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Two Explosions in Turkish-occupied Ras Al-Ain and Al-Bab Kill Civilians

Erdogan mercenary terrorists - Syria - Libya - Yemen - Qatar

An explosion rocked the vegetable market of the Ras Al Ain, Al Hasakah Province, resulted in the killing of 8 civilians at least, among the killed are women and children.

Another explosive device detonated yesterday in the city of Al-Bab, Aleppo’s northern countryside, resulted in injuring one person and caused material damage.

Both Al-Bab city northeast of Aleppo and Ras Al Ain north of Hasakah is under direct NATO Turkish occupation and Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups.

Explosions in the regions under the control of forces loyal to the anti-Islamic Turkish madman Erdogan are common and being used between the numerous terrorist groups operating under NATO member state Turkey. The bombings are used to settle scores among the terrorist groups and also to terrify the Syrian civilians to force them to flee their cities and replace them with families of the terrorists who pledge allegiance to Erdogan.

Since the early days of the War of Terror waged by the USA and its cronies, the regime of Turkish madman Erdogan worked hard to import brainwashed radical Islamists from all sides of the planet to use them in his new crusades against the Syrian people at first, then in other areas like Libya, Yemen, to defend the regime of Qatar, and to blackmail Europe with them posing as refugees.

The terrorists from the Chinese Uighur, rural Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and the Central Caucasian region along with Muslim Brotherhood Syrian, Egyptian, Tunisian, and Libyan fanatics are used by Erdogan to Israelize large regions of Syrian territories, the regions mostly rich with oil, gas, water, and agricultural land in order to help fulfill the role he accepted to play in the Greater Israel Project, by his own words.

This created a massive demographic change in the regions infested by the terrorists, a war crime equal to genocide, not something new to the Turks with their history based on genocide and crimes against the civilized urban centers they used to invade.

Local sources in the Afrin villages northwest of Syria are continuing to loot the belongings of the local Syrians to push them into exile to become refugees in Europe or towards open areas to pressure the Syrian government with them. This report from the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel:

The video is also available on BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

The terrorist organizations operating under the command of the Turkish occupation forces continued to steal and loot the property of the people in their areas of deployment in the villages of Afrin, in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation of the so-called ‘Al-Hamzat squad’ terrorist group have plundered and looted citizens’ homes of money, furniture and household items in a number of villages in the Afrin region in the northern countryside of Aleppo, after they removed the doors of a number of houses or entered them by force of arms in the presence of the people in them.

Local sources indicated that the terrorist organizations, on the orders of the Turkish regime, practiced the most heinous crimes and worked to harass the people in order to get them out of their villages and their families to live in their place in a move aimed at the demographic change of the region.

And the terrorist organizations in their areas of deployment with the Turkish occupation forces carried out criminal operations against the people and destroyed the infrastructure and utility facilities, which led to a large displacement of civilians in preparation for the transfer of hundreds of families of the terrorists and house them in the homes of the original people who pressed and emigrated from the region.

End of the transcript.

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