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Syria Earthquake: WHO’s Tedros Brings Tons of Aid, Visits Aleppo, Meets Dr Assad

WHO delivers 30 tons of humanitarian goods to earthquake ravaged Syria.

Days after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Syria and Turkey on 6 February, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Ph.D., arrived in the Levantine republic with 35 tonnes of humanitarian goods to help the devastated citizens.

Syria’s Health Minister, physician Hassan al-Ghabbash, and Governor Hussein Diab received Dr. Tedros at the Aleppo International Airport on 11 February. The WHO Director-General told the Syrian press corps that “We brought in about 35 to 37 tons of medical and health requirements, including antibiotics and biomedical equipment for conducting small operations in the hospitals, asserting that the shipment will enable the health workers to provide the required health services to the affected” in the areas most devastated by one of the most ruinous earthquakes of the past century.

WHO's Tedros brought 35 tons of medical goods to help Syria's health sector tend to those afflicted by the earthquake.
Dr. Tedros arrived at Aleppo International Airport with tons of medical goods to assist Syria’s health sector in caring for the needs of those in areas destroyed by the 7.8 m earthquake.

Dr. Tedros told the press he hoped the [US OFAC] partial lifting of sanctions against Syria would “would facilitate and support international relief operations and the arrival of the necessary materials” in the regions most afflicted by the earthquake.

Health Minister Hassan al-Ghabbash and Governor Hussein Diab then took Dr. Tedros to meet some of the survivors of the earthquake, who were receiving medical care.

While the plane laden with essential medical aid for earthquake relief, subsequently flew to Damascus International Airport, Dr. Tedros went by car, noting some of the destruction along the way:

Per SANA, “President al-Assad stressed the importance of the organization delegation’s visit to Syria in these circumstances, in order to see the medical and humanitarian needs required to treat people affected by the earthquake.”

Syria’s president also “expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the organization in this regard, and the provided support for the health sector in Syria.”

President Assad received Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Damascus where they discussed WHO earthquake relief efforts.
President Assad received Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Damascus where they discussed WHO earthquake relief efforts.

“The members of the delegation affirmed that the WHO is ready to work with Syria to face the consequences of the war and the earthquake, and to contribute to providing assistance according to the required needs.”

Miri Wood


Dr. Tedros’ remarks to the Syrian press, in Damascus on 12 February, on WHO’s earthquake relief.

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  1. M. Ini

    Syrians, do NOT trust Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, his visit in your country is a Trojan horse!!!!! SEARCH about him. He works for the same power group who has been attacking Syria all these years, the demented supremacists who pretend to rule over the planet and to decide who has the right to live (using “their” resources) and who hasn’t. These persons have infiltrated most western governments. They predispose emergency laws granting them extraordinary powers, then they FABRICATE those emergencies in order to attack our freedom (and our life!). For their supremacist ideology to work, they must sabotage our economies, thus sabotaging our welfare, as one of their dogmas is that they have to absorb the wealth of the whole planet. For their supremacist ideology to become reality, they must sabotage our birth rate, our health, our life expectancy and even our intellectual capacities (the mRNA in these “vaccines”, if ever an inoculated woman succeeds in having a son [check out miscarriage statistics!], will likely provoke a neuronal damage in her son, who will thus be the ideal slave, possibly able to drive a car but not to successfully attend high level studies… we have seen this already with the pre-existing vaccines full of aluminum, see how autism statistics have skyrocketed!). Search the Fabian Society, high caliber war criminals like Tony Blair are declared member of it. The authors of the dystopian novels “Brave New World” and “Nineteen Eighty-Four” were members of that society! (Orwell was possibly disagreeing with their purposes and apparently tried to warn us through his novel: a book in the book shows to the protagonist that the ruling socialist party “INGSOC” is a fraud in which high rank party members actually control and enjoy all goods, despite not being nominally the owners. Huxley showed us a society with an artificially created hierarchy, from smarter down to dumber, with machinery to condition all subjects so they don’t even desire to be members of a higher echelon.)
    Ghebreyesus has been accused of genocide in Africa. WHO is a private organization taking a lot of money from people like Bill Gates, who’s everything but a philanthropist, he’s in eugenics as his father was. Bill Gates has bought more land in the US than anybody before. Laws are apparently being made to have small independent farmers go bust, so big players like Gates can buy them out and take control of the production of food. The February 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has contaminated that area for decades to come, plenty of animals have died already, the main owners of that railroad are Vanguard, BlackRock, J.P.Morgan… check out the top of the list of the stockholders, it really seems as a non-coincidence (let alone the fact that a Netflix fiction “White Noise” presented the same situation and was shot with people from East Palestine, Ohio). Klaus Schwab in a 1993 book allegedly wrote something like «By 2050 about 4000 mln “useless eaters” will have been exterminated, faster in Western Europe, the US, Canada, then in the rest of the planet.» In Western Europe there’s now a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of the economy, Zelensky has been installed there to FABRICATE this war with Russia, energy is now costing 7-10 times more for the Europeans, even German giant BASF released a warning: “we can’t compete on the market with energy so expensive!”. The genocide in other areas has started long ago, I don’t think the alleged ebola outbreaks in Sierra León happened by chance (the Malaysia Airlines aircraft downed over Ukraine was transporting the top world ebola experts who were putting in evidence weird facts about the outbreak, e.g. false positives at the beginning, then the “vaccinated” were the ones who were becoming ill). The genocide in Yemen has been silenced in western media because of occasional distraction. WATCH OUT SYRIANS you don’t need WHO, you don’t need Ghebreyesus, you have enough problems to face already, with US govts systematically violating international law and looting Syrian resources.

    To give you an idea of how deep WHO is an accomplice in this pLandemic, here’s a quote (in French) from the article “Attali : prophète ou conspirateur ?” published in profession-gendarme dot com {let me just put the premise that the urgency to depopulate has been refuted, we could ALL live in Arizona, the clima crisis is also fake, the numbers used to support the ONU Agenda 2030 have been demolished by any scientific audit (but they spray the skies with certain particles so their radiofrequency emissions are more effective in altering the clima, which is how they are fabricating another emergency hoping to grab even more power and further reduce our freedom, see the ESG scam being perpetrated by the very same owners of that Ohio railroad, see the “15 minutes city” idea}:

    Jacques Attali, 1981, alors conseiller de François Mitterrand, dans un livre d’entretiens de Michel Salomon, déclarait ceci :

    « À l’avenir il s’agira de trouver un moyen de réduire la population. Nous commencerons par les vieux, car dès qu’il dépasse 60-65 ans l’homme vit plus longtemps qu’il ne produit et il coûte cher à la société.

    Ensuite les faibles puis les inutiles qui n’apportent rien à la société car il y en aura de plus en plus, et surtout enfin les plus stupides. Une euthanasie ciblant ces groupes ; l’euthanasie devra être un instrument essentiel de nos sociétés futures, dans tous les cas de figure.

    On ne pourra bien sûr pas exécuter les gens ou faire des camps. Nous nous en débarrasserons en leur faisant croire que c’est pour leur bien.

    La population trop nombreuse, et pour la plupart inutile, c’est quelque chose d’économiquement trop coûteux. Sociétalement, il est également bien préférable que la machine humaine s’arrête brutalement plutôt qu’elle ne se détériore progressivement.

    On ne pourra pas non plus faire passer des tests d’intelligence à des millions et des millions de gens, vous pensez bien !

    Nous trouverons quelque chose ou le provoquerons, une pandémie qui cible certaines personnes, une crise économique réelle ou pas, un virus qui touchera les vieux ou les gros, peu importe, les faibles y succomberont, les peureux et les stupides y croiront et demanderont à être traités. Nous aurons pris soin d’avoir prévu le traitement, un traitement qui sera la solution.

    La sélection des idiots se fera ainsi toute seule : ils iront d’eux-mêmes à l’abattoir. »

    [ L’avenir de la vie – Jacques Attali, 1981 ]

  2. M. Ini

    “The genocide in Yemen has been silenced in western media because of occasional distraction.”
    => “The genocide in Yemen has NOT been silenced in western media because of occasional distraction.” (sorry)

  3. Roy

    What’s important is that the aid came; for whatever the reason for the change of heart, against their better judgement; they gave aid to their enemies, and for that they should be blessed, and for those who would otherwise have died, and those who love them; they should be eternally grateful, and give thanks to them. All political considerations aside; I am forever in their debt; as we should all be for their unbounded generosity; they didn’t have to do it; we should give thanks, as I do, to both G_d and themselves as well.

    • M. Ini

      “What’s important is that the aid came; […]”, well my previous answer was to your previous post. In the second one honestly I see naivete, no offense meant. I don’t think there hasn’t been any change of heart. I hope the Syrians won’t have to make use of any injectable substances coming from them. If they must, then I hope they can have blood studies before and after. Also, after a couple of months they should get an Android phone, install an app like BLE Sniffer or BlueTooth scanner, switch on BlueTooth (and location, weird necessary condition), and start scanning for “Unknown devices”. Not only many living persons who received the Covid “vaccines”, but even many tombs of people who died starting 2020 are broadcasting MAC IDs via BlueTooth.

  4. M. Ini

    ROY; we need to alert as many as possible every day, they are so wicked and twisted that at first it’s LITERALLY UNBELIEVABLE for anybody.

  5. Miri

    Thank you M. & Roy for your valid concerns.

    As Tedros came bearing essential gifts direly needed by the Syrian people, Syria News decided it should be written purely objectively, devoid of speculative hypotheses involving ‘why.’

    We’ve previously documented the relationship of WHO, GAVI, Covax et al. in this report from September 2021: (& also in our VAERS missive of May 2021).

    • M.Ini

      Thank you for the link, I see that there is a lot of important material in that article and in the comments below it, you were certainly already perfectly aware of the potential dangers of certain sudden friendship offers. (The situation is horrible in various areas of the world because of the very same group of madmen. Each one of their crimes which goes unpunished is fuel for worse crimes later. In the US Congress, apparently republican Gaetz has proposed to retire US troops from Syria. I really hope that things will get better soon for you all, and I also hope that more and more leaders among the ones who are not accomplices will speak out more and more explicitly against those psychos.)

  6. M.Ini

    Important video in Telegram:
    In case you don’t use Telegram, this link should last 30 days from now (2023-02-25):

    I’ll copy&paste below the description text as it is:

    Turkiye got HA[ARPED] again with another quake. Please watch and share widely.
    This is how NATO, US deals with any country who doesn’t OBEY THEIR DEMANDS.

    Credit: consciouscassius888


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