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UNSC Extends Al Qaeda Lifeline in Idlib for Six More Months!

Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib - beneficiaries of UNSC cross border mechanism humanitarian aid

After childish deliberations between the member states of the UNSC, the council adopted Resolution 2642 to extend its violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, thus breaching the UN’s own Charter, by extending its mechanism to supply Al Qaeda in Idlib with its needs to continue oppressing hundreds of thousands of Syrian families under their control.

All the five-member states comprising the permanent members of the UNSC were agreeing on extending the mechanism, the deliberation and counter vetoing were only about whose draft will be presented?!

The US, France, and Britain (NATO P3) at the UNSC didn’t want the Russian draft to be approved by the Security Council which merely calls for the extension of the Cross Border Mechanism CBM into Idlib from NATO member state Turkey, so they asked Ireland and Norway to copy and paste the same Russian draft into a new paper and present it under their names, and after presenting the plagiarized draft, the NATO P3 abstained from voting because they wanted a full-year extension not only a 6-months one!

Jolani - Head of Al Qaeda Levant Nusra Front HTS inaugurates Aleppo - Bab Al Hawa road to reeive UN Humanitarian Aid
The head of the group that will receive the UN ‘Humanitarian Aid’ is Abu Mohammad al-Julani

For the past several weeks, the NATO P3 at UNSC waged a hysterical campaign against Russia to set the stage for extending the mechanism which expired on the 10th of July, the representatives of the ‘collective west’ accused Russia of blocking ‘humanitarian aid’ needed by 4 million Syrians. Russia, on its part, accused the NATO P3 of breaching Syria’s sovereignty and allowing Al Qaeda terrorists, supposed to be listed as a terrorist organization by the same UNSC, of receiving and controlling aid delivered from NATO countries hostile to the Syrian government without proper UN observation and control and bypassing and against the will of the Syrian government.

Russia and China, presumably Syria’s allies in the council, have agreed from the beginning of breaching Syria’s sovereignty when they approved the first UNSC resolution for CBM, then by extending it time and again, and during these last debates, they also have agreed to continue breaching Syria’s sovereignty by allowing the extension of this mechanism.

Last Year Al Qaeda celebrated the extending of their lifeline supplies – July 10, 2021

Al Qaeda in Idlib are again celebrating the extension of their much-needed uncontrolled ‘humanitarian aid’ which made many of their leaders filthy rich, their joy is double because the extension of the cross-border mechanism came from a resolution put forward by their allies and not by Russia!

Syria rejected the initiation and following extensions of the CBM, its allies agreed to adopt a United Nations Security Council resolution presented by their ‘western colleagues’ to breach its sovereignty.

The adopted UNSC resolution to breach Syria’s sovereignty and extend support to Al Qaeda in Idlib is valid for six months and expires on January 10th next year.

The oppressing of up to 4 million Syrians under al Qaeda’s control will continue unless the Syrian army is relieved from the pressure by Russia and liberates the area and frees the Syrians from NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda. The 4 million number is based on western claims, our estimates put the total of Syrians under the control of Al Qaeda in Idlib at around 1.5 million people living under the oppression of Al Qaeda.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Our country is under blockade by our enemies and our allies are not helping much although they’re also targeted and we’re paying the biggest price on their behalf.


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