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The Untold in the Trump Illegal F-15s Menacing Iranian Airplane over Syria

Mahan Air airplane, legally flying from Tehran to Beirut, was 'buzzed' by Trump regime illegal jets, in Syrian airspace. Several passengers were injured.

The Trump regime illegal forces in Syria deployed two F-15 bomber jets to dangerously menace Iranian civilian airplane 23 July, in al Tanf, which is in Syria, which is not in the USA. This was an act of terrorism in Syrian airspace, which put the lives of every person on the plane at risk. Multiple injuries were reported and treated upon the plane’s safe landing in its Beirut Airport destination.

Though early reports claimed the bomber jets were Israeli, the pilot reported that the illegal F-15 pilots identified themselves as “American.” The early reports were based on Israel’s successful war criminal use of the Russian IL 20 as a ‘human shield’ in September 2018.

It is an educated guess that the blood-lusting Trump regime war criminals were likely hoping for a replay of carnage in Syrian airspace, similar to the massacre when US fighter jets tricked the Iranian air defense — near the borders with Iraq –making them add more alert level which led to the shooting down of Ukraine International Airline Flight 752. The Trump regime maneuver succeeded in killing 167 of its passengers on 8 January 2020.

Not that the US needs any justification to shoot down a civilian airplane, especially an Iranian one, the USA did deliberately shoot down Iran Air Flight 655 back in 1988 killing all 290 people onboard passengers and crew and they even bragged about that. But here, they were plotting to embarrass Syria by provoking Syrian air defense to shoot at the US fighter jets and hit the Iranian plane instead, and to embarrass Iran after the latter signed a new defense treaty with Syria to provide Iranian advanced air defense missiles to Syria.

People in the Levant, and in the whole region, as a matter of fact, can’t see any difference between US and Israeli methods, tactics, or any acts that always end with a war crime.

Notice the passenger’s smashed nose in the above video clip.

These two boys are quite lucky; one only has a broken hand, and whatever injured the other’s forehead did miss his eye.

Al Tanf is in Homs governate, Syria, which is not part of the US. In fact, Syria is 6,677 miles / 10,754.59 kilometers from the US.

That there be absolutely no equivocation in this matter, Syria News provides maps as visual aid in the ongoing tutorials required to demonstrate the reality of geography to western colonialists of all age groups.

NATO stenography media have been scant in reporting on this war criminal act of aggression, regurgitating the official propaganda line, that normalizes the Trump regime occupation of al Tanf, Syria, and legitimizing the right of the criminals to fake defend themselves. Barring Newspeak, it is impossible to legally protect that which is illegal.

Peak colonialism: American war criminals in Syria nearly create another airline disaster and call it self defense, as the propaganda media give their arrogant stamp of approval.

Since Americans are currently absorbed in their sectarian battles over masks, their God-given rights to commit arson, and their stupified inability to recognize that the bipartisan NDAA allowed for the deployment of federal troops in the states of the union, and since Operation Mockingbird has been a stunning success in causing memory loss, Syria News provides a short tutorial on al Tanf and the criminal US military base and its creation of the Rukban concentration camp there.

Despite the US being a signatory to the Geneva Agreements and a founding member of the UN and a signatory to its noble, albeit useless charter, the Obama regime invaded Syria in early 2016 and erected an illegal military base in al Tanf, which is in Syria, which is not part of the US.

Yanqui gringo puto American normalization of war crimes in and against Syria — begun under Obama and accelerated by Trump. Bolton & the Pentagon allegedly lobbied to maintain these war crimes.

The DC-based Arab-American al-Monitor joined NATO media in normalizing Obama-Trump war crimes. No questions on Gen. Makenzie’s criminal invasion and occupation of Syria. Let us take the criminal at his word, also, when he says there is no COVID in the illegal ‘prisons’ the US has erected in Syria, which is not part of the US. Let our fraud liberals also condemn the crowding in ICE detention centers while they lower their gaze from our atrocities in, and against, the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Rukban camp in al Tanf was originally a place for IDPs trying to escape both the moderate FSA terrorists and the very very bad ISIS terrorists, in 2014. It soon became a concentration camp, complete with US military functioning as the SS, and terrorists affiliated to ISIS run under the name: Maghawir Thawra as their ‘local’ militia. Similar to what the US is doing way in the northeast of Syria and the fakery of the US created international wetworker militia — the former US terror-designated YPG rebranded as the SDF. Most of the foreign scum (non-Syrian, non-Kurdish) SDF ‘leaders’ have departed, leaving the cannon fodder to run unlawful prisons with the supervision of the Trump American illegals.

The al Hol illicit prison/camp, also in the northeast of Syria, and the Rukban concentration camp in Al Tanf in the furthest southeast desert of Syria, continue to be under the brutal occupation of the Trump regime illegals and his Magahwir Thawra and SDF serfs.

We remind our readers there was virtually no reporting in NATO media when the kidnapped Alvin was finally freed from captivity, after two years of negotiations of the Syrian government and the SARC, with the US-owned criminals arrogantly running the concentration camp (al Hol may have some familiarity related to the ongoing British colonial fighting on the repatriation rights of Shamima Begum, one of its many terrorists who criminally entered the Syrian Arab Republic).

Syrian Red Crescent SRC with Albanian child Alvin heading to Damascus from Hasakah Al Hol going to Italy

On Thursday, 23 July, the Trump administration American illegals in Syria attempted another round of carnage by terrorizing Mahan Air travelers, flying to Beirut Airport, through al Tanf, in Syria.

Miri Wood


Days later, western silence continues regarding the near carnage in al Tanf, Syria. The author, however, is buoyed by the US-centric, humanitarian concern that boxes of gloves, Betadine containers and baby wipes sullied by tear gas residue may be a war crime.

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