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Syria Condemns US Blockade Preventing the Delivery of the Earthquake Relief Aid

Syria Earthquake

Syria condemned the continuous lying by the United States Administration and its different officials and organizations about the blockade and illegal sanction the USA and its western cronies impose on the Syrian people, including blocking the delivery of relief aid after the devastating earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey.

US officials claim that the relief aid is exempted from their sanctions; the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs proves these are lies to misguide the public opinion about the malice of US policies against the Syrian people.

In a statement issued today, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs refutes the claims made by several US officials in regard to blocking the delivery of relief aid to Syria after yesterday’s devastating earthquake.

The following is the translation of the Syrian FM statement:

Syrian Arab Republic
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the Syrian Arab Republic

Officials of the US administration, including the regional spokesman for the US State Department, Samuel Wieberg, and the permanent missions of the United States of America in New York and Geneva, are continuing their attempts to mislead world public opinion, some organizations, and the American people by saying that “there is nothing in the Caesar Act and US sanctions that prevents emergency humanitarian aid and medicine from the Syrian people.”

Syria Slams US Blockade Preventing the Delivery of the Earthquake Relief Aid
Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement about US lies regarding exemptions from sanctions

These claims have nothing to do with the truth, and it is not alien to the American discourse and behavior, and therefore we will correct the facts for these American officials and others, the Syrians while facing the disaster of the earthquake, sometimes dig through the rubble with their own hands because the tools for removing rubble are forbidden to them, and they use the simplest old tools to rescue a person crying for help under the rubble because they are punished by the Americans, and they are denied the required supplies and equipment.

In addition, the Syrian civil defense and rescue teams do not have the vehicles and equipment to reach the afflicted under a completely demolished ten-story building, therefore, their work takes a very long time to reach the survivors to save them or the victims to retrieve their bodies.

Syrians are also denied medicine and medical devices that can help them face dangers and diseases; cancer treatment devices and medicines are the best proof of that.

US officials can lie, but it is the pictures from the affected areas in Aleppo, Latakia, and Hama that reveal the truth, and the Syrians are facing their catastrophe with strength, steadfastness, and success despite all these sanctions.

Damascus, 07 February 2023

End of the statement.

Airplanes avoiding Syrian air space because of US and EU sanctions
Airplanes avoiding Syrian air space because of US and EU sanctions

The United States of America and its European Union minions and their stooges around the world impose a complete blockade and illegal sanctions on the Syrian state and the Syrian people in all aspects of life, threatening other countries with sanctions if they dare transact with the Syrian state or businesses based in Syria.

After 12 years of sponsoring the proxy terrorist war on the Syrian people, and occupying up to a third of the Syrian land by US forces and their proxy terrorists, especially Syria’s most fertile agricultural land and the region where Syria’s main oil and gas fields are located, the US-led coalition of evildoers around the world impose a complete blocked topped with the so-called Caesar Act, an embargo imposed on Syria and any party that transacts with Syria especially the financial firms including the banking system.

It’s not enough the creation of Israel on stolen Palestinian and Syrian land, the continuous complete support of the Israeli crimes and aggression against the people of the region, the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the USA and its UK lapdogs, the creation of terrorist groups out of that occupation, and the plundering of the resources of the people of the region, the US and its cronies theft of Syrian assets abroad, they continue their blocking of any businesses with Syria causing more suffering for the Syrian people and not even a devastating earthquake like yesterday’s would wake any last cell of humanity in those western officials living in their imaginary garden, then they wonder why the rest of the world is standing up to them after all these centuries of lying and criminality.

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