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Defeated in Gaza, Israel Bombs Damascus Int’l Airport, Again

Israel bombs Damascus International Airport taking it out of service

Israel bombed Damascus International Airport taking it out of service immediately after its humiliating defeat in its heinous criminal Holocaust-like aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement:

“At approximately 16:50 this afternoon, the Zionist enemy carried out an air attack with missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting Damascus International Airport and some points in the Damascus countryside. Our air defense forces intercepted the enemy missiles and destroyed most of them. The aggression resulted in the airport being out of service and some material losses.”

The bombing of Damascus International Airport comes hours after the airport was repaired and restored operations after the previous Israeli bombing.

Syria continues to combat the US-sponsored Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Kurdish separatist terrorists and faces their masters the two largest NATO armies, the US and Turkish armies, on behalf of humanity despite the suffocating blockade imposed on the Syrian people by the collective West and its puppet regimes. Israel representing its Western sponsors interferes on the side of the terrorists against the Syrian people, the Syrian state, and the Syrian heritage.

Today’s aggression against Syria is the 7th Israeli bombing of the country in an exposed attempt to drag its Western sponsors, especially the USA into a regional war that can cover up the miserable condition of the Israeli army, its ‘intelligence’, and the cowardice of its officials.

Israel, the terrorist organization masquerading as a state, insists on proving to the world its criminal nature by its continuous war crimes against the Semite people of the Levant as if the Holocaust it committed against the non-combatant children of Gaza was not enough blood spilled on the Anti-Christ alter, Israel bombs Damascus International Airport, a civilian commercial international airport, another war crime to those claiming Israel has any right to self-defense.

Every Western official or media pundit who repeats the debunked mantra of ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’ is not only committing a war crime by justifying breaching international law which grants the occupied the right to defend themselves against the occupiers, they are exposing their criminality nature and should be held accountable by their people and their audiences.

The Syrian people are wondering when will Russia and China, Israel’s main trade partners, and the rest of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council act upon the task of maintaining the world’s peace and security they are entrusted to uphold in the face of these repeated Israeli war crimes!

Israel, the Zionist terrorist organization masquerading as a state, is a blasphemy and crime against the Jewish people as per the majority of the pious Jews:

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    Until those FAKE JEWS (Ashkenazi) are sent back to their REAL
    HOMES in Russia( “Beribidjan”, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast) and Guettos in Europe, they will always cause Murder and Destruction.


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