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Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Officer Killed in Syria

Iranian IRGC officer Abu Al-Fadl Alijani killed in Syria مقتل ضابط بالحرس الثوري اﻹيراني في سورية

An Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officer was killed in Syria, Iranian media reporting without elaborating much on the incident.

Fars News Agency, an IRGC publication said in its report that “IRGC Officer Abu Al-Fadl Alijani was martyred on Monday (22 August) evening in defense of the holy shrines in Syria.”

The report describes the officer as a “graduate of the Imam Al-Hussein Military College of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and one of the combat engineering cadres at the Commander of the Faithful, peace be upon him, College for Military Sciences of the Revolutionary Guards Ground Force.”

However, the Iranian media report does not provide information on the officer, his rank, the circumstances of the incident that led to his death, or in which area in Syria he died. Syria hosts numerous shrines believed to be holding the remains of family members of Prophet Muhammad PBUH highly sacred to Muslims and more so to the Shiite (Shia) sect of Islam.

One of the main targets of the US/ Israel/ Saudi/ Qatari/ and Turkey-sponsored anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Syria was to target, desecrate, and even destroy all shrines, worship houses, and graves of the companions and family members of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and they did so documenting their crimes, in case someone still considers these NATO-sponsored terrorists as real Muslims or fighting for an Islamic cause.

It is also one of the endless hypocrisy on the side of the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan who directly sponsors these anti-Islamic radical terrorists who target the shrines and graveyards of the companions and family members of Prophet Muhammad but at the same time sends the Turkish army to protect the grave of an Ottoman sultan in northern Syria!

Turkey’s only foreign enclave has retained immense emotional value for its people, but the chaos engulfing Syria in recent years has seen it assume a growing political significance.
In August 2012 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – then prime minister – warned all parties in the Syrian conflict that an action against the (Suleyman Shah) tomb would be considered an attack on Turkish territory “as well an attack on Nato land”.

BBC report 22 February 2015: Why is Suleyman Shah’s tomb so important?

There is no military goal whatsoever in desecrating a worshiping place or a shrine or a grave of someone who died over a thousand and four hundred years ago, it has only one purpose to fulfill the dream of the western strategists to start a civil and religious war among the different Islamic sects in order to dominate over the region and steal the resources, explicitly like how former US President Donald Trump explained it: ‘let them fight, we left forces there (in Syria) to keep the oil,’ before concluding “I like oil.”

Iran, mainly its IRGC has sent hundreds of its personnel to protect the religious sites threatened by the terrorists in Syria, and so did the Lebanese Hezb Allah Islamic resistance party, and they have lost dozens of martyrs protecting these sacred places.

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    Yes the ZIONIST enemy wants you to REACT, but only get your REVENGE by ACTING at YOUR own TIME, PLACE and METHOD. but ACT you MUST.

    REACT you must NOT do because then the ENEMY has the advantage..

  2. Roy

    Twisted minds, the same people behind these shrine desicrators, try to do the same to me by destroying and killing everyone and everything that means anything to me as though their twisted thoughts will some how take over my mind and make me one of them, but no, their hell is in their minds and will stay with them for all eternity.


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