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Terrorist Attack Knocks Out the Electricity Supplies in Most of Syria

Electricity blackout in Syria after a terrorist attack on the gas pipeline

A terrorist attack against a main thermal power station in Syria caused a blackout in most regions of the country, the Syrian minister for electricity told the Syrian TV 1 station late yesterday evening.

The minister stated that the main gas pipeline feeding the Der Ali thermal power station was sabotaged by an act of terror which led to the decrease of gas pressure supplying the state and eventually turning off the entire thermal station.

More than 50% of Syria’s electricity is currently generated by the Der Ali thermal power station after the terrorists and their Turkish and US sponsors sabotaged most other electric power generating and converting stations and transformers, in addition to targeting the high voltage transmission lines during the past 10.5 years of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people.

The electricity returned gradually after emergency measures were taken to start the thermal power stations of Al Zara and Baniyas, in addition to starting the Jandar and Nasiryiah power stations. Der Ali station will remain off until the damage is repaired by the maintenance teams who were dispatched to the site of the sabotage instantly.

Yesterday’s attack mimics a similar terrorist attack of August last year against the same gas pipeline, the attacks are mostly coming from the Al-Tanf area where the US military maintains illegal presence protecting remnants of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists who in turn continue to hold hundreds of Syrian families hostages in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp for refugees in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert at the border junction with Iraq and Jordan.

This arises the need to end the uninvited foreign forces illegal presence in Syria which was highlighted by President Putin when receiving President Assad in Moscow last Monday, which in turn will allow the Syrian armed forces and its allies to eliminate the remnants of the terrorist groups in the northern and southern regions of the country currently protected by NATO forces namely the US and Turkish armies.

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