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Flash Flooding in Damascus Yesterday -Video

image-Flash Flooding in Damascus Syria 26 April 2018

The Syrian capital Damascus received a sudden heavy rain that caused a flash flooding all over the city affecting the whole city and hitting more bad the Rukn Eddin mountain hill district.

This is a compilation of 3 video clips shared by the residents on social media:

(Video also available on BitChute:

The sudden flash rain caused a massive flooding in the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday 26 April 2018 causing a number of injuries and material damage. The flooding was so intense it shored away cars and even people.

There are still some neighborhoods in Damascus, especially not in the upper scale areas which were supposed to be undertaking major developments before the War of Terror launched by the US and its cronies on the country. Many of the neighborhoods just saw the flash flooding come and go away, as fast.

image-Flash Flooding in Damascus Syria 26 April 2018
Flash Flooding in Damascus Syria 26 April 2018 – Man drifted by the floods

Syria enjoys beautiful real 4 seasons throughout the year with the Spring starting last 10 days of March of each year and sees heavy rains from time to time with a pleasant temperature. The Mediterranean country also has all sorts of geographical natures from mountains to valleys, lakes, water springs, coastal line, rivers, the most oldest cities in the world like Damascus and Aleppo with modern suburbs in them.

The rich nature has enabled the Syrian people to produce most valuable contributions to the world’s civilization and be the host of the three main divine religions that spread from Syria after reaching the large urban centers at the times.

This rich nature also unwillingly invited all hyenas from the four sides of the planet throughout Syria’s history attacking each time based on a different narrative but all sought to steal the riches of the land and destroy what they can destroy to please Satan. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.

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