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Drones Bomb US Army Base in Al Tanf in Retaliation to Israel’s Bombing of Syria

Kamikaze Drone Attack on US Army Illegal Base in Al Tanf - Syria قصف بمسيرات درون وصواريخ يستهدف قاعدة الجيش الامريكي بالتنف السورية

Kamikaze drones bombed the illegal military base of the US Army in the Al Tanf region in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert, the bombing came hours after the Israeli bombing of Syria that targeted Syrian Arab Army posts and killed three SAA soldiers.

The US military command did admit the attack against their base and their proxy, the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group Maghawir Thawra, it fell short of admitting the casualties among its troops and among the proxy terrorists, and it claims that it managed to shoot down one of the drones without mentioning the other two drones and the missiles that bombed their base.

Analysts see this as a retaliatory attack to set rules of engagement against the USA and its proxies: Israel, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups fighting the Syrian people after Israel’s latest bombing of the Syrian Army posts.

The following report by the Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen comes to the same conclusion:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


For the third time in less than a year, the American base in Al-Tanf, southeast of Syria, is attacked with drones and shelling with missiles. An attack that came hours after Israeli aggression targeting the Syrian army points in Tartus governorate, western Syria, in a scene that includes many messages exchanged between the parties to the conflict in the Syrian arena.

Khaled Al Matroud, Head of Al Bawsala Media Network: The American forces his Israeli ally to attack some sites in Syria. There are messages that are also well read in this regard. In the sense that the conflict today is between the entire axis of resistance and between the US and its allies in the region, whether by original or by proxy. These rallies that were struck in Al-Tanf were not the first and will not be the last.

The repeated bombing of the Al-Tanf base in Syria opens the door to what Damascus has repeatedly confirmed that there is no legitimacy for any foreign presence on its lands and that it and its allies have the right to work to end any illegal presence on the Syrian geography.

Khaled Al-Matrood: The US presence in Syrian territory is illegal and therefore it is natural that there should be resistance to this presence, whether is against the Americans or against its proxy, the allies of the Americans, the US-backed militias, secondly, there is a regional consensus for the resistance movement, the axis of the fight against terrorism, that the US presence is illegal and must end.

The statement of the American coalition concealed the losses caused by the bombing of the sites of the (ISIS affiliate) Maghawir Thawra of Washington in Al-Tanf. It also talked about the destruction of one drone while not talking about the damage caused by the rest of the drones on one of the largest American bases in Syria.

The bombing of the American base in Al-Tanf after the Israeli aggression is reminiscent of the Russian bombing of the same base after the armed attacks on the Syrian Arab Army points in the Badia (open desert), in an attempt by Damascus and its allies to ensure that the response to any aggression or armed attacks is inevitably coming.

Reda Al-Basha, Aleppo – Al-Mayadeen.

End of the transcript

Why bomb the proxy when the masters are providing cannon fodders of their own to bomb?

The question we keep asking the US citizens footing the bills for their army’s intervention in Syria and around the world: When will you ever realize that you are not winning these wars, only a few of you are filling their coffers from the spoils of the wars and from the military astronomical spending, while you have to pay for their profits from your hard-earned tax money while sacrificing your children in the wars for Israel and the greedy in your country?

Waiting four years to “vote out” the corrupt officials will not help, your so-called democracy gives you a choice among the lesser evil of two only, your regime, and the regimes of its stooges invade, destroys, massacre hundreds of thousands of people around the world, displaces millions of others in order to “achieve democracies” in those targeted countries, you’re only getting the blood on your hands and shouldering the costs of their wars.

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