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NDF Unit Kills and Injures Several NATO HTS Terrorists in Aleppo

NDF unit blows up minibus carrying Al Qaeda HTS terrorists near Barjakah

A unit of the NDF (National Defense Forces) operating in the northwest of Syria killed and injured several terrorists of Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS formerly Nusra Front) in an attack on their bus.

The NDF unit operating in the area of Nubbol and Zahraa towns in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, in the north of Syria, targeted a mini-bus carrying terrorists of the HTS, the main Al Qaeda faction working under the protection of the Turkish army, NATO’s second-largest army.

Local sources confirmed the attack adding that all the terrorists on the bus were either killed or injured, HTS terrorists rushed the casualties to the hospital in the nearby town of Darat Izza.

Four of the terrorists at least were killed and five others were injured, the local sources insist. Among the terrorists killed were so-called Abu Khattab Hama, Abu Khalid Hamwi, and Omar Abu Muhammad. Al Qaeda terrorists use pseudonym names for their commanders.

The local sources said that this targeting of Al Qaeda’s HTS terrorists in northern Syria comes as part of their duty to clean their land from Turkey-sponsored terrorists and this particular targeting of a minibus carrying the terrorists is to avenge the attack against a bus carrying NDF personnel back in May killing 11 of them and injuring others.

The military operation carried out by the local NDF unit yesterday took place in the Barjaka – Sheikh Aqeel region in the northwestern Aleppo countryside.

Syria News readers would be familiar with the background story of the Nubbol and Zahraa towns whose people stood up to a complete blockade for several months before they were forcefully evicted by the invading Turkish army and thousands of its affiliated Al Qaeda terrorists.

Unimaginable horrors were committed against the residents of these two towns only because they were Muslims who do not follow the anti-Islamic Wahhabi doctrine which the rules in Saudi Arabia follow or its parallel Muslim Brotherhood doctrine followed by the Turkish madman Erdogan and the Qatari ruling family. Here are some refreshers:

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    God bless the heroes of the Syrian resistance, they are working in very difficult conditions and facing both a regular army and tens of thousands of terrorists of the worst type.


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