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Ukraine: NATO Junta to Don Swastikas in Support of Nazimaidans?

The prescient Goya foresaw the UN NATO support for the Nazimaidan Ukraine, capturing their voracious cannibalism.

Ukraine is on everyone’s lips, it is dominating all news sources. Expectedly, the NATO junta ruling the United Nations is completely on board in its support of the Nazimaidans, to the extent that one might expect the gang to don swastikas, at any moment. The dystonic, feverish, pitch of hyena barking, synthetic piety, and outright lies, is unprecedented in the halls of the reputed bastion of world peace and security.

We take off the gloves for this report; there will be no euphemisms used to describe the elitist scum NATO Nazis out to destroy as much of humanity that it can, using every lie imaginable, and currently using the fabricated sudden problem of the Ukraine.

United Nations NATO hyenas outraged over recent events in Ukraine.
United Nations NATO hyenas outraged over recent events in Ukraine.

NATO was founded on 4 April 1949, three and one-half years after the founding of that bastion of world peace and security. Its purpose was to protect itself from its WWII ally, the USSR, whose Red Army under the command of Uncle Joe was “the main engine of Nazism’s destruction,” according to British historian and journalist Max Hastings. It was the Red Army that liberated Auschwitz, it was the Soviets who lost twenty six million citizens in the fight against fascism.

UN junta outraged over the plight of the Nazimaidan Ukraine are of the same ratline ilk who hated the Soviets who liberated .Auschwitz.
UN junta outraged over the plight of the Nazimaidan Ukraine are of the same ratline ilk who hated the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz.

The plot against the Soviets — now passed on to the Russian Federation — predated NATO’s inception, with the Allen Dulles rat lines to move key Nazis into prominent positions, before the end of WWII.

Nazi Walter Hallstein was whitewashed into “a German academic, diplomat and statesman who was the first President of the Commission of the European Economic Community and one of the founding fathers of the European Union.”

There was no attempt to bleach out Adolf Heusinger’s Nazism; yet he became the Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee (there is a particularly revolting photo of him with war criminal Robert McNamara, floating around the internet).

Nazi Kurt Waldheim became the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations, after which he became president of Austria (photos of this Nazi, with Jewish politicians in Jerusalem, here).

So, before we address the scum-sucking war-whoring supporters of the Nazimaidans in Ukraine, we have seen it’s in their tainted blood: NATO was created to keep fascism alive, and much of humanity, dead.

Dulles Rat Lines got Nazis into NASA, EU, and the UNSC.
Dulles Rat Lines got Nazis into NASA, EU, and the UN. Some UNSC Nazis should don their swastikas and be done with it.

The current crisis was not launched last month; when Psaki lied that the Russian Federation was nefariously plotting a false flag — false flags are the work of the US — in order to suddenly invade Ukraine. The current crisis was launched when NATO US armed and funded the Nazimaidan coup in 2013, at a cost of five billion dollars to the American taxpayer. has published a Sterling piece, How the US Instigated the Ukraine Crisis.

The Nazimaidans adored by the NATO Nazi junta of the United Nations also toppled monuments to soldiers killed while fighting Nazis with swastikas in Ukraine, during WWII.

There’s no shock in seeing CNN stenographers who criminally embedded with al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, are now supporting the Nazimaidans. Arwa Damon and Clarissa Ward can be counted on (one of them — involved in the bombing of the Homs main oil pipeline, might have a sliver of conscience, that caused her to get trashed and physically attack EMTs who came to her hotel to help her).

Below is a gallery of over thirty photos, some of which have outrageous captions involving degenerate and deadly NATO supremacist double standards in evil support of the Nazimaidans.

While some readers will scroll through, others are entitled to some corroboration, via a bulleted list and a few videos.

  • Obama bombed seven Muslim-majority and mostly brown-skinned people’s countries during his presidency. He also did what Bush Jr. only got a fantasy boner from — he murdered three US citizens without due process. He gassed, water cannoned, and shot with rubber bullets, DAPL. For war crimes against Syria, just plug his name into the Syria News search engine.
  • Macron mass enucleated and otherwise maimed dozens of Gilets Jaunes protesters, gassed his own people, and is responsible for the heinous number of COVID deaths — 2,103/million — through a negligence so gross it can’t be considered mere stupidity.
  • Lame duck Congress member Adam Kinzinger has a long history of being in bed with ISIS/FSA terrorists in Syria, and is fully supportive of the armed insurrectionist SDF terrorists trying to balkanize Syria with the help of the Biden regime military illegals.
  • Boris “BJ” Johnson is such as self-evident uncouth imperialist skank, there’s no need to hyperlink anything.
  • #BlackFaceHitler #LetsGoBrandeau is another Nazi PoS Schwab doggie who gassed his people, possibly brought in UNPOL to batter them, had his gestapo horses blindfolded so they wouldn’t notice when they were trampling old indigenous ladies who has the most racist and perverse fetish for black men. He’s also bombed Syria for NATO al Qaeda.
  • Any ambassador who claims to be a proud grandma really should stay away from child traffickers.

By the way, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Syria News readers, but the child and organ-trafficking terrorist White Helmets and al Qaeda haven Idlib are in full support of the Nazimaidans of Ukraine.

Before delving into UNSG Antonio Guterres’ acute onset of severe sadness, we have to remind our non-US readers about our Second Amendment (2A: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”), the bordering on insanity schism over it, in our population, and repugnant, supremacist, the convergence of too many on ‘both teams’ — bordering on colonial savior-ism being genetic — when it comes to US Americans going into other people’s countries, taking up arms, and slaughtering these people to inflict NATO ‘democracy’ upon them.

Our hordes of supremacists have glorified our criminals, romanticized their atrocities and barbarism. The same scum-suckers who have supported all forms of bipartisan terrorism against Syria are now supporting the Nazis of Ukraine.

Pre-crisis, NATO stenographers seem to have completely missed a 2015 report on Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Summer Camp where mostly Aryan-looking children were given military training.

Nazimaidan Ukraine children's summer camp, 2015.
Nazimaidan Ukraine children’s summer camp, 2015.

Secretary-General Guterres was so concerned about the Ukraine crisis that he “cut short an overseas visit that included ‘a very important summit of African leaders.”’ The press statement did not note if the Central African Republic (CAR) president was to be among them, though Guterres was also quite pissed over abuses, and that this landlocked, impoverished but rich in raw materials country’s police had arrested four French members of UNPOL (news report, here). Apparently, the small country — granted ”independence” from France in 1960 — is getting a bit uppity, possibly balking against or ignoring UNSCR 2149 (2014) in its current form, against a Sanctions Regime that appears to be in perpetuity, CAR appears to also have thumbed its nose at the bilateral Status of Forces agreement/ restriction.

Possibly most outrageous per UN dicta, is that CAR President Faustin-Archange Touadéra has recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR).

Antonio Guterres is the first European to be elected to the Secretary-General position since the literal Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, in 1972.

Literally Nazi Kurt Waldheim was UNSG before becoming president of Austria.
Literally, Nazi Kurt Waldheim was UNSG before becoming president of Austria.

We are coming closer to Guterres’ severity of sadness, which included an impressive crack in his voice. Nonetheless, we must first do one final inspection of this man’s connections, and apparent thought processes, without a Virgil to guide us — and, despite his saccharin mouth noises — sounds that condemn low-level idiots with Nazi tattoos, words that bark about racism, while the SG ignores institutionalized colonialism and its slow genocide when he addressed the UNGA in September 2021.

Everything about the fake socialist who is the first European SG not wearing a swastika has that sulfuric stench of supremacy, the western NATO variety. Not only has he never condemned his friend for being the architect of the destruction of Iraq, he never uttered a word to the Security Council when Iraq said it would vote to expel NATO – US occupiers from the country, nor when the parliamentarians followed through on the vote, and the US did not leave.

He flew to one of the most impoverished Caribbean countries, St. Lucia — likely on the UN private jet — to lecture African descendants on climate, using sargassum as a photo op. Treating black- and brown-skinned adults as children in need of rescuing was not something new; he had no problem being carried on the shoulders of brown-skinned men, in Timor.

He outright lied that an OPCW FFM was in Syria post the al Qaeda false flag in Khan Sheikhoun, despite the investigators stating they dared not enter. He oversaw the creation of the IIT to try to get Syrian officials tried for atrocities committed by the NATO-backed terrorists.

He was also mute when Britain engaged in piracy against Iran, despite UNCLOS, and he has said nothing about France’s act of piracy against Russia, on 26 February.

Most recently, Guterres ignored the legitimate concerns of Aboriginal tribes in Australia, who had inferred that UNPOL was among the police on the ground, ‘using them as guinea pigs.’

Guterres cut short his meetings with African leaders, to return home and tell the world that the Ukraine situation is “the saddest moment of my tenure” (that sadness is completely audible, here).

The UNSG who follows the NATO klan philosophy didn’t mention how this became the saddest day of his tenure. He was SG when al Qaeda in Khan Sheikhoun murdered kidnapped kids for the cameras when these criminal psychopaths poisoned these children so that the world could watch them struggling for their last, painful agonal breaths. He was there when the vermin dumped their almost completely naked bodies onto trucks, hosed them down with water cannons, and then, in even more evil sadism, posed their corpses in western classical art form, added deranged matching CGI ‘caps’ and other adornments to their private parts.

How does Ukraine crisis compare to Guterres’ lack of sadness, or outright revulsion, when, on 15 April 2017, the NATO-supported terrorists seduced hungry children with offers of potato chips, and then blew them up, blew up their mothers, blew up old people in al Rashidin, creating one of the most hideous massacres and ghastly carnage? Around 130 people who had been held hostage by al Qaeda moderates in Kefraya and Foua’a, who were finally released in exchange for arrested terrorists to be shipped to Idlib.

Mass carnage in al Rashidin wasn't as sad as Ukraine Nazi crisis, to this SG?
Mass carnage in al Rashidin wasn’t as sad as the Ukraine Nazi crisis, to this SG Guterres?

He remained mute as stone, when the families of the butchered and kidnapped of al Rashidin demanded that Turkey and Qatar be held accountable, and be forced to release those kidnapped during the mayhem of the carnage.

NATO klansman SG Guterres has fetid double standards regarding Syria & Ukraine.
NATO klansman SG Guterres has fetid double standards regarding Syria & Ukraine.

Similarly, it was during his tenure, when Israel bombed Gaza, on 16 May 2021, turning parts of it into another fireball, and what humanity got from this NATO klansman was that he was utterly appalled by both sides — though only one side has a military.

One bit of honesty we found in Guterres’ statements is that the Ukraine crisis is something “that Europe has not seen in decades,” but we can’t see the rest of what he said, because, despite the UN’s $3.2 billion budget, the URL to his remarks remains broken, more than two days later, and despite bringing this to the immediate attention of UN News on Twitter.

So, we don’t know if he mentioned the massive difference between this European conflict, and NATO-led by the US — 78 days of bombing Yugoslavia, because NATO Nazis demanded the imperial right to push further eastward.

Yugoslavia, part of Europe, was blown up and balkanized as part of NATO's campaign to push eastward.
Racist, NATO supremacist TIME cover.

That page is missing, but we have the UN News page of 22 February, which the author will use to call out SG NATO klansman’s lies and contemptuous and contemptible hypocrisy in flagrant support of institutionalized Nazism in Ukraine.

In it, the SG suffering the weight of the white man’s burden, even when atop the shoulders of brown men, offered several outright lies, and attempted to humiliate / verbally bully the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR):

  • “Let me be clear: The decision of the Russian Federation to recognize the so-called ‘independence’ of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.” The DPR and LPR declared independence from Ukraine in 2014, which was as much their right as Crimea voting to join the Russian Federation.
  • Any country is free to recognize the independence of any other country.
  • Hyperlinked is the noble UN Charter; perhaps Guterres can point out which Article forbids a Member State from recognizing independence, so that we may be clear he isn’t confusing his own demand for increased global governance with the Charter. The UN decides which countries may join it.
  • The United States breached the Charter by creating the Nazimaidan coup against Ukraine.
  • He called Russia’s recognition a “death blow” to the Minsk Agreements. Here is Minsk; the agreement was thwarted by the US-created Nazimaidains. The coup-Ukrainian troops never withdrew from the contact line, nor did they cease firing on Donetsk and Luhansk.
  • We’ll address Guterres’ hypocrisy over the alleged “perversion of the concept of peacekeeping,” below.
  • Guterres’ disregard of the independence of DPR and LPR allows him to claim that the sovereignty of Ukraine is being infringed.

The SG’s remark that “when troops of one country enter another’s territory without its consent, ‘they are not impartial peacekeepers,” opens up a bit of a hornet’s nest on alleged peacekeeping. UNPOL can be deployed to any UNGA member state, upon request, and these cops are not required to wear blue helmets. Any country wishing assistance in crushing its citizenry’s right to free assembly can have the help of UNPO to smash in people’s heads, stomp them with horses, gas them, etc. Both the Aboriginal leaders in Australia, and members of the Canadian Truckers Convoy suggested UN cops were there, kidnapping [Aboriginals] and battering [Canadians].

If countries use UN Police for the furtherance of police-state-ism, UNPOL cannot be considered ‘peacekeepers.’ Rather, they become Gestapo.

If countries use UN police for the furtherance of police state-ism, UNPOL cannot be considered ‘peace-keepers.’ Rather, they become Gestapo.

Such a police state may be congruent with Guterres’ September 2021 call for increased global governance; they do not have to be identified.

Regarding the Russian Federation’s military assistance to LPR and DPR, we point out to the NATO klan’s SG spokesman, that Russia fulfilled International Law by recognizing these independent countries, and accepted their requests to militarily assist them against the barrage of weapons fired upon them by the US client state, for the prevention of another Donbas bloodbath.

DPR diplomatic request to the Russian Federation for military assistance in protection from US Nazimaidan Ukraine.
DPR diplomatic request to the Russian Federation for military assistance in protection from US Nazimaidan Ukraine.
The Ukraine Nazi-loving NATO democracy fetishist operatives appear to have jammed a Kremlin website, but we hyperlink President Putin's statement which may eventually be viewed.
The Ukraine Nazi-loving NATO democracy fetishist operatives appear to have jammed a Kremlin website, but we hyperlink President Putin’s statement which may eventually be viewed.

Unconfirmed news — now two days old — reported that the Kakhovka Dam had been liberated, and that part of the Dneiper River was again allowed to flow into Crimea, via the canal system, putting at least a temporary end to the Nazimaidan water war crimes against Crimea, crimes akin to those committed by NATO Erdogan forces occupying Syria’s Alouk water supply, frequently turned off.

The NATO hypocrite SG has never done any rug-chewing over the illegal entry and occupation of Syria by NATO US and Turkish troops, nor did he break out into a sweat when Trump unilaterally bombed Syria for al Qaeda on 7 April 2017, nor when the other NATO genocidalists, France and Britain, joined him in bombing Syria for al Qaeda on 14 April 2018.

If, as NATO spokesman Guterres claims, “the principles of the UN Charter are not an a la carte menu,” why has he made no plea for the Turkish occupiers, and the US oil and grain thieves, to halt their war crimes, their terrorist atrocities, and to leave the Syrian Arab Republic?

Why has this Nazi without a swastika never demanded Israel halt its war criminal bombings of Syria, nor demanded the fulfillment of UNSCR 242 (1967)?

Israel is so sure of the support of the Nazi-loving NATO klan of the UN, that it announced the Ukraine crisis will not stop it from continuing war crimes against Syria.

The use of the word Nazi in describing the US coup in Ukraine is no hyperbole, as we have previously demonstrated.

The current Ukraine crisis seems to have caused a rupture in the NATO stenography scumbags who have engaged in every war propaganda criminal lie against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and other countries considered non-Caucasian. These infectious dogs of war have finally admitted they’re not just western supremacists, but also outright racists, considering Nazimaidan Ukraine ‘civilized’ with lots of blue-eyed blondes who deserve life for simply being blue-eyed blondes (unlike the dark-haired and dark-skinned who deserve NATO bombs and NATO coups to upgrade their status in the civilized world).

A compilation of Western journalists and commentators saying the quiet part out loud – redfish
(source deleted)

The supremacist UNSG hasn’t gone quite this far, but he’s let us know that he’s the mouthpiece for the World Economic Forum, the supranational gang of deadly oligarchs who want us to beg for food, who want to cull our herds, who want just enough epsilons to clean their toilets, enough betas to entertain them. and enough alphas to teach their elite, civilized children and to tend to the oligarchs’ medical needs.

NATO was created to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down - Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay NATO Secretary General
‘NATO was created to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.’
Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay NATO Secretary-General

C’mon, Man! Knock it off with your fake tears over Ukraine Nazimaidans! Just put on your swastika! You’re entitled!

Miri Wood

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    Recording, with English text translation, of Hitler speaking during a luncheon with Finnish leaders. This is the only recording of the German leader talking at length in his normal, conversational voice. Hitler visited Finland on June 4, 1942, to meet with that country’s military commander, Marshal Mannerheim, President Ryti, and Prime Minister Rangell. (Finland and Germany were World War II allies against the Soviet Union.) An engineer of the Finnish broadcasting company YLE had placed a microphone near where the men shared a meal in a railroad dining car, and thereby recorded a portion of their lengthy conversation. This is the only known recording of Hitler speaking in his “normal,” conversational voice. Here’s a portion, along with an English translation. Hitler talks about his fateful decision to strike against the USSR. Runtime: 11:22 mins.


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