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US Army Steals 60 Tankers and Trucks of Syrian Oil and Wheat

US Army steal Syrian oil and wheat - الجيش الامريكي يسرق النفط والقمح السوري

US Army units illegally operating in northern Syria smuggled an additional 60 tankers loaded with oil stolen from the Syrian people into its military bases in neighboring Iraq.

Locals in the Syrian northeastern Al Jazira region spotted 24 tankers and trucks loaded with stolen Syrian oil and wheat heading toward the borders with Iraq through the illegal crossing of Al Waleed, the convoy was accompanied by US military armored vehicles.

Another convoy of 36 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil was spotted by the locals in the Yarubiyah region in the furthest eastern Hasakah countryside in northeastern Syria, the tankers crossed into neighboring Iraq through the Al Mahmoudieh illegal crossing.

The above reports were also corroborated by the reporters of the Syrian news agency SANA.

Not only does the United States of America occupy parts of Syria with a total disregard for international law, the international humanitarian law, and a clear violation of Syria’s independence and territorial integrity by one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and hypocritically a main vocal against the Russian military operation in Ukraine to secure Russia and the Russian people from encroaching NATO forces, the main task of the US forces in Syria is to deprive the Syrian people of food and fuel needed for their daily lives.

Syria accuses the United States of America of stealing and destroying oil and oil fields worth 112 billion dollars as of the 14th of last month December 2022, the number is increasing on daily basis.

The USA is not in need of the quantities of oil and wheat it steals from the Syrian people, it is practicing its crime against humanity of stealing the food and fuel of a whole population while continuing to impose a blockade and unilateral coercive measures wrongly dubbed as sanctions to impede any possibility for the Syrian government to procure the basics for the Syrian people, especially while Syria’s main allies in the war on terror, Russia and Iran, are the world’s largest exporters of oil and even wheat like the case of Russia, are incapable of finding proper means to deliver these basic commodities to the people who bravely fought and defeated the NATO’s proxy world’s largest army of terrorists on behalf of the whole world and especially Russia and Iran who were next on the target of NATO.

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