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USA Creates New Terrorist Gang in Northern Syria to Satisfy Turkey

USA creates terrorist group in northern Syria - القوات الامريكية تنشئ تنظيم ارهابي في شمال سورية

The USA is creating a new terrorist group to help protect its troops illegally deployed and operating in northern Syria to help plunder Syrian oil, gas, and wheat and to extend the suffering of the Syrian people under the guise of combating ISIS and satisfying the Turkish objections of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists near the southern borders of NATO member state Turkey.

The new terrorist group will be formed from conscripts mainly from the local tribes in the provinces of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah akin to the Sahwat tribal groups in Iraq the US and UK occupation forces created there to rival the Shia-majority forces who were resisting the US occupation of Iraq and fighting the terrorist groups that emerged under the US army’s protection, later on, these Sahwat groups would form the backbone of ISIS, analysts are wondering what might go wrong this time?

A report by the Lebanese news agency Al Mayadeen explains more:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Washington knocked on the gates of Raqqa after the departure of more than three years, on the eve of the Turkish attack as part of Operation Peace Spring, the revival of the Raqqa Revolutionaries faction, which was dissolved by the SDF in 2018, and its expansion to include 3,000 armed men from the Arab component, with direct American funding and arming, and the establishment of two bases, the first at the headquarters of the 17th Division and the second inside the city near Al-Rashid Bridge.

This approach is inseparable from defusing Turkish threats.

Kamal Al-Jaffa – expert in military and political affairs: The assurances that the US administration is trying to give to the Turks within the Turkish vision of removing the SDF to 30 kilometers south of the Turkish border, thus, what is called the policy of dictating a vacuum is for these organizations and militias that previously dissolved to fill in the region and prevent the Syrian state from regaining control over these areas.

The American decision paves the way for a broader military presence within bases vacated by the international coalition and reaching south of Ayn al-Arab, northeast of Aleppo, the step goes beyond reassuring the Turks to achieve a balance with Russia’s growing influence in the region.

Hossam Shuaib, Political Analyst: What the USA wants now is to completely re-crystalize the Syrian plan towards having balances with the Russian presence in Syria and thus not having understanding what Moscow is working on in terms of the Turkish-Syrian rapprochement.

A step that worries the leadership of the SDF, which did not hide its complaint about the repeated American betrayal, as the revival of an armed clan faction undoubtedly threatens the presence of the Kurdish units in a governorate where the Kurds do not have a presence.

The proposed scenario is beyond reassuring the Turks and competing with the Russians east of the Euphrates, and if it is linked to the training and increasing the number of militants in the vicinity of Al-Tanf, it becomes certain that there will be an American decision to stay and perform new tasks that drain the Syrians militarily and economically.

Muhammad Al-Khodr, Damascus – Al Mayadeen.

End of the transcript.

It’s no coincidence that Al Qaeda emerged in Afghanistan from the Mujahideen, the CIA-created groups that were created, funded, armed, and trained to fight the Soviet Union whose forces invaded its southern neighbor after the US military presence was becoming obvious in this country. [Sounds familiar? NATO intervention in Ukraine to threaten Russia on its western borders]

Al Qaeda in Iraq emerged after the USA and UK invaded and occupied the country and from it came ISIS which was able to spread into Syria with the help of dozens of Al Qaeda groups already brought into Syria from all over the globe by NATO and its proxies, also under the direct supervision of the CIA and the various NATO and Gulfies ‘intelligence’ agencies.

Despite the former US commander in chief explicitly declaring the task of the troops of the USA in Syria is to keep the Syrian oil because he personally likes oil, and the numerous admissions by various US officials literally exposing the real mission of their intervention in Syria is to inflict maximum pressure on the Syrian people, the very definition of collective punishment, to force them to riot against their government and achieve the regime change in Damascus, and install a puppet regime to pursue the global hegemony goals of the USA, the Pentagon propagandists, and its controlled western mainstream media keep repeating the false claims that the US combats terrorism.

The sad part is that until this very day there are many who do believe the Pentagon’s claims, especially among the ignorant western majorities who keep electing the same war criminals to office and never hold them accountable for their war crimes abroad and their widespread corruption in their own countries, this gives the impression to the rest of the world that western citizens do support the war crimes committed by their politicians.

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