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Biden Forces Move 40 ISIS Terrorists from Kurdish Spa Centers to Rehab Base in Hasakah

US Army - Biden Forces move ISIS terrorists in northern Syria

Biden forces illegally deployed in Syria moved dozens of terrorists from ‘prisons’ run by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists to its military base in Hasakah, in the northeast of Syria.

Informed sources reported that the total of 40 ISIS terrorists held in the Vocational High School and the Self-Defense quarter run by the Kurdish terrorist group were moved to the terrorist US military base in the Ash Shaddadi city in the southern Hasakah countryside.

The sources added that the US created ISIS terrorists fake rehabilitated by the US created SDF terrorists include the head of an ISIS sniffing group (low-level spying) and an ‘expert’ in making suicide vests and other explosive devices.

This latest addition will augment the dozens of previously fake rehabilitated ISIS terrorists moved from ‘prisons’ run by the Kurdish SDF terrorists to military bases run by the criminal Biden forces in northern Syria, some to the At Tanf base in southeastern Syria before being released to the wild.

Each time a herd of these ISIS terrorists is moved across their rehabilitation centers by the terrorist SDF and American military illegals, the number of terrorist attacks against the civilians and Syrian military buses increases especially those moving between Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Homs, and Hama central provinces. The 4 x 4 Toyota SUVs shipped to Syria in large numbers by the US Army, used by the terrorists are suitable for the rough Syrian desert terrain.

Worth noting that ISIS terrorists who were operating in the southwest of Syria near the occupied Syrian Golan were pampered by the Israelis no thanks to the US taxpayers’ generosity.

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  1. Roy Booher

    That’s a strange looking motley crew of terrorists in those photos, looks like what the New York City police like to do; work one day a week, then sweep through an area and arrest every starving homeless person they can find and ship them out of town.
    The city said that they were shipping them upstate to work on farms for their food, but apparently not, instead shipping them to Syria to risk death for something to eat. Yup, they had my 98-year-old mother, here in the US killed over a parking ticket. Yeah, not much better here than their, a few weeks ago you had a picture of a child being eaten; they do that over here too, but they don’t talk about that here. Our public television station in Chicago is run by Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, and I’ve even met his daughter, a self proclaimed spy against her father, but I doubt that very much. Obviously, someone in this world is garbage, and everything that they say is a lie. Well, I’m right here, you know where I am, come kill me. You promised me that you would, well, come get me.

  2. Roy Booher

    A lot of feathers have been ruffled lately; the sheer audacity of the Dr. Strangeloves of the world who dare to believe that if there is no reflection in the mirror then they must truly be invisible. I was concerned about the editorial staff when there was no output today. Hopefully, a little star will hear your thoughts and pass it along to the proper channels.

    • Arabi Souri

      Sorry for not being able to contribute much, firstly, we only post useful news which are of interest to foreign readers, we don’t bother them with domestic less important news, then and most importantly, lately we have issues with our aging hardware, our dinosaur laptops are failing us more often and the sporadic donations we get from time to time barely cover part of the site’s hosting, we also host our videos since YouTube and other such mediums are not reliable at all, let alone our need to be online more often and to be able to call our sources to verify the news before reporting them.

      We monitor the news very closely around the clock and hold our breathes longer than most others, if you noticed, we don’t compete to be the first to post the news, our main goal is to report reliable confirmed news.

      Thank you for your concerns, highly appreciated. If you’re on Twitter you might want to follow us there as well.

  3. Per/Norway

    Thank you for your work, i wish it was true that everyone in Norway is rich so i could send you a donation asap.
    Even though i cant afford to support you know that i am grateful for ur work and i have been following ur writing a long time.


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