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Graphic: FSA beheaded a group from Nubbol and AlZahraa


The towns of Nubbol and AlZahraa a home for over 60,000 Syrians had been under siege for the last 10 months now by the “rebels”. The towns have reached the end of their rope. Children started dropping dead because of hunger…

Knowing the danger still some of the residents ventured out, to bring food and supplies. That’s what happened to the latest group, twenty men, who left to bring food to their families and children a week ago.

nubbol zahraa
“we couldn’t verify the picture independently”

Al-Qaeda FSA hang some of the heads on the entrance of the towns. They offered to give the headless bodies to the families, but for a ransom of about 100,000 Syrian Pound.

The manager of the medical center in Nubbol Dr. Hussein Najjar warned of an eminent human crisis in the besieged towns.

“The towns are suffering from the lack of essential services, no water or electricity, and a siege that won’t allow even food or children’s milk in.”

“Many diseases have spread like Maltese fever, cutaneous leishmaniasis and scabies because of lack of water and of medical supplies.”

“The residents of Nubbol and AlZahraa are forced to survive on diet of grass because of lack of food. If the siege doesn’t end soon 60,000 lives are in danger.”

Al-Qaeda FSA terrorist groups recently started a siege on the villages surrounding Nubbol and AlZahraa, thirteen villages in total. Still the ‘humanitarian’ west keeps rewarding those killing Syrians with aid and weapons. We’ve reported earlier on the tragedy of these towns after 2 children died of starvation in the town 7 days ago: (

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