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US Army Bombs a Site in Syria Gets Bombed Back within 24 Hours

US army occupying Syrian Al Omar Oil field bombed by Syrian resistance

US Army occupying Syrian oil and gas fields and operating as a conduit for Israel and ISIS attacks on Syria said in a statement that they bombed what they claimed was a site used by pro-Iranian militias in Syria in retaliation to attacks on their bases, it took Syrian resistance forces less than 24 hours to bomb the oil thieves back in retaliation to the US Army’s retaliation after their illegal base in Al Tanf was bombed by drones.

A day later, the US forces occupying the Syrian oil and gas fields claimed they retaliated against the previous retaliation and destroyed the attackers; if you believe them.

Whoever the US forces claimed they bombed in the statement the US Centcom issued is not an Iranian or pro-Iranian site, a spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said during a daily briefing in Tehran yesterday, 24 August 2022.

US army occupying Syrian Al Omar Oil field bombed by Syrian resistance
USCENTCOM’s statement admitting they were bombed accused pro-Iranian militia

Whoever the US forces claimed they bombed were not Syrian forces or Syrian allied forces, there are no reports of such by the Syrian military or Syrian media of such bombing.

Whoever the US forces claimed they bombed in the aforementioned statement has bombed them back in retaliation within less than 24 hours.

There is very little information about what the US claimed they bombed earlier and who they bombed, there is little information about the retaliatory bombing against them other than it was carried out against the US oil thieves occupying Syria’s largest oil and gas fields of Al Omar and Conoco in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Local sources confirmed seeing fumes of smoke rising from the sites bombed with several rockets, the sources added that the US troops sealed the targeted areas and enforced a media blackout to conceal their casualties while their air forces were very active post the bombing of these two sites.

So-called USCENTCOM of the US Army admitted its forces of oil thieves were bombed at two sites in Syria, again lowering their casualties to almost nil as they usually do. The same statement of this CENTCOM claimed they attacked their attackers and ‘Ramboed’ them:

US army occupying Syrian Al Omar Oil field bombed by Syrian resistance

From our lengthy experience with the Pentagon, it will never officially admit the number and severity of casualties among its troops, it wants to maintain the Hollywoodish image of its ‘superheroes’ who can take out entire battalions and come back to their loving families and dogs as if nothing happened, our same experience with the Pentagon gives us hints to figure out their real casualties by monitoring the number of their troops who suffer from headaches after similar bombing of their sites.

Highly likely and soon enough those forces of bombed US army suffering from headaches end up registered as dead or damaged beyond repair in the records of veterans, the only country in modern history who has an army of veterans from so many wars and battles despite that no foreign power has ever invaded their country!

There is a huge amount of guessing among observers and analysts about who the US army bombed in Syria, and who bombed them back, some unverified videos show a bombing of a site with no possible way of identifying its authenticity or location, we will call those who are bombing the US occupation forces as the Syrian resistance, the Pentagon can call whoever they’re bombing whatever keeps their cuts from the arms deals from the Military Industrial-Complex coming.

US forces in Syria have no legitimacy to deploy within the country, let alone to operate, they do not have the consent of the Syrian state, on the contrary, Syria officially calls them occupation forces and demands their departure with no conditions, they have not obtained a needed mandate from the United Nations Security Council to override Syria’s sovereignty.

Furthermore, and definitely and in light of all their past, the US forces are not combating ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) as it claims, the terrorist organization was founded by the USA and it only grew under its sponsorship and in the past years of its occupation of Syrian and Iraqi sites, the US forces have only bombed forces that fought ISIS, assassinated commanders who have led the war on ISIS, and has bombed bases and formations of the forces that fought against ISIS, whether in Syria or in Iraq.

To claim they are acting to defend themselves is a farce, the US military forces, especially oil thieves are invaders, occupiers, and looters of Syria’s land and resources, and it’s a duty of the Syrian people and their allies and the free people of the world to fight against these invaders and thieves and help those who are standing up against the occupation of their land; bombing the resistance by the US forces is doubling down on the war crimes these US forces are committing in Syria.

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    Even if not, Zionist U.S. Corporation is getting its “come-uppance” which it truly deserves

    Now if only the U.S. Evangelical Zionists would join their forces, then Syrian “Somones” can get “2 Birds with One Stone”

    Love it.


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