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Israel Bombs Southern Lebanon Gets Bombed by Hezb Allah, and Stunned

Israel bombs south Lebanon Hezb Allah bombs Israel back

Israel got bombed by Hezb Allah, get used to this news after decades of only Israel bombing its neighboring countries, the latest was today morning, Friday 6th of August 2021.

The Lebanese resistance spearheaded by Hezb Allah fired 19 missiles into open areas surrounding Israeli military sites in occupied northern Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan, this was a retaliation by the Hezb Allah for an Israeli unprovoked aerial bombing yesterday.

Hezb Allah issued a statement describing its military operation and the weapons it used:

“The groups of Martyr Ali Kamel Mohsin and Martyr Muhammad Qassim Tahhan bombed the vicinity of the occupation sites in Shebaa Farms, this bombing comes in response to the Israeli raids on open lands in Al-Jarmaq and Al-Shawakir, the bombing was carried out with dozens of 122mm rockets.”

The video is also on BitChute and YouTube

As usual, the Israeli IDF terrorists fled their positions and ran for their fortified shelters. Israel’s military controls its media and does not allow any information to be aired without its approval, the Israeli media issued unified reports concluding that Hezb Allah fired 19 missiles, the Israeli air defense managed to shoot down only 10 of them despite the missiles used by Hezb Allah are not advanced ones and they used a rather old grad firing vehicle.

The unprovoked Israeli bombing in the very early hours of yesterday, Thursday, targeted open areas in southern Lebanon as an attempt to break the rules of engagement, they claim this was in retaliation to four rockets that fell earlier on Wednesday which Israel itself said they retaliated immediately by their artillery.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the first four rockets Israel says it was fired from southern Lebanon, Israel could have simply complained to the UNIFIL, the United Nations observation forces in southern Lebanon, and call it a day, this is additional evidence, on top of the millions before, of the aggressive nature of Israel and its relentless work to destabilize the whole region.

Worth noting that there is still an open account in which Hezb Allah has to kill an Israeli IDF terrorist in retaliation to Israel killing one of the Hezb Allah soldiers in a bombing near Damascus last year.

In conclusion, Israel tried to change the rules of engagement against Lebanon, it failed, it tried to escalate its bombing against Syria, more than 90% of its missiles were shot down and Russia vowing to get involved in securing Syria’s skies in any future Israeli stupidity, Israel started a sea war against Iran, it got beaten back and very bad. The best solution for the Israelis is to go back to their home countries and live peacefully there instead of living in fear and trying to terrify the people of the Levant, destabilizing the whole world, and sucking out dry the taxpayers of the USA, Germany, and other countries who are working to expel their Jewish citizens and sending them to Palestine.

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  1. anthonyhall7094

    The days when “Useful Idiot” America could be goaded in to Middle East Invasions by Israeli False Flag Operations like 9/11 Twin Towers Demolition, are over. Biden is careful of American Treasure and Blood. Attacking Iran is Not a Win-Win prospect.

  2. Roy Booher

    History has shown that expulsion is not an effective cure for the plague. Only God, or whatever you want to call it can cure this pathogen.

  3. Muhammad Turkmani

    And in western media, they’ll claim they’re the victims and under attack, the non-surprising but strange thing is that the consumers of western media will believe them! Let’s see this time if they can fool those Sheeple as usual.


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