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Syria Strike: Only 20% of the Missiles Were Supposed to be Intercepted!

image-Russian President Vladimir Putin Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu

We all know by now about the US, UK and France’s illegal aggression against Syria on 14th April this month dubbed ‘Syria Strikes’.

We also know, depending on the sources propagandists or factual, that between Nil to 71 of the missiles were intercepted by the Syrian Arab Army’s air defense systems, out of the launched 103 (or 107) ‘nice, new and smart’ missiles.

What we discovered later was that the Russian Navy moved away their ships from their support base in Tartous hours before the strike, also the Russian troops based in Syria switched off their air-defense systems during the attack.

After the attack, everybody was in shock. The first shock that the trio USA, UK, and France would actually attack a sovereign nation and establishing member of the United Nations based on the false very obvious fabricated and staged chemical attack in Douma with complete disregard to the International Law, the Charter of the UN, their own constitutional laws within their own countries, and against all logic, especially a day before the arrival of the OPCW experts team to investigate the very same matter.

The second shock shared among everybody was the Russians backing down from their threats to ‘shoot down not only the incoming missiles but the launchpads where it came from’.

The third shock was the efficiency of the outdated, very old, very few Syrian Arab Army’s air defense systems, keeping in mind the country is under the most vicious heinous War of Terror for over 7 years by over 80 countries among them the richest and most powerful in the world. The Syrian Arab Army not only overstretched all over the country, one of the main targets of the ‘peaceful protesters’ since the very beginning of the War of Terror was attacking the SAA’s technical teams manning those air defense systems in remote areas. Those units were manned by an average of around 6 to 8 technicians and were slaughtered on sight by those ‘peaceful protestors’.

image-Tomahawk Missiles
Tomahawk Missile

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The Shock that everybody should feel now is the latest revelation by a Russian expert who wanted to brag about the Russian weapons capabilities but instead disclosed that only 20% of the incoming missiles were expected to be intercepted based on their knowledge of the capabilities of the systems with the Syrian air-defense, while the other missiles would reach their targets!

If we take in consideration the sites the trio US, UK, and France aggressors were targeting which included the main 8 military airports of the Syrian Arab Army, then seeing that the Russians were thinking, based on their calculations as the expert revealed, that only 20% of the missiles would be intercepted. That means over 80 missiles were supposed to reach the 8 airports, and God knows what other targets, which would have had a crippling effect on the Syrian Arab Army’s capabilities in fighting terror and deterring other aggressors, like the Arab substitute army Trump wants, or any further Israeli aggression, or even a takeover of the Syrian capital Damascus by the terrorists.

Mr. Konstantin Sivkov is not a lightweight analyst. Mr. Sivkov who made the revelation is the Deputy President of the Russian Information Policy Academy, and a Doctor of Military Sciences as was introduced by the Russian VPK News site which in turn is specialized in military matters (, cited by Russian RT (

What were the Russians planning exactly? What was the deal between them and their ‘Western Partners’? This is a very serious matter, especially if we take in consideration the number of times the Syrian leadership had to publicly declare its refusal of Russian propositions, which the Russians made sure they talk about in public to embarrass the Syrian leadership, like the talk about a Russian proposed constitution for Syria, the Russian proposed plan to share power with the Syrian opposition who are based abroad, the Russian recognition of the members of the Syrian opposition abroad whom the ordinary Syrians were refusing to recognize and many Syrian activists including myself were wondering why would the Russians recognize foreign-funded traitors as legitimate representatives of the Syrian opposition when the Russians themselves deal with a very heavy hand with their own opposition not to mention the recent law Mr. Putin implemented to deal with opposition figures in his country receiving any form of aid from foreign countries as traitors or in the least agents of a foreign country.

We can add the multiple times the Russians pressured the Syrian leadership to accept Western suggested ceasefires when the Syrian Arab Army was in the lead and the acceptance each time of such ceasefire lead to disastrous results on the battlefields in Syria prolonging the war and the suffering. Even the Russians’ recognition of the outlawed Kurdish entity that seeks to carve out a large area of Syria to create their own autonomy. The deals between the Russians and the Israelis on coordinations over the skies of Syria…! The deals with the Turks on the account of the Syrians trying to sway the hypocrite and untrustworthy Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan away from NATO!

We seek an explanation from our ‘Russian Partners’ in fighting terror. I’m not talking about the Military Brass who are fighting hand in hand with their Syrian counterparts, I’m talking about the political decision-makers in Russia.

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  1. Anthony D Backhouse

    There was another 40-60 UK missiles that were never fired due to the UK’s being so noisy the Russian Diesel Electric Submarines heard them on Sonar and repeated chased the 2-3 Submarines away without being able to fire – this made the missile fired by Tornado Fighers more of an Isolated Target and the Russians obviously didn’t tell the UK that Russian Radar was disabled as. they fired from right near Cyprus which gave ADA more time to take aim

  2. Alex Ladov

    >Russians were thinking, based on their calculations as the expert revealed, that only 20% of the missiles would be intercepted. That means over 80 missiles were supposed to reach the 8 airport

    Sorry to inform you, but this is ABSOLTELY fake article, so-called Russian expert said nothing like that, don’t distort his words, use google-translate to read what he said:

  3. Arabi Souri

    Tell us what the Russian expert said at the end of the article on VPK, and maybe you can tell RT (Russia Today) not to use Google Translate to translate from Russian to Arabic:

    The link in the article itself next to the link of the Russian article.

  4. Alex Ladov

    I don’t know Arabic. However, I know English and Russian enough to see that you wrote false statements about what Russian “expert” said. Besides, he is not much of an expert, all his article is about speculations, this person has no access to classified military and political information. Even to call this person an “expert” is wrong, plus you absolutely distorted his words. Your propaganda effort is too primitive and easily uncovered.

  5. Arabi Souri

    Look, discrediting a person because he says something you didn’t like is not a professional way for it. To discredit the Deputy President of the Russian Information Policy Academy, and a Doctor of Military Sciences you need to be to his level or have some solid information he doesn’t.

    His words quoted from the interview he had with VPK which you couldn’t understand neither in Russian nor in the Arabic translation done by the Russian Kremlin-sponsored news channel, his words make more sense to understand why Russia did not follow its own promise in not only ‘shooting the incoming missiles but the launchpads they came from’… Ok, leave the launchpads for now, Russia is still very weak to stand up for this, even though it threatened to do so, but at least to assist the SAA in shooting down those incoming missiles would be a matter of honor for Russia.

    Russia’s refusal to deliver the 3 decades S300 missile system Syria bought back in 2010 under instructions from Netanyhu and the ‘Western Partners’ as Mr. Lavrov and Putin mentioned several times already, that’s a disgrace for Russia. If you don’t want to assist the only country that is stopping NATO from directly targeting your country from within, at least let them defend themselves. Imagine if Syria shifts alliance with the West right now, we will instantly have peace, the West will force the Saudis and Qataris pay us compensations, and we will get back our Golan Heights, who will lose?


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