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Syrian Resistance Neutralizes 11 Turkish Soldiers and Al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo

Syrian Resistance target Turkish army illegal military base in Al Bab - Aleppo countryside قوات المقاومة السورية تستهدف قاعدة عسكرية غير شرعية للجيش التركي في مدينة الباب شمال حلب

The Syrian Resistance said in a statement it has carried out two military operations targeting the occupation forces of NATO member state Turkey and its Al Qaeda terrorists in the cities of Marea and Al-Bab in northern and northeastern Aleppo countryside.

Afrin Liberation Forces, the name of the Syrian Resistance Faction, said they have eliminated 3 Turkish army soldiers and 3 of its Al Qaeda mercenaries and injured 5 others in the two operations it carried out on the 11th and 12th of this month, August.

The statement released by the resistance group said:

In the face of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, the response operations were carried out in both Al-Bab and Marea regions, within the framework of legitimate defense.

The statement added describing its two operations:

On August 11, 3 mercenaries of the Turkish occupation (Al Qaeda terrorists) were killed and two others were wounded as a result of a qualitative operation in the Marea area. And resulted in the destruction of a jeep belonging to the mercenaries.

On August 12, an operation was carried out against a base of the Turkish occupation army in the Al-Bab area, and this operation resulted in the killing of 3 soldiers of the occupation and the injury of 5 other soldiers.

Afrin Liberation Forces concluded their statement:

These operations, which were carried out in two days, resulting in the killing of 3 soldiers and 3 mercenaries and the injury of 5 soldiers and mercenaries.

These attacks come within a few days after a unit of the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) carried out its attack against Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo earlier this month, the operation which left at least 9 of the terrorists killed and injured avenging the killing of 11 NDF troops by Al Qaeda a couple of months earlier.

Turkey, the second-largest member state in the “defensive” NATO alliance occupies large areas of northern Syria with a plethora of terrorist groups whose backbone is the Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS, Nusra Front, National Army…) and its offshoot ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), all these terrorist groups sponsored by the NATO member state follow the anti-Islamic Wahhabi doctrine followed by the rulers of the beacons of democracy [sic] in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the US’s closest Arab allies, and the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine followed by the Turkish ruling AKP party with Erdogan as their supreme leader, he likes to be called Caliph or Sultan.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    God bless the Syrian resistance whoever they were, those who fight against the occupiers and foreign invaders are blessed and those who help the occupiers and foreign invaders against us are cursed.


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