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COVID-19 Number of Cases in Syria are on the Rise Mainly in Damascus

Coronavirus COVID 19 cases in Syria stats - Syria News

COVID-19 latest stats in Syria provided by the Syrian Ministry of Health show a leap in the number of cases tested positive for the disease, relatively, in the past few days, most of the new cases are recorded in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The total number of cases of COVID 19 tested positive as on 25 July is 627, out of which 36 have died while tested positive, and 191 have recovered, as per a statement of the Ministry of Health issued yesterday.

Syrian authorities have tried to relax the extra preventive measures imposed earlier this in the year at the height of the virus spread worldwide, in order to help ease the pressure off the people while emphasizing on the precautions, seems the public didn’t take the precautions seriously enough.

The latest cases are mainly recorded in Damascus and its countryside, the Syrian capital is the main hub for the southern regions of the country and where the Syrians trapped abroad were brought back home through Damascus International Airport. Many of the returnees were tested positive on their arrival and were taken to the designated quarantine centers. Damascus, aside from the airport, is also the main point for transit and visitors of the country from neighboring Jordan and Lebanon, both countries witnessed outbreaks in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Syria’s economy is already suffering from the prolonged years of the US-led War of Terror waged against the Syrian people, the US and EU inhumane barbarian sanctions that directly affect the health sector in the country preventing the Syrian government from acquiring much-needed medicine and healthcare equipment, and leaving the country relying on its allies and friendly nations.

Some Health aid delivered to the Syrian Ministry of Health from Russia

Shy calls by the United Nations top officials to lift off the US and EU sanctions imposed on Syria to enable the country to tackle the spread of COVID-19 fell on deaf ears of the racist and criminal officials in all western countries, not a single western country took any step to prove any sense of humanity left in their leaders in this regard.

Important Note:

We, at Syria News, have absolute trust in the Syrian Ministry of Health and its cadre in providing real information in regards to the ‘pandemic’, unlike many other countries which use the panic and fearmongering against their own citizens to obtain means of control and even embezzle their own citizens. The Syrian authorities throughout the past 9.5 years of the US-waged War of Terror against the country have proven beyond any doubt their highest level of responsibility and professionalism during the times of unprecedented war that has already lasted double the time of the WWII in which many countries, including former empires, collapsed within weeks. Doubters and critics of the Syrian authorities had their peak in the first two years of the Syrian crisis. Please spare us the attacks and instead help the Syrian people within your capabilities, share the news about the achievements of the Syrian people and do not share any negativities, that’s the last thing the Syrian people, who suffered the most and paid a hefty price on behalf of the entire humanity defending themselves and defending your and your children, need.

At Syria News, we provide the most important news and updates, we cannot provide daily stats and we cannot cover most topics about Syria as it happens due to lack of resources, we will continue to exhaust our utmost efforts within our very limited resources to provide you with the information and analyses that maters, thank you for your understanding and support.

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