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NATO’s Moderate Rebels (HTS) in Idlib Mourn Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri

Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda in northern Syria (HTS) and its affiliated terrorists mourned the alleged killing of the head of Al Qaeda Organization Ayman Zawahiri on their social media accounts widely circulated among their members.

NATO member state Turkey insists that Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS – Nusra Front – FSA… among other names) are ‘moderate rebels’ and not radical terrorists, they only kill, rape, loot, and blow up people based on their political beliefs not on their anti-Islamic Wahhabi (Saudi’s official religion) and Muslim Brotherhood (Turkish Erdogan and Qatar’s official religion) belief!

Some of the main terrorists who mourned the head of their organization Zawahiri include the so-called head of religious affairs in the HTS Abdul Rahim Attoun (aka Abu Abdallah Al Shami), who is considered one of the main spiritual leaders of Al Qaeda Levant if not the most important one, the ‘military’ commander in the terrorist organization a so-called Maysara Bin Ali Jabouri Harari (aka Abu Maraya Al Qahtani), and the Tunisian commander in the organization a so-called Abdul Rahman Idrisi who described the slain leader of Al Qaeda as a ‘mountain of steadfastness and sacrifice who history will remember them generation after the other.’

The President of the United States of America Joseph Biden claimed in a TV appearance in a rare moment of cognitive ability the death of the head of Al Qaeda terrorist organization Ayman Zawahiri on Monday 1st of August in an arbitrary killing authorized by him using a drone in the Afghani capital Kabul.

It is no secret that every US president carries out a PR stunt near the date of the election especially when their approval ratings are not promising, Biden has broken the records having the worse approval ratings among his predecessors ever since polling was introduced. The White House junta think the killing of Zawahiri after 21 years of the September 11 attacks would help him in making his people forget their daily struggles because of his failed policies especially the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan last year and the backlash of the sanctions the ‘collective west’ imposed on Russia.

Whether the killing of Zawahiri was real is not the issue, can the White House advisors explain the connection between the ‘moderate rebels’ in Idlib under the protection of NATO’s second-largest country Turkey and who the US and its NATO buddies at the United Nations Security Council heavily lobbied to extend for the 8th year the lifeline supply to those particular terrorists mourning the killing of their leader by the head of the White House?!

Worth noting that the USA created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet army there and intimidate Muslim countries with them, the USA created ISIS (ISIL) in Iraq then ‘saw it spread to Syria’ and thought it was a good idea to use them to ‘intimidate the Syrian leadership into concessions’ and have dropped, by accident, large caches of weapons and supplies to ISIS and other terrorists in Syria. You have to believe that the USA combats terrorism, only when they’re no more useful for its goals, or if a commander goes astray he gets traced and eliminated.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    For so many years the western media and western politicians lied that the terrorists they support in Syria are not Al Qaeda even when the terrorists themselves brag they are Al Qaeda? Lies do not live long but are harmful, what makes them more harmful is when the liars are not held accountable and are allowed to continue lying.


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