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Israel Bombs Southern Damascus Murders 2, Syria Warns

Israel bombs southern Damascus - Syria - اسرائيل تقصف السيدة زينب جنوب شرقي دمشق

Israel bombed with missiles fired from over the occupied Golan posts in a Damascus southeastern suburb, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned of the continued Zionist aggression and war crimes in the region.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 3:15 this afternoon, the Zionist enemy carried out an air attack with two missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus.”

The military spokesperson concluded in the very brief statement: “Our air defense forces responded to the aggression, shooting down one of the missiles, and the losses were limited to material losses.”

The video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Local sources in unconfirmed reports said that two people were killed naming the victims as Ali Hussein Maarkesh and Muhammad Ghaith al-Afghani, the sources also said that the Israeli bombing targeted a hotel under construction in the Sayyidah Zaynab suburb.

The Sayyidah Zaynab suburb derives its name from the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who’s buried in a shrine within the suburb which is one of the main destinations for religious tourists of the Shia sect of Islam.

We couldn’t confirm the information provided by the local sources by the time of this report.

On its part, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning to the Zionist entity (aka Israel) and to the world, especially the countries supporting Israel, noting that these criminal activities are threatening peace and security and destabilizing the region.

In the statement conveyed by SANA, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:

“In continuation of the Zionist approach based on aggression and committing crimes in the region, the Zionist enemy, at approximately 15:30 this afternoon, launched an air attack with two missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus.

Syria confirms that the Zionist entity’s continuation of this aggressive approach is nothing but a result of the shameful international blindness to the crimes of this entity, including its brutal aggression that has been ongoing for 47 days against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which has turned it into a cemetery for children.”

The statement concluded: “Syria warns once again that such criminal acts that threaten the security and stability of the region must not allow the Zionist entity to escape punishment. It also affirms its inalienable right to defend its sovereignty and independence by all means guaranteed by international law.”

This is the 6th Israeli aggression against Syria since Israel started its hysterical carpet bombing campaign of the besieged Gaza Strip deliberately killing over 14,500 people most of them children and women, and destroying hospitals, worship places, and schools including schools run by the United Nations in what is obvious a repeat of the Holocaust but this time by the US-led Western-sponsored Israel against the Palestinian people.

Zionist Israel’s expansionist aggression and war crimes also defy God’s will by stealing a biblical promise to inhabit the holy land of southern Syria (aka Palestine) given by God in the Old Testament to the people of the Levant, the children of Prophet Jacob (aka Israel), and claiming it was made to the enemies of those people, ie the Westerner Zionists!

Brainwashed Western Evangelicals and others believing the twisted Israeli narrative are also ignoring the massive protests sweeping the world by the real Jews who believe in the Torah which explicitly prohibits the Jewish people from creating a country of their own whatever the reason might be.

Those who continue supporting Israel and claiming it has any right of self-defense are accomplices in its crimes against humanity, if they were true believers in God, they would not support painting God his Almighty as a criminal lord of the wicked Zionist land thieves.

May his Almighty curse and punish the criminals committing the heinous crimes by first twisting his words and then committing crimes on a magnitude scale against the real Semite people of the Levant.

Watch a 20,000 Jewish convention in New York condemning the very existence of Israel:

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    With the ‘humanitarian pause’ deal reached in Gaza which also covers the front with Lebanon, will that extent to Syria or the Israelis and their sponsors will compensate for their failure in Gaza by escalating their crimes in Syria?


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