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NATO Turkey’s Unreported War Crimes against the Syrian People

NATO Turkey Army and al Qaeda ISIS proxy terrorists in northern Syria

NATO, the defensive alliance, through its strongest US Army and second-strongest Turkish army with their plethora of al Qaeda, ISIS, and affiliated terrorist groups in northern Syria continue their war crimes against the Syrian people on daily basis in the region they occupy.

The following report covers a small side of the suffering of the Syrian people in the regions of Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Aleppo at the hands of the forces of the NATO defensive alliance which does not get reported by western mainstream media and if it is, the reports are doctored in a way to justify further aggression of the criminals against Syria, its people, its heritage, culture, and the world’s collective civilization.

This report does not cover the daily atrocities committed by thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists controlling the Idlib province with the help of the NATO defensive alliance.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


The Turkish occupation forces continue their aggression against the villages and towns located in the vicinity of the terrorist organizations loyal to them, as they targeted with artillery and mortar shells a number of villages in the countryside of Al-Hasakah and Al-Raqqa.

Local sources said that a number of artillery and mortar shells, originating from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, targeted the villages of Al-Zuhairiya and Kharab Rishk in Al-Malikiyah countryside, north of Al-Hasakah city, one of the shells also targeted the vicinity of the Semalka crossing, causing material damage to homes and property.

In the countryside of Raqqa, local sources said that the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries targeted, with a number of shells, the village of Al-Hoshan in the countryside of Tal Abyad, north of Raqqa, in addition to targeting the vicinity of the M4 international road, which caused material damage.

The past few days witnessed an intensification of the attacks of the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries on the countryside of Aleppo, Raqqa, and Al-Hasakah, which caused the death and injury of a number of civilians, in addition to the destruction of homes and vital installations, the last of which was the outage of the Swediya electricity generation facility as a result of the targeting of the Swediya gas plant in the countryside of the city of Al-Malikiyah by the Turkish occupation warplanes.

The director of Al-Hasakah Water indicated that the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries in the countryside of Ras Al-Ain continue to control the operation of the Alouk station and encroach on the electrical network feeding it, as a result, it stopped working, in addition to preventing maintenance workshops from entering to maintain its wells and equipment.

Afrin, Aleppo countryside

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes and violations against the people of the city of Afrin and the occupied Syrian north, where human rights organizations confirmed that the Turkish occupation and its criminal gangs displaced more than 300,000 citizens from the region.

This is within the process of demographic change pursued by the Turkish occupation.

Erdogan’s militias stole and plundered Syrian resources and brought them into Turkey as if Erdogan was trying to reform the Turkish economy by stealing Syrian assets and selling them in global markets.

The Human Rights Organization confirmed that since the occupation of the region, the Turkish occupier and his mercenaries have kidnapped more than 7,000 citizens, including women, in addition to committing crimes and killing 664 citizens.

There are numbers greater than those mentioned and circulated in reports by human rights and humanitarian organizations due to the opacity and secrecy that has taken place, we have information confirming that the number of dead and missing people in Afrin alone has reached 15,000 since Turkey and its followers entered there.

The organization indicated that the Turkish occupier and his gangs also cut down more than 400,000 olive trees, in addition to forest trees, and burned more than 17,000 trees, not to mention the theft of olive crops and the destruction of 96 archaeological sites after they were stolen, which confirms that the occupier aims to harm Syria and its people and destroy its civilizational and cultural heritage.

End of the transcript.

Seems that the Russians and Iranians, the guarantors of the Astana de-escalation agreement, aka Idlib agreement, need to learn what guarantors really mean with both the Russian and Iranian leaderships, especially the Russians, are helping to prop up the Turkish madman Erdogan against all odds and mainly through economic aid, they, as what they repeat after each of their meetings ‘agree to disagree on Syria’ and continue with their businesses.

If to a large extent Russia, and to a lesser extent Iran, insist on upholding international law, let alone their core national security by pressuring the Turkish madman Erdogan on the Syrian issue, the people of Syria will not have to suffer as much, they and their people will have more breathing space, a strong Syria is a gain to the whole world, a weakened Syria is a loss to the Syrian people at first, and to every human being who wants to live with dignity on the planet.

After all, Syria has never let either Russia or Iran down on any matter, has never agreed to disagree with any other party on the account of either Russia or Iran, and has taken the largest burden of combating and defeating the NATO-sponsored terrorism that threatens the national security of every country that does not fall under the US hegemonic and demonic control including those of NATO countries.

Syria is being targeted for rejecting to join the camp that sought to strangle both Russia and Iran since 2007, the Syrian people have fought and sacrificed so that the people of the world and especially those next on Washington’s targeting list, Russia, Iran, and China would not have to face what our people faced and continue to face. Stop geopolitical games with the flip-flop hypocrite Erdogan and stand up for international law if you don’t want to stand up for the only country that never betrayed you.

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  1. a.hall

    Erdogan and his Son are getting Rich from the Theft and Transport of Syrian Oil. Russia prevented Obama from Invading Syria and has Bases in Latakia, on the Levant coast. Russian Aircraft have killed Hundreds of SDF and American Supported Terrorists. Syrian Tribes are daily Bombing US Bases around Al Tanf.
    Russia has to be careful with Erdogan ,because he can Block the Bosphorus exit from the Black Sea into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.


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