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Armenian Church in Aleppo Hosts 600 Earthquake Survivors

families survived the earthquake hosted by Church of the Holy Trinity of the Armenian Catholics in Aleppo

The hall of (Our Lady of Joy) within the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Armenian Catholics in Aleppo continues to host more than 600 survivors of the earthquake that struck northern Syria and southern Turkey last week.

Dozens of families refuge and were received by the welcoming church committee, the church with the help of a number of local volunteer groups and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent provided shelter, heating, electricity, food, and washing services in the main hall of the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Armenian Catholics in Aleppo.

Residents from the neighboring neighborhoods badly damaged by the major double earthquakes of the early hours of the dawn of the 6th of February had nowhere to go and were grateful to find this shelter in the church.

families survived the earthquake hosted by Church of the Holy Trinity of the Armenian Catholics in Aleppo

A lady survivor from the Bustan Al Zahra neighborhood described to the Syrian news agency SANA their ordeal and how finding others going through the same tragedy helped her and her family as they are consoling each other.

The lady, Nadia Habash, told the SANA reporter that the volunteers in the Church are also survivors from the same earthquake but have prioritized offering help to the community and those in need, she was thankful they are receiving food, baby formula, blankets, diapers, and various other essentials.

Viken Nasri, a Syrian Armenian told SANA: ‘Our affliction is great, but my family and I tried from the first day to overcome it by volunteering within the shelter, for which we feel responsible day after day to serve our families and provide them with a hand of help and reassurance by conducting psychological support campaigns for children and educating their families about dealing with their children to overcome the trauma of the disaster’.

There is no surprise by all Syrians of the selflessness and the solid brotherly ties that continue to be demonstrated by the Syrian Armenian community, they are among the most friendly, hospitable, and helpful people in the country, the Syrians in general are blessed to have such honorable people across the country living as an essential part of Syria the US-led collective West feverishly continue their attempts to destroy.

Meanwhile, the number of earthquake victims continues to rise, reaching 1,414 deaths and 2,357 injuries, according to the Syrian Minister of Health with some of the rescue teams announcing the end of their missions in searching for survivors under the rubble.

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  1. Roy

    Unfortunately, our Holy father, Pope Francis, still continues to behave as a facist by ignoring that there is need in Syria, which by means of his own words he could quickly bring relief, but refuses to do so, but to be totally honest, against the Pope’s will the Vatican is contolled by Israeli operatives, and if were to speak out it would no doubt quickly result in the Pope’s demise, same too, with my own life for which I am constantly reminded that they are going to kill me if I don’t shut up, that though is not an option for those who believe in kindness and love toward those who we don’t even know as is true of all religious other than that one of Satan who is your neighbor.


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