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Syria’s Casualties from the Earthquake 3749 Killed and Injured

Syria Earthquake

The Syrian Ministry of Health said that 1408 were killed and 2341 injured inside Syria from the devastating earthquake that struck northern Syria and southern Turkey last Monday 06 February, the rescue operations continue in the affected areas with fading hopes of finding survivors.

Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia provinces were the most hard hit by the double major earthquakes with hundreds of buildings collapsed and marked as unsafe, widespread damage to the entire blocks and the infrastructure coming after 12 years of the unprecedented US-led global war of terror against the Syrian people, the war that continues largely with the US and European Union inhumane sanctions.

Syrian officials estimate that more than 55,000 vehicles working on construction projects in Syria pre-2011 were stolen, and destroyed, and many were used by the US-led anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi terrorists in the past 12 years. US and EU sanctions prevented Syria from importing new ones or fixing broken ones. The Syrian rescue workers had to dig with their hands and little household tools they have in their search for survivors until some help started coming from friendly countries.

Despite the claims of the delayed and insufficient pause of the US-imposed sanctions on Syria, there’s little help arriving in the country, most of which are from friendly countries who stood by the Syrian people against the ‘war of terror’, namely: Russia, Iran, China, Iraq, India, Algeria, and Venezuela.

Other countries who initially joined the western-orchestrated systematic slaughter of the Syrian people and had a recent awakening include some of the Gulfies who presented very shy aid to Syria in comparison to the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition they sent to terrorist groups to kill Syrians and destroy their country and countries who were instrumental in the war on Syria like Jordan and Tunisia.

And on the other side, there are countries that do not have many resources but defied the western blockade and sent aid, like Bangladesh and Lebanon.

Experts estimate that the toll might reach a horrifying total of a hundred thousand victims in both Syria and Turkey considering the destruction of entire suburbs, and entire villages destroyed on both sides of the borders, we pray not.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government has pushed forward relief convoys to the areas still under the control of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda in the province of Idlib and in Aleppo countryside forcing the sponsors of the terrorists to rush to ‘mediate’ and allow the relief convoys in and arguing it’s not the proper time for such PR stunts that would backfire against their anti-Syria political agenda!

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  1. Jack Oliver

    So sad for you Arabi and all Syrians at this time.

    The ‘ golden ‘ billion ‘ seem to escape devastation like this – their cruelty knows no bounds .

  2. Roy

    The online science magazine, ‘Nature’, pretty much admitted that the earthquake was intentionally triggered by Israeli interference; that the quake would occur during bad weather is a given. Note that the abovementioned publication is an intelligence front for world domination. They also made the false claim that Covid-19 was a product of Mother Nature, as well as the current avian flu epidemic; all of which is intentionally spread to corner the market on one of the least expensive forms of meat.

  3. Jack Oliver

    I know this is difficult to digest at a very sensitive time for all Syrians !:-(

    But the American Terrorist State WILL be stopped !

    This is what Pepe Escobar is suggesting at the beginning of the article !

    The American terrorist state has basically dug holes on the fault line ( which are shown on the Chinese version of google maps – however the area is pixelated out on the US Google maps ) and dropped massive bombs into those deep holes to push back the earths resonant frequency and cause the massive earthquakes !

    Just how Nikola Tesla described it could be done !!

    Obviously China know and Russia know !

    There is some evidence of the fault lines being bombed !

    Nikola Tesla said earthquakes could be created by pushing back the earth’s resonant frequency !

    Tesla likened it to pushing a child on a swing – enormous relative force can be created by pushing back and then pushing back again and again ( in this case the frequency )!

    Tesla suggested using 100 tons of dynamite ( serious bombs hadn’t been invented ) to push the frequency back !

    Anyway here is a video promoting this idea along with evidence of the holes dug on the fault lines provided by Chinese satelitte maps .

  4. Jack Oliver

    Turkey has made a lot of mistakes being the ‘ gateway ‘ for ISIS into Syria !

    I truely hope things can mend now that the common enemy is completely exposed !

    The 2 million refugees can return home to a safe Syria that is nothing but progressive :-)

  5. Roy

    The Earth’s resonate frequency is approximately 7.8 cycles per second; the same as all living organisms upon it; how does that help? Time, on the other hand can be shuffled as though it were nothing more than a deck of cards; but none of that will be of any assistance to anyone if we don’t know ourselves. The U.S. and the U.K. intentionally brought Nazi Germany to power, here is the full segment from a Fox News Interview;

    The FBI has found a new gateway to declare Christians as criminals, a federal whistleblower said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

    An internal document from the bureau’s Richmond, Virginia, field office allegedly vowed to spy on “radical traditionalist Catholics and their ideology.”

    “They have found a gateway in what they think is fringe Catholicism in order to move into Christians in general and declare them to be the actual criminals in this country or the potential terrorists,” federal whistleblower and former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin said.

    “I’m friends with people who love the Latin Mass,” the Catholic federal whistleblower told Fox News. “I grew up in a traditional school where I actually learned Latin in fifth and sixth grade and all the way through high school and it doesn’t seem reasonable, but it is the state of the FBI at this point that they are so desperate to find White supremacists that they’re going to look at the Catholic Church.”

    Seraphin said that the whistleblower who brought the information to him is not a Catholic, but knew it was problematic.

    “He or she stated the very simple statement, which is that if they’re going to go after radical, traditional Catholics, then radical traditional Baptists are next and radical, traditional evangelicalism and anybody else that espouses essentially what is radical, which is just a Christian faith and that is dangerous apparently in this country,” he said.

    There should be no doubt now who the enemy is.


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