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Israel Bombed Syrian Army Targets South of Damascus Late Evening

Syrian Army air defense shoots down incoming Israel missiles south of Damascus

Israel carried out a bombing from over the occupied Golan against a Syrian Arab Army post south of Damascus, a Syrian military spokesperson stated.

The bombing was carried out at 21:48 of yesterday, Monday 20 July 2020, and the Syrian Arab Army air defense units shot down most of the incoming missiles, the military statement added.

The missiles were seen flying over residential buildings which is a war crime by itself added to the endless list of war crimes committed by Israel and its US and NATO sponsors and their Gulfies cheerleaders. This war crime also comes one day after the Syrians voted for their new parliament.

The video is also available on BitChute.

Both Embattled Israeli Netanyahu and his buddy the US Donald Trump need to start a new regional war in the region, this would also help their friends in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar divert the attention from their massive economic, social, and legal troubles at home.

A regional war would help in particular the Israeli war criminal from both personal and strategic perspectives. On a personal level, especially with the growing protests against Netanyahu for his failure on all fronts in his own base and to evade the prison awaiting him for indicted corruption cases.

Protests against Netanyahu - DW
Protests against Netanyahu – DW

Any new confrontation, even a lost one, would help him survive the collapsing of the so-called coalition government with his nemesis Benny Gantz, the government they formed after Netanyahu repeated the elections three times to guarantee he will be saved from the prison sentence. Talking about ‘democracy’.

On the strategic level, after the US military capabilities were exposed in their reality in front of the Iranian missiles failing to intercept the expected barrage of missiles killing dozens of Trump forces in Ain Asad earlier this year, and air defense systems which shot down the top US supposed to be stealth drone, and Iranian dominance in the Persian Gulf. Also, the inability to intercept the Yemeni less sophisticated drones and missiles that halved the Saudi economy in one shot last year and have managed to reach top sensitive targets in the heart of the Saudi capital Riyadh hundreds of miles far from the borders evading the US top tier air defense systems.

The US real strategists decided to withdraw silently from the region and claimed they’re shifting their attention to the South China Sea region instead. This will leave Israel in the open. Israel’s own capabilities were proven useless without the US direct involvement both in the 2006 aggression Israel carried out against the Hezb Allah alone, despite the years of planning and preparation it failed to achieve its goals within 34 days. And later in August last year when Hezb Allah in broad daylight and after one full week of warning managed to carry out a bold cross-border operation against an Israeli armored vehicle north of occupied Palestine.

A new war would drag the US troops to save Israel and extend its pastime for a few more years hoping some miracle would happen and the existential threat on Israel’s own existing would be removed, or at least the Israelis would finish building the temple for the Anti-Christ with the help of the US Evangelicals who believe in order for Jesus Christ to return they have a duty to become servants of the antichrist!

On the ground, Netanyahu’s bragging about hundreds of bombings in Syria, taking advantage of the Syrian Army’s confrontations with tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide bombers all over the country, has managed to remove Iran from Syria were proven to solidify Iran’s presence in its allied country with a new military agreement signed just last week between Syria and Iran, mainly to fill the gap created by the Russian refusal to stop their weird agreement with Israel over Syrian skies.

These small clashes of hit and run serve no purpose other than for local consumption and a media stunt, the Axis of Resistance can absorb such actions and will definitely react at the proper time unless one of these provocations crosses a red line.

Yesterday’s Israeli aggression against SAA targets south of Damascus injured seven Syrian Army soldiers and left material damage.

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