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NATO Proxy Terrorists Murder a Civilian in Homs Countryside

NATO-sponsored moderate rebels of al Qaeda FSA in Homs countryside

NATO proxy terrorists operating in Syria added a new victim to their targeted executions by murdering a civilian in the northern countryside of Homs accusing him of collaborating with the Syrian state!

The civilian Ayoub Ayoub was found dead in farmland to the west of the city of Rastan in the Homs northern countryside in the late afternoon of yesterday, Monday 21 November, his body was taken by a Syrian Red Cresent ambulance to the Karm Allouz Hospital where the examining forensic said they he was executed with three bullets.

The victim was working on a farm owned previously by a commander in the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda FSA terrorists in Syria, the commander was expelled to Turkey-controlled northern Syria in the reconciliation process after the defeat of his terrorist group at the hands of the Syrian army in May 2018.

A statement issued by a so-called ‘Homs resistance brigade’ claimed responsibility for the murder of Mr. Ayoub claiming he was a collaborator with the Syrian state, he was collaborating with his own country!

NATO proxy terrorists of al Qaeda, FSA, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) and their affiliates and derivatives, dubbed by Western officials and in the Western mainstream media as ‘moderate rebels’ are the backbone of the US-led forces to effect regime change in Syria and elsewhere, they were largely defeated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in 2018.

In 2019, the Pentagon vowed to revive ISIS to ensure the protection of its so-called ‘interests’ in Syria which includes looting Syrian oil and aiding in Israel’s expansionist project known as the Greater Middle East project in which the Turkish madman Erdogan plays a leading role in by his own words.

The Greater Middle East project, better called the Greater Israel project -the region without Israel would be called the Arab World- is to establish a dominant empire led by anti-Jewish and anti-Christian Zionists, and anti-Muslim Wahhabis who will set the stage for the emergence of the anti-Christ, the Zionism agenda is all about. Secular Syria blocks their goal and poses an existential threat to the creation of such a satanic regime.

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