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Frightened, Confused, and Tense, Israeli IDF Bombs itself and Accuses Hezb Allah!

Israel IDF bombed its own post south of Lebanon afraid of Hezb Allah

After one full week of remaining on high alert, the Israeli IDF carried out a bombing against one of its own fortifications in a village it occupies south of Lebanon, it accuses Hezb Allah of aggression and celebrates victory over its own bombing!

What happened yesterday evening at the southern Lebanese borders will be recorded in history as one of Israel’s defeats, this time it defeated itself in psychological warfare with the Lebanese resistance group Hezb Allah.

On Tuesday, last week, July 21st, Israel bombed a Syrian army facility south of Damascus, near the Damascus International Airport. Its usual justification is targeting Iranian posts in Syria to keep Iranian forces away. A new war crime added to the endless list committed by the US’s advanced post aka Israel. There were no Iranian troops at the Syrian site and 7 Syrian soldiers were injured. Syria usually retains the right to retaliate at its calculated time and when it’s more comfortable after eliminating the herds of thousands of terrorists all over the country.

However, on the next day, the Lebanese Hezb Allah issued a statement mourning one of its soldiers ‘killed while fulfilling his obligations in Syria’, which raised the first alert in Israel. The statement was followed by another short statement a few hours later to confirm that Hezb Allah’s soldier was killed in the Israeli bombing south of Damascus. Hezb Allah soldiers are embedded with the Syrian army and fighting side by side against the US-sponsored ISIS and other Al-Qaeda terrorists in the country.

Hezb Allah Martyr Ali Kamil Jawad killed near Damascus by Israel bombing
Israel on High Alert after Hezb Allah mourned their martyr Ali Kamil Jawad who killed near Damascus by Israel bombing

Instantly, all of Israel went on the highest alert and its army started unusual movements across the borders with Lebanon anticipating a retaliation by Hezb Allah. The rule of engagement was set in the last week of August last year when Israel carried out a twin aggression against both Syria and Lebanon, bombing a residence used by Hezb Allah fighters in the town of Aqraba south of the Syrian capital Damascus for resting during shifts. The bombing killed two members of Hezb Allah. Simultaneously, what seems to be an Israeli suicide drone was sent to Hezb Allah’s media office south of the Lebanese capital Beirut and was supposed to be a bombing with no fingerprints in order to push the increasing political tensions in Lebanon further. The drone had a technical failure and was captured by Hezb Allah.

After both incidents, it was clear to Hezb Allah that it’s being targeted in what has become to be known as ‘battles between the wars’. A confrontation that would cause damage to the parties without crossing red lines that would lead to a regional war. Just like what Israel is doing with its bombings in Syria.

Hezb Allah needed to retaliate to remind Israel with the set rules of engagement and its chief Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah vowed to avenge the killing of his party’s members near Damascus and the drone attack in Beirut and warned the Israelis to wait for the avenge from across the Lebanese borders using the phrase that turned into a motto for the time: ‘you stand on one and a half leg waiting for our retaliation’. And so did Israel. For a full week, the entire region of northern Palestine occupied by Israel was on highest alert, Israeli IDF forces fled the region south and abandoned their posts to the extent that the correspondent of the Russian RT news channel walked right into one of the empty yet strategic IDF military posts and filmed inside it. This remained the case until Hezb Allah announced it has carried out its revenge. Members of the party carried out a cross-border attack against an armored vehicle of the Israeli IDF destroying it completely.

In his warning, Hezb Allah chief vowed that from now on every Israeli aggression will be retaliated and will not go unanswered, and there will be a military operation for every member of its group killed by Israel anywhere in Lebanon or Syria. Hence, Israel’s own high-alert status once Hezb Allah stated that its member was killed in the Israeli bombing near Damascus last week.

On the very same day of Israel’s own high alert and due to the confusion and terrified state the Israeli soldiers were in, one of their vehicles had an accident killing one soldier and injuring an officer, as per the Israelis.

Yesterday marks the completion of one week since the bombing of Damascus and this by itself increased the tension and confusion among the Israelis from their top post where the embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu left a meeting to summon his war cabinet in what he described as ‘highly important development in the north’ (on the borders with Lebanon), to the IDF’s commander of the northern region fleeing his command in a civilian vehicle he stole from an Israeli settler to the IDF’s soldiers on the ground who started bombing one of the posts they emptied earlier claiming that a group of Hezb Allah managed to occupy it.

Not only they announced that they managed to stop a military operation by Hezb Allah, but their controlled media also went into celebrating and joy to lower it down later to anxiety and fear as the dust settled down. In the so-called ‘only democracy in the Middle East’, the media is tightly controlled by the Israeli war ministry. Therefore, any report by its reporters must be approved if not distributed by the war ministry itself. One of such reports claimed that up to 20 members of Hezb Allah were seen trying to breach the abandoned fortified post and were all eliminated, another report claimed that a group of Hezb Allah, not 20 though, were spotted and when they were targeted by the IDF artillery they retreated north, what happened to the 20 killed?! A later tuned down report claimed that it was an unsuccessful attempt by Hezb Allah to target the post but they retreated when caught.

During this considerable time of the Israelis bombing their own post out of fear and anxiety, they mistakenly hit a known residential house for a Lebanese family who was having lunch at the time and managed to escape with light wounds. Israeli media started questioning the unsubstantiated news from its war ministry sources and doubting any truth in it, one of the former Israeli officials said ‘we need to wait until Hezb Allah issues a statement to find out what really happened.’

Later on, in yesterday’s evening, Hezb Allah issued its statement in which it denied that any of its members were involved in what happened earlier and that it was a bombing carried out by the Israeli IDF against one of their own posts which were already exposed from all sides by the Israelis themselves.

This, by all means, is a scandal to an army that carries out its aggression with impunity and under the protection of the United States of America, it has no issues with funding its aggressions knowing very well how generous and selfless the US taxpayers are to help Israel on the account of their own basics, and that it’s the aggressor in each act of war and terror since the first European Jewish settler was forced to flee Europe and arrived in Palestine.

The USA Supports terrorists and war criminals, if you’re a US taxpayer or a European or British taxpayer or not you must read this:

In its statement, Hezb Allah reminded that it did not yet avenge the killing of its soldier in the Israeli bombing near Damascus a week earlier, and due to the set rules of engagement it’s obliged to avenge the killing, the Israeli plea through the United Nations in south Lebanon in a message to the Hezb Allah leadership that they didn’t know that a soldier of Hezb Allah was in the bombed site near Damascus found deaf ears, and in addition to avenging the killing of the soldier, there’s an added retaliation to the bombing of the residential house south of Lebanon by the IDF yesterday. So Israel must continue its waiting until Hezb Allah carries out its double retaliation now and issue an official statement of doing so.

If what happened proves anything, it proves that the US taxpayers investment in the advanced criminal military post they established in the Levant is collapsing, just like all their investments in wars, invasions, bombing, assassinations, regime change covert and overt operations worldwide, and plotting against sovereign nations are all collapsing. The trillions of dollars spent, wasted, and lost are now a burden on the US citizens and their children and grandchildren for many generations to come, ISIS is being defeated, al Qaeda is cornered, the Saudis are losing to the Yemenis, and Israel is bombing itself out of fear from Hezb Allah alone for a crime it only committed. Wait until Syria, the Iraqi PMU, the Yemenis and Iran join forces in cleaning the mess the US taxpayers created in our region.

I’ll leave you with some of the acts of the heavily armed, very much costly, on the US taxpayers account, of course, immoral Israeli IDF soldiers when they feel they’re superior:

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  1. Ola Nordman

    the zionists/pharisees were forced to leave Europe?
    That was news to me..
    I have read your writing b4 and you do not strike me as unintelligent mr writer.

    I suggest you research a bit more and learn how the hol0/caust religion really was born and stop blaming Europeans for the choice of the zionists.
    Havaara agreement is a starter point and perhaps try to find out what was on the second floor over the post office in auswitch, the tennis court, marriages, swimimngpool etc etc.

    THEN try to find out how many times 6 gorillion pharisees have been killed the last 200years and do some math? specially the last count before ww2 and the first one after 8May 1945 but also the ones before and after “every” other episode where they claim that us gentiles killed 6 gorillion of the pharisees.

    (a hint: ALL info apart from info about German forced labour camps info IS available from pharisee/zionist sources and the jooish library + media…)

    I understand that it might be traumatic to learn these things if you are a zionist, but if you are a free man it may enlighten you and kill some cognitive dissonans.

    Russian Orthodox Christian.

    • Arabi Souri

      It would definitely strike you the knowledge I have about all what you mentioned but I took the further step most people refuse to take, which keeps them in the dark and makes them hit on other people who outsmart them.

      Thanks for the comment though, we do welcome different opinions, even from ignorant people acting smart because they read a couple of articles here or there or watched some video clips. Read further, diversify your sources and follow the links. I’m a Semite from the Levant, a real one and that’s why Zionists and their servants of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabis hate me with passion.


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