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President Assad Grants a New Broad General Amnesty

Legislative Decree General Amnesty Syria - President Assad - الرئيس الأسد يصدر عفو عام

Syrian President Bashar Assad issued yesterday Presidential Decree No. 24 for 2022 granting a general amnesty for all crimes committed by Syrian citizens before the date of 21st of December 2022.

The new general amnesty is a comprehensive amnesty covering crimes committed by civilians and military personnel including penalties for misdemeanors and all sorts of desertion from military service, it does exclude the penalties that have personal rights involved.

This latest general amnesty comes less than 8 months after the previous general amnesty decree issued on the first of May 2022 which was also broad in its nature.

Thousands of Syrians are expected to benefit from this general amnesty including those who joined terrorist groups by force or the ones who were brainwashed by the bombardment of western propaganda promoting the so-called western values before the Syrians saw what kind of values these westerners are promoting.

The extreme living conditions the Syrian people are living under as a result of the illegal blockade and the illegal unilateral coercive measures wrongly dubbed as sanctions imposed on the country by the USA and its lackeys in the European Union and several Arab states, and because of the NATO armies of the USA and Turkey and their proxy terrorist groups of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatists occupying much of Syria’s oil and gas fields, large areas of agricultural lands in the country’s main food basket region, there were people who resorted to corruption or have transgressed on public or private properties, these also would benefit from this general amnesty which covers the public rights breached from the wrongdoings of those citizens.

Hopefully, all those eligible for this general amnesty would benefit from it and return to their normal lives after their penalties have been scrubbed, their families and their country need their positive output and are harmed enough by foreign invaders and terrorists and are in desperate need of a break.

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