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Illegal US Army Base Stealing Syria Oil in Syria Bombed, Again

US army stealing Syrian oil - file photo

An illegal US army base overseeing the theft of Syrian oil in the city of Ash Shaddadi in northeast Syria came under a missile attack late evening yesterday, Friday 25 November 2022.

A statement by so-called USCENTCOM (US Central Command) admitted in a statement it issued their illegal military base in the Ash Shadadi (al-Shaddadi) city in the southern countryside of the Syrian Hasakah province was bombed with two rockets at approximately 10:31 pm, Syrian local time.

USCENTCOM statement US army base in Hasakah Syria bombed with rockets

As usual, the supermen manning the base were not hurt by the explosions of the rockets, the Pentagon-approved statement claimed. US soldiers are immune to rocket explosions but die of headaches or in car accidents days after such attacks [sic].

And as accustomed, there was a third unfired rocket found at the site of the launchpad where the two other rockets were fired from, it was found by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the CENCTOM’s statement added. The statement does not mention any Syrian passports found next to the launchpad.

However, the statement by the US CENTCOM decried the attack stating such attacks ‘place (US-led ISIS supporting) coalition forces and the civilian populace at risk and undermine the hard-earned stability and security of Syria and the region.’!!!

USCENTCOM statement US army base in Hasakah Syria bombed with rockets

In a more realistic version, the Syrian news agency SANA quoted multiple local sources in the region saying that the city of Ash Shaddadi was rocked by the sounds of 3 explosions late last night, the sources confirmed the explosions were coming from Katyusha rockets that bombed the illegal US army in the region followed by great panic and deployment of the US occupation forces and their Kurdish SDF terrorists with an intense flight of drones and helicopters over the city.

The above concluding sentence could be read in two ways, neither way relates to a concern of the US Army about the stability and security of the Syrian people, it can be read as a cry for help to increase the protection of the thieves of the Syrian oil, or as a threat that they will be targeting populace centers if such attacks against them continue, the statement does not explain why the US Army places its bases next to populace centers?

And the last thing the US Army is concerned about is the safety and security of the Syrian people they’re stealing their oil and wheat. The US Army created al Qaeda in Afghanistan, created ISIS (ISIL – Deash) in Iraq, and then spread it to Syria, and sponsors of the war crimes of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, the Israeli against the Palestinians, and all instability around the globe.

Attacks against the US illegal military bases in Syria could originate from the Syrian resistance who vowed to bomb the US oil thieves each time Israel bombs Syria, and they do have a list of unsettled scores in this regard; or by NATO member state Turkey whose unpredictable unstable flip-flop leader, the madman Erdogan, could be delivering a message to the US forces after directly accusing them of being behind the terrorist explosion in Istanbul earlier this month.

It is worth noting that the US bases in Syria and Iraq have never come under attack by Al Qaeda or ISIS despite publicly stating their only presence in the region is to steal Syrian oil and combat ISIS.

Former US Commander in Chief stating the mission of the US Army in Syria is to ‘keep the oil’

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  1. a.hall

    The Great American Criminal Empire has Hundreds of Bases around the World. All their Wars are about Oil. They Kill and Steal what ever they want. America`s “Democracy” Stinks of Hypocracy,


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