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NYC Mayor De Blasio Declares UN Territory His Fiefdom, Lies about UNGA

de Blasio has declared UN international territory under his jurisdiction

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, has managed to declare UN international territory as part of his vaccine fiefdom, in apparent connivance with the President of the United Nations General Assembly, and — of course — with the fifth columnist hyena media that barks over misinformation while consistently disseminating it on their audiences, as if spraying farmlands with pesticides.

Like countless western politicians around the world, Mayor de Blasio appears to have gone mad with power shortly after the beginning of the COVID pandemic crisis. In February 2020, he told NY’ers there was no coronavirus in their city, and, in an effort to reassure, he engaged in some photo ops with the Flushing Chinese Business Association. Five weeks later, he proved how wrong he was, when he declared a state of emergency, suggesting the crisis could last for six months. On this date, there were 95 confirmed C19 cases. The horror that had hit Wuhan and Lombardy had not yet hit NYC (timeline, here.), but de Blasio was prepared to declare which human beings were essential, and which were not; to shutter small businesses, to close down schools, and to hold daily pressers which brought him to national celebrity.

Syria News reminds our readers that from the time of de Blasio’s state of emergency, he has been notorious in his various dicta and double standards.

After releasing upwards of one-thousand prisoners from incarceration, on the lone occasion a reporter asked about one of the criminals going on a rape spree, he sadistically whined about recidivism, as though having no responsibility. He resurrected and updated Bloomberg’s ‘mistaken’ racist Stop and Frisk, fining and arresting mostly black NY’ers for breaking anti-social distancing, and breaching being incarcerated in their homes, even while supporting the defund the police operation. Prior to Memorial Day weekend 2020, he threatened to use the police he threatened to defund, as gestapo, to pluck from sea, any human being who dared to enjoy any of the three day weekend on any of NYC’s beaches.

De Blasio also has flaunted his hypocrisy and bully-like double standards. Despite his Gracie Mansion being in an 843 acre waterfront park, and despite arresting ordinary citizens caught more than ten miles from their homes, the mayor perceived himself as entitled to get into his chauffeured vehicle, with family and security, to enjoy parks outside his dictated 10 mile limit zone.

In August 2021, when NY Governor Kathy Hochul — who replaced Gov. Andrew Cuomo, forced to resign in disgrace, not for dumping thousands of COVID positive patients into nursing homes, where the vulnerable geriatric population was infected, but for perving on various women — declared her criminal “vaccine mandate,” de Blasio showed his appreciation to those essential workers who struggled to save lives when the death toll in the city was topping one thousand a day, by spitting on their right to autonomy and informed consent.

Reportedly, the chaos of lawsuits and counter lawsuits over the mandate will be resolved on 22 September.

Now that de Blasio’s moral character has been properly established, we can move to his attempt to expand his vaccine fiefdom into UN International Territory, in a malignant shell game involving members of the United Nations aligned with GAVI/COVAX/WHO (which is virtually all of them), MSM supporters of the Military Industrial Complex that now also pimp for the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, and various entry-level journalists whose goals seem to be joining NATO think tanks, a few years down the road.

The current shell game of trying to ascertain who said what, was launched on 15 September, when de Blasio’s office issued a statement lying that the UN General Assembly President Abdulla Shahid had announced “those entering the UN General Assembly hall during next week’s High-level convening” must show their papers proving they have been shot with non-physician de Blasio approved experimentals. [1]

De Blasio had actually begun the UN vaccinator campaign with a ridiculous letter to the GA president, on 9 September. In it, he actually lied that to Shahid he has control over the UN.

de blasio has no control over un

The UN is international territory, untouchable by any part of the US government: No federal, state or local officer or official of the United States, whether administrative, judicial, military or police, may enter UN Headquarters, except with the consent of and under conditions agreed to by the Secretary-General of the Organization.”

Is UNPOL prepared for de Blasio’s invasion?

Reality is apparently of no matter to the NYC mayor, nor to any stenographer journalist who went into a bit of a frenzy reporting on lies from the mayor’s office.

Reality check for de Blasio, NATO operatives in the UN, and MSM.
Reality check for de Blasio, NATO operatives in the UN, and MSM.

What Shahid may have written back to de Blasio has not been made public. As a representative of the United Nations, he had the responsibility to diplomatically tell the mayor to kiss off, that his fiefdom does not extend the international territory of the UN; instead, he breached his moral and ethical duty in allowing de Blasio to perpetuate the lie.

Nein, eine Grenze hat Tyrannenmacht

Instead, he shamelessly wrote a letter to the Permanent Representatives and Observers, normalizing the declared intention to basically invade the UN territory, to check papers, to inject diplomats and heads of state, and to engage in C19 testing. He audaciously told them that he strongly supported the invasion.

de Blasio lied about Sahid, who showed his collaboration by not correcting lie.

That de Blasio’s public lie came the following day, suggests that Shahid faxed a copy of the letter. Shahid did not correct the lie. His Excellency Vassily Nebenzia immediately dispatched a diplomatic letter expression his surprise and disappointment, over Shahid’s support of de Blasio’s plan for invasion of the UN. In a trifecta of lies, an official reporter for a near Langley based medium to the UN lied that the mayor’s office was happy that Shahid was planning forced shots via the mayor’s office. AP lied, and propagandized against Russia. NPR lied, and propagandized against Russia. Notorious NATO colonialist and GAVI/COVAX supporter and liar on chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun, SG Guterres whined about his impotence about not being able to let de Blasio invade the UN, and an official reporter from a Japanese medium to the UN whined about Guiterres’s whining.

Alas, perhaps if the UN’s anonymous “competent health authorities” that overrode the WHO and CDC experts in quarantine time frame for COVID positives, and for those who merely came into contact with a positive (14 days), had shared their miraculous safety measures in 2020, poor mayor de Blasio might not be plotting to invade the international territory of the United Nations.

Back in August of that year, three — or four, depending on who spoke — members of the 45 person team of the small body of the Constitutional Committee seroconverted, between being tested before leaving, and arrival in Geneva, forcing the meeting to be put on hold, while more testing was done, and the Swiss government engaged in contact tracing.

A mere three days later, Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, and also the UN’s press liaison, announced that everyone was safe, and that the Committee had returned to safe, non-contagious, physical meeting discussions.

Though consistently articulate, on the 27th of August he had immense difficulty reading from his own text on the miraculous and unprecedented safety of COVID positive delegates to not be contagious to others.

…following additional testing and further medical expert advice uhm, and regarding four excuse me, following additional testing and further medical advice uhm, regarding four earlier uh positive tests for COVID 19, the Office of the Special Envoy for Syria has been officially informed by the competent health authorities that the nature of those cases is such that the third session of the Constitutional Committee of the Small body can resume its meetings with full social distancing and related precautions in place…

The same media currently in collusion with the lies of de Blasio, did not question the story of the miraculous safety of COVID positives at a meeting with upwards of fifty in attendance; perhaps the sharing of that miracle might also have saved lives.

Also on 16 September, Bloomberg Shorts posted a semi-coherent video of cobbled short sentences and sentence fragments. It includes a vague blurb from the UN press liaison, about vaguely ‘working with’ the host city of the international territory. It is titled, De Blasio Says Covid Vaccines Required at UN General Assembly.

In it, non-physician de Blasio, who also does not hold any degrees in epidemiology and virology, declared that diplomats and heads of state who have received COVID shots of which he does not approve, will be shot with the experimental of his choosing.

Miri Wood

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[1] The author does not call that which is not a vaccine, vaccine, no matter the Newspeak. A vaccine provides artificial immunity and prevents transmission. The author also considers the FDA misbranding, fast-tracking an experimental to vaccine status while still somehow letting it co-maintain EUA status, as evidence of its ugly corruption at the behest of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. To add insult to arrogance, de Blasio will offer the one-shot Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen, which does not (yet) have the unique “vaccine/EUA” co-status, so it remains a Phase III without even a legal loophole.

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