. That these contagious, critically ill patients are being moved to areas still in good health, puts the healthy at risk.

The full news clip is found here, but as there tends to be a recurring pattern of videos disappearing not long after reports by Syria News, we have preserved screengrabs of the most significant statements by this criminally negligent ‘expert.’

The grossly, criminally negligent expert who wants uncontaminated regions to import COVID via “rotations” “across the whole country or even Europe if necessary” could not perpetrate this madness by himself.

Here we have a small army of reported licensed critical care specialists, who have abandoned their critical care patients in over crowded Paris hospitals, to help spread contagion.

How is it possible to have gathered such a large group willing to abandon patients, and willing to participate in the breaking of quarantine of contagious patients, during the time Paris was hit almost as hard at NYC, and Lombardy, to jeopardize healthy populations in non-infected areas of their country? Did they all bribe their teachers to pass those entry level classes? Would any sane health care professional consider exporting any possibly deadly infectious disease?

Yes, again, the experiments of Stanley Milgram on authoritarianism comes to mind, with all the physiological retching at the thought that so many never learned a single lesson from those horrifying human psyche lab studies.

Did Agnès Buzyn set the wheels in motion for this gross criminal negligence?
The Stanley Milgram Brigade

While Agnès Buzyn valiantly persisted in her failed campaign, against the odds of Macron’s draconian lockdown, France’s criminally incompetent medical experts persisted in exporting contagious C19 patients, into clean areas of the country.

On April Fools’ Day there was a dramatic repeat — and increase — in the gross negligence, when the reports came that another TGV with 36 (up from 20) infected people were being transferred to the uninfected Brittany region.

This trip was also under the criminally insane auspice of helping to “ease pressure on hospitals in the French capital” — by transferring critically ill and infectious patients to the uninfected region.

On this occasion, there was no Dr. Milgram to give a pep talk to that small army that walked away from critically ill patients in Paris, to help transfer critically ill and infectious patients.

The media focused on details of some numbers, apparently to dramatically enhance the C-19 thanatos death cult-ism, and incite fear into audiences: Fifty-four critical care specialists from ten public and private hospitals in Paris and Ile-de-France to care for thirty-six critically ill and infectious people.

If fifty-four specialists were removed from ten hospitals, how many were available to care for the critically ill in those hospitals? How huge was the logistical nightmare of gathering up ambulances to meet the TGV upon arrival? How many patients in Brittany had to wait for care while their health professionals left to receive the contagious, and to possibly be infected by them (not unlike what happened in many nursing homes in the US, where thousands of COVID positives were dumped on them)?

Photographs of this trip to bring the infectious to meet with the uninfected suggest choreography and computer-generated imagery (CGI):

In the second photo, the ‘patients’ are completely covered; in no real situation does a patient who is in respiratory distress have his face covered.

In the third photo, we have an alleged critical care specialist squatting and bathetically touching the dirty window with a gloved hand. Sorry, Charlie, this does not happen; when a critically ill, conscious patient is transferred, there may be a hand squeeze for good luck, but no wistful lingering.

Also in the third photo, we have a Gargantuan blurry ‘patient’ tied to a gurney and with what looks like a 250cc bag of tube feed (!) with extension tubing going nowhere, and appearing to be filled with blood.

In photos 4, 5, and 6, the wistful critical care professional is now standing, still gazing wistfully at a patient-less stretcher, with colorful materials strapped to the stretcher.

That the criminally negligent French experts ”transferred” sick and infectious people from the Parisian hotspots into uninfected areas of the country is quite obvious, as evidenced by — for example — Brittany not only becoming infected, but also becoming infected with a new variant.

That the incompetent experts in France have contributed to the spread of the coronavirus infection, is notable in the graph of deaths from 15 February 2020 through 28 August 2021.

The deaths from C19 between 15 February and 26 March 2020 were a flatline near zero, and the spiking of deaths took off with the criminal transfers of infected people, to uninfected areas.

On 22 May 2020, The Lancet published a corrupt study on hydroxychloroquine, almost one month before former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn — who had abruptly, inexplicably, fraudulently declared the over-the-counter “poisonous” — came in an impoverished third in the mayoral election.

Lancet‘s report dominated the NATO Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex media, which in turn was the excuse that the World Health Organization (WHO) used to halt its own studies on HCQ and C-19. On 4 June 2020, after the damage was done, Lancet retracted the unvetted, corrupt ‘study.’ Of pure coincidence, on 4 June 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) also retracted a study, albeit a different one.

Eleven days short of the anniversary of Agnès Buzyn ‘s phony poison announcement, she confirmed “having joined the WHO Director’s office of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on 4 January.” This appointment received joint condemnation from the “far-left” and “far-right,” though neither team sought to wonder why the Director might ever consider the hiring of someone who lied about the medicine on the Essential Medicines WHO Model List.

This author also wonders why French prosecutors ignore criminally negligent experts while targeting Agnès Buzyn, not for her lie about HCQ, but for her claim that France had “practically no risk” from C-19.

Miri Wood


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