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Biden Stealing Syrian Gas Causes Severe Shortage in Electricity Supplies

Syria electricity power generating station - gas

Biden forces stealing the gas generated from the Syrian gas fields in northern Syria has caused a shortage in gas delivered to electricity power-generating stations in the country which, in turn, led to an increase in the number of rationing hours.

The electric power generating stations in Syria need a supply of 19 million cubic meters of gas a day to operate the stations at full capacity and provide electric power needed for the country, however, the Biden forces and their Kurdish separatist terrorists control the main gas and oil fields cause a shortage in the daily supplies to less than 8 million cubic meters, this only generates around 2000 megawatts of electricity for the whole country, an official at the Syrian Pubic Electricity Generating Establishment told the Syrian news agency SANA.

Ever since the former US pariah Trump beefed up Obama forces in Syria and deployed his troops in Syria’s main gas fields mainly in Deir Ezzor, the electric power generated saw a severe drop and the Syrian state had to resort to rationing the hours of electric supply to all 14 Syrian provinces.

Trump’s “I’m keeping Syrian oil because I like oil” statement exposes all NATO lies about fighting ISIS or exporting democracy

The US pariah Trump explicitly declared the purpose of keeping the US troops in Syria is ‘to steal the Syrian oil’, he repeated more than once: ‘We’re keeping the oil, I like oil’, which also extends to natural gas fields. Trump, thus, has exposed the lies spewed by NATO that they’re interfering in Syria to spread democracy and freedoms and to fight ISIS, which only existed and grew up under NATO’s careful and watchful eyes.

To help ease the shortages in electric power, the Syrian government has started building a number of solar power generating stations, it’s more costly, it takes time to reach its operation stage especially under the US and EU tight blockade imposed on the Syrian people, but it’s little necessary steps until all of Syria is liberated from Al Qaeda, US forces, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF terrorist groups.

Biden forces use the Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists to guard the US oil and gas thieves military bases inside and around the Syrian northern and northeastern provinces of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Hasakah, in return, Biden forces provide political and strategic military protection to the Kurdish SDF separatist groups that aim to Israelize a state for themselves from the Syrian territories, all are against the basic charter of the United Nations, the relative resolutions of the Security Council, and the basic principles of International Law.

The current junta of Joseph Biden, the former junta of Donald Trump, and the first junta of Joseph Biden under Obama, their NATO allies and NATO terrorists have systematically targeted the Syrian infrastructure throughout the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people dubbed the ‘Arab Spring’, this serves many goals for the ‘elites’ controlling the United States by destroying one more country standing in their way in building the kingdom of the Antichrist as per the belief of the US Angelical Mega Money Church, to control Syria’s riches of minerals especially the latest vast discoveries of natural gas deposits off the Syrian coast, to strangle Russia and Iran which both rely heavily on their exports of gas, and to cut off China from reaching the Mediterranean through Syria in west Asia.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    How much resources the USA and its satellite Europeans and Turks are dedicating to destroy Syria? Imagine if they put 10% of that for the welfare and healthcare of their own people wouldn’t it be better for their taxpayers? Imagine a US household without debt because their government invested in expanding their health coverage and lower their insurance payments! But no, killing Syrians and making them suffer more is a priority for those governments and their voters.


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