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Hasakah, Syria: Terror Attack Martyrs 5, One Trump Regime Illegal Dead

Hasakah terrorist bombing

Another car bomb was detonated in Hasaka, Syria on Wednesday. This one claimed the lives of five civilians, and wounded two others in the al Jawzah roundabout in the city of Ras al Ain. Panic chaos has been ongoing in this area under the occupation of Turkish Madman Erdogan, since the NATO favorite in the region bombed electrical grids in October, and subsequently took control of the Allouk Water Plant, in October. This source of water for hundreds of thousands of Syrians has been completely turned off for weeks at a time, turned back on, and most recently has been reduced by one-half, by Erdogan war criminal troops.

Ras al Ain also transliterated as Ras al Ayn is located at the red balloon. Please be aware that the colonialists of the internet mapping continue to try to erase names as part of the criminal erasure of history. The false name change on the map is part of the globalist campaign of ethnic cleansing, something the fake fact checkers consistently avoid.

While no al Qaeda terror faction has claimed responsibility for this latest carnage, Madman Erdogan has been unsuccessful in curbing the infighting and fratricide among his savage militias, fighting for control or destruction of Syrian homes, farmlands (or torching Syrian wheat fields), and small businesses.

Erdogan’s al Qaeda thugs have created yet another offshoot: Firqat al Hamzat, looting homes and businesses in Ras al Ayn. Some kill each over for the stolen booty, but not enough.

It is an educated guess that the explosives used to remotely detonate the vehicle were NATO supplied, as the Syrian Arab Army continues to uncover tens of millions of dollars worth of NATO weapons abandoned by escaping takfiri from areas cleansed of al Qaeda savages. Most recently, another huge cache of RPGs, rifles, machine guns, propellants, and detonators that were destined for the criminal degenerates in the al Qaeda haven of Idlib, were confiscated in Homs.

Ongoing fratricide among Madman Erdogan’s demons also resulted in the murder of a civilian woman in Afrin, Syria, and injuries to others, on 22 July.

News on Syria has fallen to the wayside since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the various lockdowns in NATO countries. Currently, stenographer-journalists are so obsessed by Trump sending troops into US cities — to fix the violent crimes initiated during Iran-Contra, and accelerated since the George Floyd protests — that there is no mention in US journals when Trump regime American illegals in Syria bite the dust, in Syria.

Trump regime American illegal died when a criminal US military truck overturned, in Hasaka, Syria.

Miri Wood

Update: Madman Erdogan terrorists have taken a short respite from killing each other to bomb several villages in Hasakah countryside.

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