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Biden Beefs Up the US Oil Thieves Troops in the Syrian Al Tanf

US troops with ISIS Affiliate Maghawir Thawra in the Syrian Al Tanf area

Biden forces illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf region received a boost with new supplies arriving at their base over the past day coming from Jordan.

Local sources told the Syrian news agency SANA which reported yesterday:

A convoy of the ‘American occupation forces,’ consisting of 26 vehicles and trucks loaded with weapons, ammunition, and logistical equipment, entered during the past hours to the American occupation base in the Al-Tanf area.’

This is the largest of such delivery in a long while to these forces, one of their earlier major deliveries was a large number of machine gun mounted 4×4 pick up trucks, yes brand new Toyotas, delivered to the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group operating under the US supervision in the region, the so-called ‘Maghawir Thawa’ back in May 2017.

A year later, and on the 25th of July 2018 to be precise, the same group is attributed to committing the heinous major massacre against the villagers in remote villages in the Syrian southern province of Sweida killing 215, injuring 180 others, and kidnapping 27 women and children, 19 of whom were freed in a special operation carried out by the Syrian Arab Army on the 9th of November the same year.

This same ISIS affiliate Maghawir Thawra terrorist group also holds hundreds of Syrian civilian families in horrible conditions in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp at the depth of the Syrian desert.

The latest reinforcement of the Biden forces and oil thieves in Al Tanf comes days after the base was struck by 5 Kamikaze drones and grad missiles on the 20th of October, last month, in retaliation to its role in facilitating an Israeli air raid a week earlier from over this base.

Biden, or some less smart than him when he’s awake, might be thinking they can still use the illegal presence of their forces as a bargaining card against Damascus and its camp in future negotiations; experience told us that troops deployed in our region which the US ‘strategists’ think are their assets are actually accounted for as ‘liabilities’ by the strategists in the other camp, the land owners’ camp, who see them as sitting ducks waiting for the first wave of missiles in any military confrontation or when resistance forces place them on their hit list.

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  1. Nora Booher

    About what I was anticipating, typical psychopathic behavior, when they realize that you’re totally unto their pathological lies, etcetera or that you don’t love them any more just because of all the ignorant shit that they pull, that’s how they react. Play their own game on them? You could, for some incredible reason they appear to be totally nieve to their own game being played on them.
    I wish Syria the best; maybe God will finally come out of hiding and beat this beast to the ground once and for all, people shouldn’t have to always have to look behind their backs because of things like this.

  2. Nora Booher

    Interesting, there’s a webmaster, Theodrose F. originally from Ethiopia who seems to think that we’re all going to die soon, apparently has the US, so scared that not only did they shut down his website, but that they also put up a fake website claiming that ten Israeli officers were captured in Syria.
    Unfortunately, it would seem that Jeffery Epstien was one of Biden’s best friends, because he still seems to believe that when it comes to children in both Syria and Yemen, that living is a privilege and not a right. Or, maybe he really is the anti-christ, just as the Rothschilds promised us. Who knows, but that obviously all evil, emanates from the US and UK.

  3. Nora Booher, about death; veterans for handling the release of the Israeli spies found in Syria. Who put up the fake account, I don’t know, or for how long it was up. There are numerous hit squads working in the US, secretly murdering individuals that they think have gotten in their way. Which one though, I have no clue.


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