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US Army Oil Thieves in Syria Under Attack, is the Price Worth it?

US Army thieves of the Syrian oil and food الجيش الأمريكي لصوص النفط السوري

The US Army stealing Syrian oil and food are not welcome in Syria, their bases in the oil fields are coming under attacks, they’re sustaining casualties, and their presence is destabilizing the region, especially with their support for the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and the variants of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups.

Admitting the rocket attacks targeting their illegal bases in Al Omar and Conoco oil and gas fields in Deir Ezzor has led to casualties, although belittling the number of those casualties, the US Army is feeling the land is shaking under them. Growing anger among the tribes in the region against the US forces and their sponsored terrorists is evidenced by the multiple attacks, road blocks, and direct clashes the invaders are facing in Deir Ezzor, Hasakah, and the southeastern A Tanf region.

The following report by the Lebanese news channel Al Maydeen explains the recent developments in and around the US Army’s illegal military bases in northern and southeastern Syria:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


The freedom of movement and maneuver that the American vehicles have always enjoyed east of the Euphrates will not be available in the near future. Five rocket attacks, in less than 48 hours, targeted the two American bases in the Al-Omar oil field and the Koniko oil facility, north of Deir Ezzor.

A new field development that the Americans were unfamiliar with in Syria since they intervened 7 years ago and forced them to issue official statements saying that they are able to respond and protect their forces deployed from the east of the Euphrates to the al-Tanf base.

On the battlefield, American strikes were absorbed, which extended from the Ayyash warehouses and the Sa’iqa camp, west of Deir Ezzor, to the vicinity of Al-Mayadin, about 40 kilometers southeast of the city.

A direct war in which the Americans admit human casualties amid a state of alert with the latest advances in their war arsenals, including drones, warplanes, warning devices, and even the use of SDF militants on the ground. A case that reflects caution, exacerbated by the growing popular rejection of the American presence, expressed by dozens of scenes, to obstruct the passage of American vehicles in the countryside of Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah, and even the local confrontation against the SDF forces.

Confrontations in their direct title complain about the living conditions and the looting of oil wealth, and in their depth are a rejection of the domination of the SDF over the economy, livelihood, and all the details of life in an area where the clans are its backbone. A rejection repeated in dozens of clashes and finally reached the control of some tribesmen over an oil well in the al-Athba fields north of Deir Ezzor and their wresting it from the SDF in light of a conflict that began to develop based on a local and regional climate that rejects the American presence in the first place.

A scene that, according to the developments on the ground, is expected to become hotter in the face of organized American looting of the Syrians’ oil and agricultural wealth and the threat to their territorial integrity.

Muhammad Al-Khodr, Damascus – Al Mayadeen.

End of the transcript.

The United States of America is in no need of the 60,000 barrels of oil they steal every day in Syria, it is the largest producer of oil in the world with over 14 million barrels per day, their deployment in Syria costs them tens of times more than the value of the stolen oil and even wheat.

Adding the cost of casualties, it will be only wise to withdraw those troops from the Levant, especially after all the lies of their spreading democracy, western values, and freedoms the USA and its western cronies invaded countries around the world under those pretexts have been exposed, the whole world saw the real democracy and freedoms they preach their own people do not enjoy and the conservative Levant region definitely do not need anti-religious neo-liberal western values among their societies.

However, if the US people continue to elect their criminal regimes through the failed system they’re happy with insist on punishing the Syrian people for whatever fantasies, they can allow their White House juntas to keep imposing the sanctions on Syria, the Syrian people have been accustomed to the US and its minions’ draconian sanctions for decades, they will use their own oil and gas, and eat from their own food instead of the US stealing it and feeding them to its terrorists.

Former US Commander in Chief Donald Trump describes the task of the US Army in Syria: Steal the Oil

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    They don’t care, they print money for free and they sacrifice their soldiers telling them they are defending their country by stealing our oil, they should leave by themselves or get kicked out alive or whatever.


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