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Iran Displays its ‘Som Kherdad’ Air Defense System for the First Time

Iranian IRGC Aerospace Som Kherdad Air Defense System

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force released new footage of its ‘Som Kherdad air defense system.

The new release comes on the eve of the first anniversary of shooting down the US’s air force pride Q4 Drone over Iranian territorial waters.

The footage shows side of designing and producing ‘Som Kherdad’ air defense systems for the first time.

The video is also available on BitChute.

On early dawn hours of 19 June 2019 the Iranian air defense units shot down a US military Q4 ‘supposed to be stealth’ drone over Iranian territorial waters after it was spotted violating the Iranian air space and after ignoring several warnings. The US doomed drone cost not less than a quarter of a billion US dollars.

‘Som Kherdad’ was first announced by the IRGC in 2014 and is highly capable against enemy fighter jets, Cruise missiles and against Drones, it was mocked by the Israeli, US, and western mainstream propagandists at that time, but surely they won’t ever again.

The footage released by the IRGC also shows installing the ‘Som Kherdad’ air defense system and firing off from it from on board the IRGC ‘Martyr Sayaoshi’ Logistic Navy Ship.

Earlier United Nations Security Council sanctions imposed on Iran with pressure from the NATO Klan prevented Iran from acquiring needed military gears and even halted the delivery of Russian S300 air defense systems which pushed Iran to consider building its own weapons, and so it has done and the retaliatory attack by the IRGC against the Ain AlAsad US fortified military base west of Iraq (600 kilometers distance) with precision missiles was another demonstration of Iran’s advancing in producing its own military weapons, bypassing the US’s own ‘nice, and new, and smart’ missiles.

The UNSC sanctions are due for renewal in October later this year and the USA and its Klan members are trying to renew the sanctions! We’re not sure whether the US Pentagon ‘intelligence’ ‘strategists’ want Iran to be self-sufficient in producing its needed weapons and also to export to other countries?

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