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Ivermectin ‘Wonder Drug’ and MSM: Scourge of Misinformation Must Stop

Nobel Laureate Satoshi Omura, PhD identified avermectins leading to development of Ivermectin

Ivermectin is making the rounds in the MSM again, in an unfortunate way, one that strengthens the scourge of misinformation, instead of aiding in its eradication. In this dark time of COVID fear and mistrust of governmental authorities, when desperate people have turned to veterinary products, and are viciously mocked, some media have outright lied that a physician is experimenting on incarcerates with horse dewormer products.

Ivermectin is an anti-filarial medication whose origin is in the identification of a new family of organic compounds, the avermectins, discovered by Satoshi Omura in the 1970s. Dr. Omura holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, and a PhD in chemistry. He shared in the Nobel Prize in 2015 for Physiology or Medicine with William Campbell and Tu Youyou, one of whom was a researcher at Merck Laboratories, to which he had sent a culture.

Ivemectin developer, Dr. Omura with his Nobel.
Photo credit: Alexander Mahmoud, Nobel Media AB 2015

Dr. Omura co-authored Ivermectin, ‘Wonder Drug’ from Japan: The Human Perspective, noting its safety and versatility and that it is “the essential mainstay of two global disease elimination campaigns that should soon rid the world of two of its most disfiguring and devastating diseases, Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic filariasis, which blight the lives of billions of the poor and disadvantaged throughout the tropics.”

Ivermectin, the Wonder Drug from Japan
Wonder drug ivermectin has been safely repurposed almost since its inception.

Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID 19, in the current issue of the American Journal of Therapeutics — also published in the NIH — reports: Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.

For those who only have time to skim through in-depth investigative reports, please be sure to scroll to the end. Three lobbying gangs, AMA, APhA, & ASHP — two of which are not permitted to practice medicine — have issued a joint condemnation of the use of ivermectin to treat C19. The trio all receive taxpayer funding, and share Merck among its pharmaceutical corporate sponsors. Merck was the first to denounce ivermectin, as its patent ran out in 1999, and it is busy developing an expense ivermectin-ish anti-viral for which it has already received massive US government funding.

Ivermectin is included in the WHO essential medicines list. Since its development, approximately four billion doses have been administered world wide, with safety and efficacy.

As reported in the hyperlinked biography of Dr. Satoshi Omura, he shared his Nobel with two Merck researchers. Merch held the patent on ivermectin until 1999, when it expired. Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, Merck has received billions from the US government — the taxpayer — to develop its investigational antiviral, molnupiravir. Molnupiravir may be a knock-off of the generic ivermectin, but with a huge price tag.

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Is it possible that no mainstream media source has considered that Merck might possibly have a financial interest in its ongoing statements that ivermectin — the anti-parasitical with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties — is useless for early treatment, prevention, and/or cure of COVID?

The World Health Organization, with a multi-billion dollar annual budget — much of which is accrued by the international taxpayer — has an obligation to humanity, to be transparent. Why would the WHO let the extremely solvent biopharmaceutical international Merck, speak for it?

Has no mainstream media not found it curious that Soumya Swaminathan, a WHO chief scientist, has literally pimped Merck’s statement? Does no one claiming to want to eradicate the scourge of misinformation not grasp that such a pimping not only besmirches the integrity of the WHO, but also feeds into the various conspiracies that all are condemning?

Could not a single major medium have called out this shell game?

In June, there was scant reporting when the Mumbai-based Indian Bar Association served legal notice on Dr. Swaminathan for running a disinformation campaign against ivermectin. The IBA notice was served 25 May 2021, “for her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfil her agenda.

The Food and Drug administration receives its power from US law. Its responsibility is to protect and promote the public health of US Americans. Fifty-fiver percent of its budget comes from the taxpayer. Forty-five percent comes from fees levied on manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment related to licensure. The FDA is beholden to the taxpayer, and the health of the taxpayer, though at times it may — erroneously, of course — appear as though its allegiance lies with the 45%.

As every MSM and self-described independent media — along the wrong path to ending the scourge of misinformation – has referred to the FDA’s opposition to using ivermectin “to treat or prevent COVID-19,” it is Syria News journalistic responsibility to note the origin and veracity of the aversion.

On 5 March 2021, the FDA did, indeed, issue a statement entitled, Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.

Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin—originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil—has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals. It was quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found. This paper looks in depth at the events surrounding ivermectin’s passage from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans, a development which has led many to describe it as a “wonder” drug.Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: The Human Use Perspective.

Alas, though wordy, the announcement did not explain. Instead, it made generic and hypothetical remarks about “self-medicating” (illegal with any drug that requires a prescription), that “taking a drug for an unapproved use can be very dangerous,” and reminding all that veterinary medicines should not be taken by human beings.

I have one word for people who carry on about ivermectin and horses: KETAMINE.

It gave no justification as to why it “[h]as not reviewed the data to support the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 patients to treat or to prevent COVID-19.”

On 21 August, the FDA re-issued the March statement prefaced by a somewhat derogatory tweet (though to whom, exactly, the insult was flung, we shall not speculate).

As part of her ethical responsibility to help end this ongoing scourge of misinformation, the author requested clarification from the FDA, which has repeatedly stated that the regulatory agency has not authorized use of ivermectin for C-19.

In the agency’s repetitive statement that it has not authorized ivermectin for COVID, it consistently omits the fact that all medications that it has fully authorized may be repurposed, given off-label, by licensed practitioners unless specifically prohibited. If the agency has changed this regulation, it has a legal and ethical responsibility to make this known.

The insulting tweet by the FDA appears to have resulted in an indictment of the agency, thoroughly distrusted if the reports of animal dewormers selling out five days later, are valid.

The FDA should be attempting to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the American public; instead, its account continues to ignore the urgent question, even when tagged with the proposed 2022 budget.

Was the FDA’s tweet motivated by Rachel Maddow’s 20 August rage over the ethical right of people to refuse injections of the experimental use authorizations, and her inability to empathize with human beings so demoralized by 18 months of wanton incompetence by our well-paid experts, that they are desperate enough to have more faith in unknown veterinary products than to trust government recommendations? Has Maddow ever said an objective word about ivermectin?

Despite the ongoing success of the incubator lies of Nayirah, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the UN, whose lies were funded by our taxes, it is not always feasible to re-run crazy sob stories, and have them believed.

As it is unlikely that another Munchausen by Proxy type devoted wife could appear on the scene with a fish tank cleaner sharing a few molecules with ivermectin, another malicious attack was required.

Granted, the attempt to demean ivermectin as ‘horse dewormer’ is nowhere near as bathetic as a death from smoothie made of aquarium cleaner, “dewormer” is still rather impressive.

Between 25-26 August, a plethora of stenographer-miscreants ran a ‘news’ marathon to make Goebbels blush with envy. All were stricken with a bizarre form of homonymous hemianopia that anatomically prevented them from seeing the part of the 5 March FDA statement that reads “Ivermectin in preparations for animals are very different from those approved for humans,” thereby excusing them all from the same illicit claim that horse dewormer ivermectin had been given to inmates in Arkansas prisons.

The Daily Beast (nicknamed “666” by a wit, back in 2014, when it ran an extensive hit piece on a young, immigrant, Muslim woman) went full Goebbels, shamelessly screaming Tuskegee!, flinging misinformation about ivermectin, interviewing non-physician Eva Madison, a justice of the peace, and citing the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette which is part of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that has ignored Syria News requests to investigate an Arkansas charity without charity status that appears to be involved in some foul, Epstein-like activities with little Syrian girls in al Qaeda haven, Idlib.

Daily Beast did not explain why it thought use of “Tuskegee!” would wreak emotional havoc. After all, the official story on Tuskegee — that began before the Nazis came to power in Germany, and ended with the heroic whistle blower a mere forty years later — merely did not treat “the Negro male;” who had syphilis, merely watched (akin to merely watching untreated people die on ventilators?).

Perhaps Daily Beast, Raw Story, CNN et al. might consider an interview with Dr. Christina Parks, who holds a doctorate in cellular and molecular biology, who recently testified at the Michigan house?

In her short statement, Dr. Parks explained that the media are oversimplifying their reports on contagion and transmission of the EUA’s, that all previous studies on these trials are now “gone,” replaced by Delta; vaccines are made for specific variants, and become useless against mutations. “We can’t mandate something that does not prevent transmission;” mandating for something that will worsen symptoms is not science.

Dr. Parks told the politicians in attendance that health agencies such as the CDC are “misleading” the public, and that the CDC is currently blaming “anti-vaxxers for the limitations of this vaccine design.

She also reminded her audience that the CDC betrayed and abused the African-American population with its Tuskegee ‘studies,’ reinforcing the various reports that 70% of African-Americans will not take the experimentals because they don’t trust their government, which has a forty-year history of abusing them.

Dr. Parks also noted that PhD’s are among the “most vaccine hesitant group,” followed by those with high school degrees or less, who don’t trust their government.

She closed with a simple question: “As an African-American and a PhD, I want to ask each one of you, are we going to exclude 70% of African-Americans from the workforce and from education?”

Dr. Parks’ impassioned plea to whatever fragments of sanity may be left among the politicians she addressed — which was completely ignored by national media — preceded the mad pile-on against the Arkansas physician whose Orwellian crime was to successfully treat his COVID patients with ivermectin, the wonder drug that has been safely used by four billion human beings, by mere days.

Within the context of her statement, it might appear that the frenzied attacks are part of playing that racist card, the one in which the self-anointed saviors sweep in to rescue those who do not need rescuing.

The newly maligned Dr. Karas did not sit around and watch his patients turn blue and die; he treated them all, and watched them get healthy. He successfully treated all his patients with ivermectin, whose “passage [went] from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans,” a development which has led many to describe it as a ‘wonder’ drug” — and which continues to be repurposed for human use.

Raw Story tied with the Beast on the Goebbels Big Lie, writing that the jail was “caught experimenting on prisoners” and tweeting that it was “disgusting and unacceptable.”

Perhaps the reprobates believe themselves protected from defamation and other libel suits by playing the shell game of citing each other?

The scandalously wicked reports seemed to come from writer-exceptionalists who apparently believe they can get away with providing evidence of lying and come out smelling like the proverbial rose.

The photograph many shared, of the legally prescribed, legally filled ivermectin, is legal proof that no horse dewormer was used in degenerate experimentation on the prison population.

Arkansas is one of the poorest countries in the US. It has the largest incarceration rate in the US. Though black persons are only 16% of the population, they make up 37% of those incarcerated. Since 1970 the total incarcerated population has increased by 638%. Pre-trial detainees comprise 63% of the incarcerated population (those interesting in a generic look at US Please and Charge Bargaining, which barely touches on discrepancies involving skin coloration, and nothing on financial status, might be interested in this short piece from the DoJ).

Given the ethnic composition of Arkansas incarcerates, and given the successful treatment used by Dr. Karas, a curious mind might wonder if the media feigning such feverish outrage could be misplacing their antipathy.

Rob Karas, MD is the Arkansas physician who has successfully treated his private practice patients with ivermectin and other Frontline Covid Critical Care (FLCCC) protocol meds since October 2020, and his patients at the Washington County Detention Center with the same treatments and success since November 2020.

On 25 August, soon after the self-appointed non-physician shomerim launched their defamation campaign, Dr. Karas gave an interview to local news Channel 5.

He explained he began treatment with ivermectin after studying over 30 randomized controlled trials, showing success, that the Nobel-winning drug approved by the FDA more than 40 years ago, and used by 4 billion persons. He noted that he treats all of his patients equally, and continues to support early, safe, effective treatment rather than to tell patients to go home and ride it out till your lips turn blue — advice reported by MSM using more pleasant language, since the launching of those infamous fifteen days to flatten the curve, to protect healthcare systems from collapsing under the weight of the stampede of near-death C-19 patients (15 weeks entering 19 months).

Though Dr. Karas’ interview has not quite reached the ‘gone viral’ numbers, the impressive viewership and shares on his You Tube channel show an honest hunger for honesty in treatment from noble physicians who hold their Hippocratic oath close to their hearts and souls.

CNN appears thrilled to announce that Dr. Karas is now under investigation by the Arkansas Medical Board for practicing medicine with a license.

Arkansas State Medical Board is to protect the public, not to attack physicians who save lives with ivermectin.
AR Medical Board mission is “to protect the public” and to “advocate” for the public. Nowhere does its mission call for a witch-hunt against physicians who adhere to their scope of practice, including prescribing the wonder drug ivermectin for their patients.

In the CNN reporter’s introduction to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD — who voiced support for more censorship on social media — she lied that the wonder drug ivermectin is simply a medicine for horses and cows. Justice of the peace Madison appears to be reveling in her new onset celebrity status, utterly outraged by the good doctor taking care of his patients. The ACLU has taken time from its toilet sniffing to fundraise by announcing that nobody “should be subject to medical experimentation” — is that not the opening of the Nuremberg Code (the document that keeps getting censored by social media of which the Surgeon General demands more?

From whom did these petty media tyrants get the idea to fling the vicious Goebbels’ phony racist card at a physician who is saving lives, including the lives of the incarcerated, of whom 63% are African-American, in a state whose black population is a mere 16%? Have we not seen a similarly insidious savior affront to the African continent, and to other artificially impoverished regions of the world?

How can these sources have been shameless enough to dare to try to incite wrongful racial sentiments against a physician who is saving the lives of his incarcerated patients?

Two publications should suffice as evidence that health care in the US prison system is an abomination. In 2009, The American Journal of Public Health published The Health and Healthcare of US Prisoners: Results of a Nationwide Survey. In 2017, The Philadelphia Tribune published a report, Examining Health Care in US Prisons.

As these sources audaciously lied about the care provided by the Arkansas physician, in an unblushing attempt to incur misplaced wrath, we must take a look at some of the actual racism that the gaggle of self-appointed saviors has collectively missed — while hopefully putting an end to some unfortunate and erroneous conspiracy claims.

In early May 2020, the WHO appeared to decide to put an end to the uppity behavior of two African leaders. Though the NATO stenographer miscreants had done some good propaganda work in making Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina appear the buffoon over the marketing of an artemisia based plant infusion as a COVID-19 preventative or cure, the Tanzanian president John Magufuli — who held a PhD in chemistry — daring to attempt to uplift his people instead of demoralizing them, was too much to tolerate, especially after his press conference condemning corruption in the COVID testing lab, which came up with positives in samples from birds, goats, produce, and engine oil.

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Ignoring the irrefutable fact that all medicines originally were rooted in plant life, on 4 March, WHO Africa published a paper permitting African countries to engage in some herbal remedies as supplementary, but politely dictated that none could be considered useful in the treatment of C19 without proper clinical trials, according to WHO standards (though of course not the standards which allowed WHO to spike tetanus toxoid vaccines with human chorionic gonadotropin — hCG — which resulted in the Nazi-like sterilization of dozens of Kenyan women). WHO pulled no punches in its subtly insidious racism in its claim that the use of local remedies without the WHO seal of approval could put Africans in danger, give them a false sense of security (optimism), and — taking a filthy page from non-physician Flexner’s claim that Negro physicians were needed to teach black folk how to have acceptable personal hygiene — could distract Africans from “hand washing” (please note that between Madagascar’s promotion of the bottled ‘infusion’ therapy and the foiled attempt to assassinate Rajoelina, he joined the roll-in of COVAX — despite his country having one of the lowest deaths per million, 33 as of 31 August, in the world).

It is worth noting, that while media sources did not acknowledge WHO’s racism, the Ohio state senator who made a similarly disgusting remark, was forced to resign from office.

Ever since ancient times, in search for rescue for their disease, the people looked for drugs in nature. The beginnings of the medicinal plants’ use were instinctive, as is the case with animals. In view of the fact that at the time there was not sufficient information either concerning the reasons for the illnesses or concerning which plant and how it could be utilized as a cure, everything was based on experience. In time, the reasons for the usage of specific medicinal plants for treatment of certain diseases were being discovered; thus, the medicinal plants’ usage gradually abandoned the empiric framework and became founded on explicatory facts. Until the advent of iatrochemistry in 16th century, plants had been the source of treatment and prophylaxis. Nonetheless, the decreasing efficacy of synthetic drugs and the increasing contraindications of their usage make the usage of natural drugs topical again. Pharmacognosy Review, via NIH.

Burundi ejected the WHO for “unacceptable interference.” Quite by coincidence, its President Pierrre Nkurunziza, appearing a healthy-looking 55, died of a heart attack, as did the previously healthy-looking 62 year old Tanzanian President John Magufuli. Various neutral news obituaries shared the rumors of COVID as causes of death, and described them both as denialists.

Though not Africa, Haiti shares many tropical and neglected tropical diseases with several African countries, which have sold ivermectin without need of prescription for decades. Haiti refused WHO’s offer in April. In June the US was trying to figure out how to get Haiti to accept, in July President Jovenal Moise was assassinated by Colombian mercenaries (US wetworkers), and one week later, the US was bragging about its shipment of 500k doses.

The WHO Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (GPELF) has utilized ivermectin in association with albendazole in several Asian countries 20 . In 2019, 1.2 million people in Haiti and Dominican Republic received ivermectin as part lymphatic filariasis preventive strategy. However, in an effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 mass treatment campaigns were suspended, after an interim WHO guidance on April 1, 2020 21 . It should be interesting to observe the evolution of infections and mortality in these countries.COVID-19: The Ivermectin African Enigma [English/Spanish],

Bill Gates is the college dropout who made billions via co-ownership in Microsoft. Though some have suggested his concern for black Africans is akin to a degenerate fixation on the fecundity of these helpless people, similar to Mengele’s obsession with Jews — albeit without the PhD and medical degree — most experts™, journalists™, politicians™, diplomats™, and mainstream comedians™ revere him as a great philanthropist, entitled to practice medicine without licensure, on black- and brown-skinned babies in Africa and in India.

Gates is the second largest funder of WHO, after the country of the USA. In 1999, he founded “Gavi, the vaccine alliance.” The UN™ and WHO™ were so pleased with this initiative, they decided to expand it as COVAX, the public-private-partnership (most facile way to understand any PPP is that the public taxpayer picks up the tab, and the privateers reap the profits).

Not surprisingly, on 22 April 2021, Gavi issued a judgement against the patent-less, inexpensively made, anti-parasitic with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, the wonder drug, ivermectin, which included a complaint that it has “widespread support online.”

How could Gavi™ possibly say otherwise, when Gates had already declared, in December 2019 the “best buys in global health: vaccines”?

Worldometer is a data aggregation site, which has come to prominence for country-by-country and state-by-state COVID-19 statistics. In May 2020, CNN attempted an investigative piece about it, involving just about everything but the kitchen sink: Russian immigrant, Shanghai, Reddit, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, the Spanish Prime Minister, John Hopkins University, and some Italian dude living in a leafy neighborhood in Bologna, Italy.

This Syria News investigative journalist has followed the site for more than one year, and has noted the consistency with which its stats are congruent with publications of official government Health Ministry™ websites.

Can literate humanity not notice that which the media, experts, politicians mad with the power of Executive Order, and various contemptuously corrupt health professionals all seem to have missed — that the [NATO] countries, the most fanatical disciples of Gavi and COVAX, the inerudite and unlettered, who have offered their citizens nothing but negligent incompetence since the beginning of this nightmare pandemic, the same collective mob with rusty pitchforks against ivermectin, purely by coincidence remain world leaders in total cases of C19, and continue to be in the highest numbers of deaths per million.

Were the hyper-corrupt media peons not unabashedly aroused by the possibility of destroying a physician’s work, for the uncrime of saving his patients’ lives with that wonder drug, they might actually learn a thing or two from the Worldometer statistics.

Of spectacular importance is that deaths per million column, which should inspire a specific wonder: Is there a commonality among the countries which have relatively small numbers of deaths from C19, and if so, what is it?

The countries of the world which have relatively been immune to the COVID virus tend to be in regions of Africa, Asia, and Oceania that suffer tropical diseases, and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), and which frequently sell drugs such hydroxy/chloroquine and ivermectin over the counter and/or in bush cafes or clinics.

NTD’s are grizzly and deforming. It is highly unlikely that western stenographers currently lying about horse dewormers would recognize them.

Though many of these countries have health ministries to regulate, some are too large, have too many villages and bush cafes to uniformly regulate.


There is nothing enigmatic, here; much outright corruption™ and arrogant complicity™ among the media stenographers™ who have signed up with the Trusted News Initiative™ to either propagandize for, or demonize against, in furthering the successes of Operation Mockingbird.

Countries which have ready access to anti-parasiticals which are also anti-virals and anti-inflammatories, medicines that protect G6PD and which slightly tilt acid-base homeostasis toward inhospitality against invading pathogens, because of endemic NTDs and tropical diseases have the same mechanism of action against C19.

Peru is an impoverished country with a high rate of infectious diseases, including NTDs, TDs, waterborne bacterial diseases, some of which should have suggested the use ivermectin, pre-C19. Its current deaths per million is obscenely high, 5.912.

Not only was ivermectin not an OTC in Peru, it was given an authorized used in May 2020, specifically for COVID. Deaths dropped ten to fourteen fold, causing the Peruvian experts™ to rescind the authorization, resulting in subsequent thirteen fold increase in C19 related deaths. The pre-print study has not been reported in the same media that has lied that a licensed physician has given his incarcerated patients horse dewormer. It remains in pre-print form, published in Open Science Framework (OSF), a tool cheered in an NIH publication..

Basically, Peruvians were allowed to die, as the restriction against ivermectin was no removed, upon realization that deaths were massively increasing post restriction. Though adherents to the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code might consider these deaths crimes against humanity, they may be fuss-budgets seeking out perfection in the real world; let us not forget that the State Department™ and COVAX™ have shipped in almost four million doses of experimentals, in addition more than five hundred ventilators and ultra refrigerators.

In late March 2021, several English-language sites ran a similar short claiming El Khabar tabloid reported that the Algerian Health Minister had “warned” against the use of ivermectin, complained of its sale on the black market, and ejaculated some small pharmacological lies. Algeria’s moderate 118 deaths/million suggests the ”black market” may be something else. Nonetheless, the US — with its almost two thousand deaths per million — has shipped over one-half million Gavi™ shots.

Here is the Worldometer site, which is updated daily. Feel free to request an explanation from the media sources which seem to be aligned with Mengele — for their impossible-to-be-that-genuinely-stupid and dangerously defamatory ‘news’ against physicians who keep their patients off those vents.

Syrian News reminds our readers that current attacks on dedicated physicians began early spring 2020, when the corrupt big guns — and derivative smaller ones, were locked and loaded. The first site was focused on Didier Raoult, MD, PhD, world’s expert in infectious diseases.

The locked and loaded big guns came via the once honorable Science, the journal of the organization with the small name change, the American Association for the Advancement of Science™. At the time, all Science ‘reporting’ on C19 was funded via a grant from the Pulitzer Center, whose list of prominent sponsors includes ‘former’ banksters, ‘charities’ supporting the UN Foundation (GAVI), UN Peacebuilding Commission. Among the impressive list are Carnegie and Rockefeller, the two that funded the uber racist and slightly misogynist Flexner Report of 1910, a study authored by another non-physician.

On 15 January 2019, France inexplicably declared the over-the-counter hydroxy/chloroquine a poisonous substance — weeks before the first official C-19 case reported, and law enforcement ran around the country confiscating every pill, after which the armed guard protecting the warehouse with the contraband, after which Hypnos put them all into a profound sleep, after which the found the warehouse emptied upon awakening.

Soon after, the smear campaign was launched against Professor Raoult.

Next came Vladimir Zelenko, MD, the Hasidic physician from a small town outside NYC, who appears to be the first to utilize telemed to successfully treat C19 patients. Dr. Zelenko added zinc to Professor Raoult’s successful Hcq/azithromyicin (the antibiotic also with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties), which was subsequently included in Raoult’s medications. Zelenko came under attack from those four corners of the earth, prior to being massively censored .

Death cultists who attacked HcQ now on the war path against ivermectin.
Vladimir Zelenko, MD, censored for heretical, successful treatment for C-19, after coming under attack from a cross-section of media defamation.

Most of the attacks on Dr. Robin Armstrong were limited to the state of Texas, though the always charming NPR ran a hit piece on him, likely disappointed it was not picked up by various national media. Dr. Armstrong is medical director of The Resort nursing home, and his crime was successfully treating his COVID positive residents and staff with hydroxychloroquine.

The media that ran hit pieces on him somehow never got around to running hit pieces on medical directors of nursing homes which allowed COVIDs to be dumped in to these high risk populations, killing thousands across the county. Recently, the DoJ announced it would not investigate NY (9,000 infectious persons dumped, per AP) or PA (“thousands died” according to the Bucks Country Courier Times) for such dumping of infectious patients literally into old people’s homes. No mention was made of NJ and MI, also notorious for COVID dumping).

Robin Armstrong, M.D.

A few days after the condescending FDA tweet to not take the Tide pod challenge, not drink battery acid — oops, not eat horse dewormer — an attempt was made to find several NIH studies in support of ivermectin.

Fifteen million results appeared, with recent reports on dewormer advisory warnings, attacks on physicians preferring to treat successfully treat people before the need for hospitalization (where treatment, if one is to pay attention to the deluge of horror stories in the news™ is limited to no treatment, merely intubation and press conferences), followed by dozens of pages of reports written by death cultists outraged by people given life-saving treatments.

The author was able to forage out the following handful of scholarly/academic reports on the wonder drug, ivermectin:

That all MSM and phony independent media continue to read from the same tired script would seem anomalous, except the gang of stenographer miscreants have agreed joined the Orwellianly named Trusted News Initiative, as noted in a tweet by Pierre Kory, MD, an ICU physician specializing in pulmonology, also under relatively recent attack by the conspirators of the media who work by Gobbels’ standards.

Dr. Kory’s work has been published 50 times in the NIH — overseen by Dr. Fauci — including a reprint of report in America Journal of Therapeutics, for which he was lead author, called Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19.

In a tweet thread 27 August, he takes the FDA to task for its uncouth horse jokes while human beings are dying, reminds the regulatory officials that physicians do not need their approval for prescribing meds off-label, and again sings the praises of wonder drug ivermectin:

A treasure trove of 113 studies on ivermectin, 73 of which have been peer-reviewed, has been provided to the author.

A treasure trove of ivermectin studies has been found.

The Nazi Goebbels’ rancid con of projecting criminality onto the noble has again been demonstrated by the trio of conspirators who jointly condemned the use of the wonder drug, anti-parasitical, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory ivermectin to prevent people from dying of COVID-19 (now 21?). Why would any lobby funded by the likes of Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson et al. even want the possibility of a cheap, generic, safe, medication used when there are billions in profits to be made by its benefactors?

The American Medical Association has been in the pocket of the pharmaceuticals since they were nascent apothecaries, in the late 1890s. This gang fully supported the Rockefeller and Carnegie non-a-physician, racist Flexner Report of 1910.

The AMA actually has a Corporate Roundtable, but apparently the taxpayers who also help fund it, are not permitted to know its membership (AMA is 501(c)(3) and (6), which means some — but not all — contributions are tax deductible.

Its cohorts in the attack against ivermectin are two pharmacy lobbies. One is a pharmacy lobby for the giant corporations that crushed the family druggist (some of which charge more for their products in black neighborhoods than in white ones). The other is a lobby that works in hospitals and clinics. Both are fully tax-deductible, and proud of the pharmaceutical giants’ corporate sponsorship.

Just for the record, nowhere in the United States is any pharmacist permitted to practice medicine without a medical license; who gave them permission to dare open their mouths about how physician can practice medicine? The corrupt politicians who are also supposed to be beholden to the taxpayer? The corrupt media™ now functioning as pharmaceutical reps?

By the way, some media sources seriously need to shower away those personal drippings.

Microsoft NBC’s Maddow has shown herself for worthy of her upcoming $35 million salary.

Dear Readers, gaze again, upon the pleasant face of Professor Satoshi Omura, who isolated Steretomyces bacteria from Japanese soil, and discovered the avermectin family of compounds, from which the wonder drug ivermectin was developed. He is a happy man, because his discovery helped millions of people in impoverished regions of the world escape devastating blindness and deformities.

Consider this precious face, when you study the ‘enigma’ of the lack of COVID fatalities in African countries that use ivermectin for tropical and neglected tropical diseases.

Think of the reason behind his eternal joy, when you read the defamatory stories about noble physicians, walking his path, using his discovery off label, to heal their patients.

Nobel Laureate Satoshi Omura, PhD identified avermectins leading to development of Ivermectin

No matter how large the contingent of Nazi misanthropes grows, the scourge of misinformation against the wonder drug, ivermectin, must be crushed.

Miri Wood

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April 2013, The Who vs. the Tea Doctor

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  1. Miri Wood

    The hospital issued a disclaimer that the pos lying physician who lied that gunshot wound patients were being turned away from ER’s because of all the horse deworming OD’s that the liar does not work at the ER., that NOBODY HAS BEEN TREATED FOR DEWORMER OD’s, and that nobody has been turned away.

    Rolling Stone & The Hill both ran this bs insult to every person who has ever worked trauma.

  2. M. Ini

    Ivermectin for veterinary used is not apt for use in humans, but by using the one which is apt for humans many have had excellent results againts the symptoms we call Covid-19 (I do have direct 100% reliable witnesses so nobody can have me believe it’s misinformation). Merck killed plenty of people with Vioxx, they knew it would give heart failure to many. Later they came out with Gardasil, which has already provoked a wave of cancer in Australian teenager girls. Merck, Elfi, Pfizer, Glaxo are all convicted felons, the CDC is the embodyment of the “conflict of interests” concept, explains Robert Kennedy jr:
    Other cheap, safe cures of well documented effectiveness: Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin and Zinc, Chlorine Dioxide, Cinanserin. Besides, N-Acetyl Cysteine is being used to mitigate part of the effects of the oxyde grafene which analysis have found at 99.5% concentration in these “vaccines” allegedly against Covid-19 and ALSO in the vaccines used against flu at the end of 2019, JUST BEFORE the 1st Covid-19 wave began. Grafene oxyde causes: loss of smell, bilateral pneumonia, pulmonary and cardiac hypertension, clots, micro-clots in tissues that do not regenerate (permanent damage, search Dr. Hoffe 62%), i.e. heart tissues and presumably the spinal cord and brain. If this doesn’t ring a bell…

  3. M. Ini

    Let me add: these Covid-19 “vaccines”, more properly EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENTS NOT APPROVED FOR USE IN HUMANS (except in an emergency condition which has been artificially declared by discarding other existing cures not covered by patents at present), these “vaccines” seem to be working very well in obtaining the opposite effect, more persons “infected”, more dying. Official data of the Argentinian Ministerio de Salud: 9 out of 10 Covid-19 death in Argentina in the first half of 2021 (data till June 25): “vaccinated” persons. 95% of hospitalized persons in Israel: “vaccinated” persons, including the ones in worst conditions. 70% of “infected” persons in the UK: “vaccinated” persons. Vietnam was doing fine until they started vaccinating. OH BTW, how did persons start to get ill by Covid-19 BEFORE the “vaccines”: grafene oxyde in flu vaccines, foods, aerosols… CHECK ALL FOODS WITH A POWERFUL MAGNET, if you see any particles moving as you move your magnet, discard. Do you remember the dark porous disks found in Syria at the beginning of the first wave of Covid-19? Well this is the NWO psychos at work, the same demented people behind the nightmare the Syrian people has been living in these years (hang on, we are all Syria at present).

  4. Miri Wood

    “Dr. Pierre Kory, of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, commented, ‘Andrew is apparently making a living now accusing the doctors and scientists who support ivermectin of medical fraud’.”

    Andrew is virologist Andrew Hill, MD, who reversed his position on the benefits of the wonder drug, ivermectin, for what may have been a financial ‘conflict’:

    • Miri

      2/ Dr Hotez is an expert in NTDs, & also was lead author in a paper on Ghana, economic development & use of ivermectin in successful reduction of these disfiguring diseases.

      Surely he knows that countries successfully battling NTDs via the use of anti-filarial ivermectin, have all had very low Covid mortality rates; as of 15 December 2022, Ghana has had 1,461 Covid deaths (compare those numbers to any European country that’s been massively “vaccinated,” to the US death data).

  5. Miri

    8 July 2023: Peru has declared a 90 day state of emergency over an unusual increase in the very rare neurological disorder, Guillaine-Barre Syndrome.

    Please scroll halfway up for the refresher course in the genocidal actions launched against the Peruvian people when ivermectin was pulled because of the massive decrease in C19 & deaths (which subsequently skyrocketed.


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