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US Army Steals an Additional 95 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil

US army stealing Syrian oil - الجيش الامريكي يسرق النفط السوري

Nothing can stop the US armed forces from stealing other countries’ resources, especially oil than dying to do so, this is most evident in Syria where they steal Syrian oil in large quantities in broad daylight in a very hostile environment when they are outnumbered, being repeatedly bombed by the Syrian resistance, and most importantly, their death will be for no good reason.

In their quest to starve the Syrian people and inflict the harshest living conditions on the cradle of civilization and the base of the Abrahamic divine religions, the US Army under the commander in chief Joe Biden smuggled 95 additional tankers loaded with Syrian oil into neighboring Iraq.

Local sources spotted the oil thieves moving convoys of tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil in the eastern region toward two illegal border crossings with Iraq.

US army stealing Syrian oil - الجيش الامريكي يسرق النفط السوري

One of the convoys comprised 65 oil tankers and headed toward Iraq through the illegal Al Mahmoudieh crossing, the other convoy comprised 30 oil tankers and crossed into Iraq through the illegal Al Walid crossing in the far eastern countryside of Hasakah in the northeast of Syria.

The oil was stolen from the Syrian oil fields in the Al Jazira and the Eastern region which are currently occupied by the US Army and their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement issued on the 14th of this month, December, estimated the value of oil stolen by the US Army and the destruction caused to the country’s oil infrastructure caused by the US-led coalition forces comprising NATO and their proxy plethora of terrorist groups including Al Qaeda over 112 Billion US dollars:

25.9 Billion US dollars the direct cost of the stolen oil, gas, and other minerals,
3.2 billion US dollars is the cost of plundered and vandalized Syrian oil facilities and machinery,
2.9 Billion US dollars worth of oil and gas infrastructure that was bombed by the US-led coalition to support ISIS in Syria.

More than 86 Billion US dollars is the estimated value of indirect losses of missed production of Syria’s fossil fuel by the US-led coalition comprising the value of crude oil, natural gas, cooking gas, oil derivatives, and minerals.

The theft of Syrian oil, the occupation of Syrian gas fields, the looting of Syrian food, and the western unilateral coercive measures wrongly dubbed sanctions are causing severe shortages of all essentials for the Syrian people leading to poverty and hunger.

Syria demands the United States of America to pay the above back unilaterally or collectively with its allies with the USA in charge of raising those funds.

Breaching Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, occupying parts of the country, and stealing Syria’s oil, gas, food, and other minerals do not raise objections from the representatives of the US and European citizens in their legislative bodies, but Russia invading Ukraine to eliminate the threat posed by NATO directly on its border and the ethnic cleansing of the Russians in eastern Ukraine is not allowed, Slava Ukraine, Slava Hypocrisy and Slava the so-called Western Values!

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