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Erdogan is Expelling Syrian refugees to Al Qaeda-controlled Areas

Erdogan is force-expelling Syrian refugees into Al Qaeda-controlled Areas in Northern Syria

The Turkish madman Erdogan is proceeding with his plot to force-expel tens of thousands of Syrian refugees from Turkey into Al Qaeda-controlled areas in northern Syria along with up to a million terrorists and their families who pledged allegiance to his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine serving the US-sponsored ‘Greater Israel Project‘ in the region.

More than 34,000 ‘unwanted’ Syrian refugees in Turkey were collected, packed onto buses, and deported to Azaz, they are settled in properties owned by other Syrians who were uprooted from their homes and forced to flee for their lives from the Turkish invading armies of uniformed and non-uniformed Jannisaries of the neo-Ottoman caliph wannabe.

No official figures were released and no proper count of how many al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists with their families were gathered from all sides of the planet including a large percentage of Chinese Uighurs and Turkic-speaking Central Asians were also settled in the regions under the control of the soldiers of Satan in northern Syria.

The following report by the Lebanese channel Al Mayadeen sheds some light on the unwanted Syrian refugees sent by the Turkish madman into Azaz in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo:

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


Dozens of Syrians are on a forced return trip from Turkey to Azaz, a trip the Turkish immigration authorities wanted under cover of darkness, those expelled deny that they have done anything that requires expulsion.

A Syrian refugee deported from Turkey to Azaz: What is the Turkish government doing? what does it want? Do you want to deport me? It doesn’t want me to stay in Turkey, okay, why are you deporting me with my sons?

But complex political calculations go beyond their wishes, calculations within a declared Turkish project to deport one million Syrians inside the Syrian borders under the title of the safe zone.

Political Analyst: The first motive is related to the Turkish interior because the Turkish regime and the Justice and Development Party seek to re-polarize its popularity before the municipal and presidential elections in 2023 and say that it is ridding the Turkish interior of these Syrians.

The Turkish media machine does not stop promoting the ‘safe zone’, the AKP project within the internal party competition, a competition that turned the Syrians into an electoral card years ago in embracing and helping them under the titles of brotherhood, and today in getting rid of what competing Turkish parties and political forces see as an economic, social and security burden.

Awni Al-Homsi – researcher in international relations: The deportation process is taking place today in a systematic manner by the Turkish regime, perhaps it will find supporters for this process, although it is fully aware that all conditions are not available for any military action, not to mention that this act is an occupation act with all its elements and is rejected at the international level and even within the environment that it seeks to establish in this region.

The deportation of Syrians from Turkey is taking place at an escalating pace, in the implementation of the decisions of the Turkish President. More than 34,000 people were deported during the first six months of the year under the pretext of legal violations.

Any solution to the problem of Syrian refugees in Turkey appears in vain without opening a direct dialogue or through Moscow and Tehran with Damascus, which may prevent the threat and threat of a Turkish military operation whose essence is the assault on Syrian territory.

Muhammad Al-Khidr, Damascus – Al-Mayadeen

End of transcript.

Imagine your town or neighborhood invaded by head-chopper radicals, killing, maiming, raping, and lynching your neighbors, expelling you from your home, herding you and your family, or what’s left of them, into the same country that sponsored those terrorists, years later, and after you start all over again to build your life, your children get accustomed to the place they grew up in, you and they get expelled again but this time into another city of your origin country to live under the same terrorists you fled from or those who expelled you from your house in the first place.

Imagine now, your grown-up sons are forced to join the ranks of those terrorists, your girls and little boys might get raped any moment and you’re living on the property of someone else who faced a similar fate as you did and will come back to retrieve their homes you’re occupying any time soon or in the future, yes, Israel 2.0 and the plight of the Palestinian refugees all over again but now you’re the one living that plight.

We’re truly living in a world of jungle, not a world ruled by international law and the agreed Chapter that formed the United Nations, it’s a world where weirdos, psychopaths, even spoiled children, and demented old pedophile men rule some of the world’s larger countries and dictate their evilness and non-values over the rest of the world.

Erdogan embezzled billions of Euros from the European Union to spend on the refugees, he was enriching his own family and friends

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    The people who had to run from the terrorists the west sent us to live among them again, so sad, just like those held in the Al Hol camp in Hasakah and Rukban in the south.


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