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Israel Murders Mayadeen Reporter & Cameraman After Broadcast

Israel deliberately murdered Reporter Farah Omar and Cameraman Rabih Maamari Al Mayadeen News in Southern Lebanon اسرائيل تغتال الصحافية فرح عمر والمصور ربيع معماري من قناة المنادين في جنوب لبنان

Israel assassinated al-Mayadeen journalist Farah Omar, and cameraman Rabih Al-Memari, immediately after their live broadcast from southern Lebanon, in an “unmistakable targeted” killing – by drone – this morning.

This was Farah Omar’s final report before she was blown up by a targeted Israeli drone, moments later:

Farah Omar was born on 16 June 1998, joined Al Mayadeen in February 2021, and was preparing for her Masters degree in journalism. Farah in Arabic means ‘joy.’

Rabih Al Memari was born on 01 January 1979, he joined Al Mayadeen as a cameraman and supporting reporter 11 years ago. Rabih in Arabic means ‘spring.’

This is what was left of Al Memari’s camera, still aflame from Israel’s drone which fatally targeted the journalists:

Camera still burning after Israel assassinated two journalists from al Mayadeen

Since 7 October, a total of sixty-five journalists and cameramen have been reportedly killed in Gaza and in Lebanon by Israeli forces.

Let us not forget Israel’s history of killing off journalists reporting on or in occupied Palestine; on 11 May 2022, Christian Orthodox Palestinian-American Al Jazeera career journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by an Israeli IDF sniper fire while she reported – wearing her blue press helmet and press flak jacket – from Jenin Camp in the Zionist occupied West Bank. As though Akleh’s assassination was not gruesome enough, Israel’s police in riot gear began to attack mourners with batons, almost knocking over her casket as it was being brought to her final resting place.

Syria News notes that on the anniversary of Akleh’s assassination, IDF spokesman Hagari apologized for the fact that she died, without admitting an Israeli soldier murdered her.

Given the deaths of sixty-five journalists, it would appear that Hagari’s 11 May 2023 statement, “[i]n Israel we value our democracy and in a democracy we see high value in journalism and in a free press. We want journalists to feel safe in Israel, especially in war time, even if they criticize us,” was nothing more than spurious moralization.

The targeted assassinations of Omar and Al-Memari bring the official journalist kill rate in Lebanon since the 7th of October to three. On 13 October, Reuters videographer Issam Abdallah was murdered, and six other journalists were wounded while reporting from the southern region of the country.

Reuters used meticulous care in not assigning blame, choosing to state that “missiles fired from the direction of Israel struck them [emphasis added],” following up with a quote from the Israeli ambassador to the UN:  “Obviously, we would never want to hit or kill or shoot any journalist that is doing its job. But you know, we’re in a state of war, things might happen.”

Israel’s depraved slaughter of journalists is gruesomely reminiscent of the assassinations of Syrian journalists, by NATO armed terrorists, some of whose murders were seen live on TV.

Israel, with its umbrella of impunity provided by all NATO country leaders, and by NATO-affiliated Scum Media, has accelerated the rate of carnage against international journalists.

Syria News respectfully asks our readers to note the huge discrepancy in Scum Media. Compare the scant reporting on the slaughter of Arabic/Muslim journalists in the Levant – and without assigning what should be obvious blame – and the 24/7 reporting, mourning followed the massive international gathering of heads of state and tens of thousands of underlings after the murders of twelve people and wounding of eleven others, in the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris, 7 January 2015. That carnage was perpetrated by two terrorists, not by an entire country’s military.

Throughout much of January 2015, it appeared that most of the individuals of the NATO world were rending their garments, and wailing Je Suis Charlie!

world leaders lead a march in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo caricaturists. Israel is NATO without paying dues.

Given the current psychological warfare being perpetrated against honest conservatives by Military Industrial Complex rabid dogs of war politicians, NATO Neocon think-tankers, and even faux liberal/independent media, that the unsecured US border currently is being stampeded by tens of thousands of “Hamas”[Muslim] and assorted “Iranian” [Muslim] sleeper cells – a Scum Media fabrication whose launch almost four years ago, was withdrawn, as that script was so inane it required a significant rewrite – the author cautiously counsels these conservatives to be diligent against forced alliances.

Post Category 4 Hurricane Harvey, which killed more than one hundred Texans, completely destroyed more than one thousand homes, damaged another forty-nine thousand homes, and damaged seven hundred Texas businesses, the same Charlie Hebdo which demonically hates Islam, cheered Harvey’s destruction in Texas, praising the devastations as proof that “GOD EXISTS! HE DROWNED ALL THE NEO-NAZIS OF TEXAS!

Hebdo silent on Israel attacks on journalists

On Wednesday, 21 November, Israel assassinated two more journalists, in southern Lebanon.

עושה שָׁלום
الرحمة والخلود للشهداء الأبرار، ورجاء الشفاء العاجل للجرحى تعازينا لعائلات الشهداء، ولسورية ولبنان وفلسطين الحبيبة

Miri Wood

By Arabi Souri:

Syria News strongly and unequivocally condemns with the strongest words this heinous war crime of Israel against Al Mayadeen Reporter Farah Omar and Cameraman Rabih Al-Memaari who were positioned in a press-designated post known to Israel, wearing obvious press vests and helmets, and next to a broadcast press-designated vehicle, and all of this have been known to the Israelis for the past 40 days. Syria News vows to continue exposing the war crimes by Israel and its sponsors especially the US-led Axis of Evil.

Syria News promises Israel and its sponsors that murdering journalists, censoring media channels, and the systematic de-platforming of the media outlets and personnel online will not cover their war crimes, and the world is watching and we support all the efforts to bring the culprits of these crimes to justice.

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